Northwest Territorial Mint .999 Pure Silver Die Dice 2 Troy Ounce

Northwest Territorial Mint .999 Pure Silver Die Dice 2 Troy Ounce

guess what’s dropping by YouTube that’s
right another custom silver item here and this black velvet bag kind of blends
in with the background but what comes out of it is not gonna blend with the
background if we can get it out here so let’s roll the dice on life and see what
happens all right we got a five and a three but
that’s not what this video is about now you can look at these and they kind of
look like there’d be copper well that’s actually a nice little tone that they
are getting they are starting to tone because of age these are silver dices
and I don’t want to touch them too much to wear off the nice tone but these are
by the Northwest Territory men these are one ounce each 0.909 fine silver comes
with the CEO expert if ax kit of authenticity Northwest territorial mint
certifies that each silver bullion die has been precision meet machined with
the highest degree of workmanship and commitment to excellence one troy each
and so forth so guys you guys like customized silver items I know I do
that’s why I buy them yes yes I know guys the premium you pay sometimes
doesn’t feel worth it but to collectors it’s fun so if you enjoy custom silver
items don’t let anyone bring you down you buy that $20 over spot silver item
you know whatever if it makes you happy do it it’s better than going out and
spending that money on a pack of cigarettes or a six-pack of beer depends
who you ask some guys would like to do both spend it on the six pack of beer
cigarettes or and the silver pay ain’t judgin Yeol
so thank you guys for watching this custom silver video and I do these
videos so you guys can see what items look like so you know if you want to buy
them take care guys and have a lucky day don’t forget to subscribe to my channel


  1. Maybe they are bronze. There are a few videos on Youtube showing that NWTM makes silver plated bronze items that they pass off as pure silver.

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