Non Slip Flooring | No Slip Floor Treatments & Coatings

Even in office surroundings non slip flooring is a necessity, as individuals come into the office with wet feet from rain or snow. Of course catering and restaurant locations are in dire need of Silikal non slip flooring to prevent slip and falls. Industries that must clean their floors of chemicals are also in dreadful need of Silikal’s non slip flooring. Plain water added to ordinary flooring usually makes them slippery, but the Silikal non slip flooring shown here is not slippery even when adding soap. Snow skiing lodges are forever being impacted by wet floors, thus they rely profoundly on Silikal non slip flooring. Children’s lunch room floors are simply notorious for being slippery, thus they utilize Silikal’s non slip flooring to unlimited advantage. Both freezer and cooler floors are rendered non slippery with Silikal’s non slip flooring. There are even dry substances that can render a floor very slippery, thus providing another setting where Silikal’s non slip flooring is needed.

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