Nordic Creatures Series Copper Rounds

Nordic Creatures Series Copper Rounds

(“Sugar Zone” by Silent Partner) – [Narrator] Hey, YouTube. Today we have five one-ounce
rounds from Provident Metals. This is the Nordic Creatures Series. When this first came out
in both silver and copper, I paid no attention to it mostly because I tend to
like the copper version better than the silver version. I threw that out with the
Zombucks and the Hercules and whatever else that Provident puts out. Provident puts out a lot of stuff. So I recently had an opportunity to buy some stuff from Provident and I picked up this
five-ounce series for $2 each. We will look at each one, but I will not pronounce
the name for each one. Some are quite unpronounceable. So I’m not gonna even bother. And the first one in no particular order is that we have a rider on a horse and it is very shiny. There you go. And this is the background. You got the big tree and you got the deer. They all have the same background. This is the giant eagle. And this is the dog. And unlike the Hercules coin, was it Hercules? It may have been Hercules. This one does not have three heads. And this one is the dragon. And last but not least, I believe this one is
actually a giant or a troll. Hard to say which is which. And that’s it for today.

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