Nosebleed Control by Cauterization (Silver Nitrate and Electrical)

Nosebleed Control by Cauterization (Silver Nitrate and Electrical)

Nosebleeds are a common problem for
which patients get seen by an ear nose and throat doctor. In this particular
patient, she has been having recurrent nosebleeds several times a week for the
past few months. The nose is carefully examined to find a source of the
nosebleed. In some patients, there is a vascular knuckle that can erupt causing
a spurting type of nosebleed and in others, there are superficial blood vessels that
can lead to an oozing or drippy type of nosebleed. Before cauterization, the nose
is anesthetized using a cotton ball soaked with lidocaine.
After a short period of time, cauterization can commence. The most common type of cauterization is
using a silver nitrate stick. When applied to the nasal surface, nitric acid
is formed causing a chemical burn turning the area brownish white. However in certain situations when the
blood vessel is large, a much deeper cauterization is required using
electricity. Bipolar cauterization is shown here
whereby an electric current is passed between the metal prongs burning the
tissue not only at the surface, but underneath
as well. It takes about two weeks for the area to completely heal.


  1. I watched this video the other day to prepare for the procedure which I had on Thursday. I have a very high pain tolerance. For me, this was one of the most uncomfortable things I have ever experienced. When they burned the inside it really hurt and caused my eyes to instantly tear up. All day I had a terrible headache and a feeling of pressure in my nose. The dripping from the nose has been non stop. The most disappointing thing for me was that on Friday evening when I went to wipe my nose from the dripping I found that my nose was bleeding lightly. I hope this doesn't mean that the procedure didn't take. So upsetting !!!

  2. For anyone wondering, yeah it hurts like hell. You won't know what it's like until you get it done yourself- but it usually and note i say usually goes away within 5 to 10 minutes- however due to the major skin damage in there to seal everything your nose will run for at least the next hour, from my experience. It's usually pretty stringy aswell, so I like to just hold a kleenex or something similar up to my nose until it stops. You can actually blow clear snot bubbles with it all if you're not careful- and nobody wants to see that.

  3. just got this done yesterday, had a bleeding ulcer in my right nostril and holy shit I'd get several nosebleeds a day thank God I won't have to deal with that again.

  4. I'm in basketball and every time I get hit in the nose (even if it is barely touched) my nose will bleed. I got blood on my jersey and the teams extra jersey in ONE day! So I'm probably going to have to do this

  5. I just had both sides done a couple hours ago, my nose will not stop running omg… but if your doc numbs you up enough it won't hurt too much but it will sure as hell make your eyes water, the sucky thing right now though is that I can't pick up my prescription until tomorrow so I'm using Vaseline to keep it moist but it's all white and gross looking inside my nose and I have this constant feeling to sneeze. I've also lost count of how much I've sneezed in the last couple hours ughhh lol but yes for those of you stressing about it, it does suck and it does hurt after, maybe during but you will be having what I call really bad allergies especially with a runny nose!

  6. I did the Silver Nitrate 3 times many years ago, but they never lasted more than 1-4 years.

    I have done the electric one today; I hope it is more permanent.

  7. The worst part about getting this procedure done had to be when they told me not to sneeze, and that's all you want to do. The first time I had it done the doctor actually numbed it. But the second time they didn't, granted the procedure was done in my college's health center and it was free so I can't complain. It does hurt but more of a stinging than a throbbing pain.

  8. I've gotten my nose done because I've been having multiple nosebleeds a week for the past 8 years and I'm gonna say my doctor sprayed some numbing air stuff in my nose and i didn't feel a thing during the process. The only problem was that afterwards, my nose would not stop running. I got that 2 years ago and I've only had 1 nosebleed since then.

  9. I've done this alot of time as a kid. The cauterization and stil can feel the pain seing the video and it really does.

  10. Anyone watching this and has to get their nose cauterized, yes it hurts like complete hell even with the numbing agent. And it's sore as a bitch for 2-4 days afterwards, although the most pain imo is within the first 12 hours. Therefore, trying getting it towards the end of the day so you can sleep through most of the pain. Good luck.

  11. I had this today and for some reason they didn't numb me right so it hurt a lot also might have been because it was a deeper vein or both but after it was done I almost passed out and I was sweating like crazy lmao. My doctor even checked my pulse. Hopefully none of you get the experience I had cause that hurt a ton.

  12. Hello doctor  I just got this done  yesterday but now the  silver nitrate has  left dark stains on my exterior nostril  will this go away on it's own  or is it permanent?  please respond I am so worried now.

  13. I had my nose done 31 August 2017 and it was numbed beforehand AND, although the procedure was a  bit  uncomfortable did not hurt one bit.  A day later my nose is no longer bleeding and feels OK. Off to golf tomorrow!

  14. Up to the time I was a young adult in my later 20's, I had frequent nose bleeds due to an exposed blood vessel on the inside of my nasal passage. I had to get cautherization twice to finally cure me of any further nose bleeds. The discomfort was quite minimal but well worth it. Now in my mid 60's, I've had very few nose bleeds since then.
    It all depends on the Nose, Ear, and Throat doctor you choose on how well he or she can perform the outpatient surgery (like a regular doctor visit). Always deal with a skilled doctor.

  15. I had it done for the second time today, instead it was done in both nostrils, with the exception that I don't have to wait 3 weeks to blow my nose like the first time, that was torturing. It does hurt, but I pray I'll be fine, got tire of bleeding heavily. I could not sneeze, or even cry and my nose starts to bleed :(.

  16. I had this done cause I got bloody noses about 3 times a week for five years because of three blood vessels in my right nostril and geez! The numbing solution dripped down my face and the back of my throat and tasted disgusting. Then they cauterized two of the blood vessels and it hurt so bad and I had to sneeze so bad that we had to stop and numb it again before continuing. I went to work immediately after and felt like I had to sneeze the entire time but nothing got me to sneeze, instead my eyes would start crying and snot poured down my face. And not being able to blow your nose the next couple of days will sound like no big deal but it's obnoxious cause you can't breathe through that nostril and constantly feel like the scab is stabbing you all the time. But honestly, if you need this done, Just do it. The first week sucks but its worth to never get a bloody nose again!

  17. I’ve had chronic nosebleeds all my life (I’m 21) a paramedic at my old job told me about this. I’d rather just keep bleeding than deal with this.

  18. just back from ENT, had silver nitrate stix applied and the local anthestic is worn off, my eye is running, as it my nose and the nasal pack is soaked in serous fluid. It hurts A LOT but better than severe bleeds i was having, it was from back wall so it came from my mouth and was impossible to compress, also made me vomit and gag and this ruptured any clots that tried forming, what an ordeal. Praying its all over now and a few days of pain relief is all i need.

  19. I hadn't heard of this procedure until the day I had it done… Separated by less than 15 minutes. I did not think this was such a commonplace thing.

  20. THEY NUMB IT NOW?! I've had 7 since the 4th grade, and not once have those pricks ever numbed my nose :(.

    I'm 24, 38 weeks pregnant going in for my 8th since my nose bleeds are backing up into my other nostril now … Let's see how much time has changed since I was a kid :/.

  21. On my way home from getting this done. Did not take long at all. The doctor’s assistant sprayed me with this numbing spray (strong, went down back of my throat), then the doctor looked at my ears, throat, and nose with a flashlight (and a camera for my nose). I was bleeding from the front right. He cauterized me with what looked like a bamboo skewer with a gray match-looking tip on the end. He said it might burn, but I didn’t feel it. Just my nostril being pried open with the spreader tool thing lol. Barely hurt, and I am good to go. No bandages or anything. I go back in a month to check up. Whole process took maybe 5 mins.

  22. My father got this done and said he's never had a nose bleed again and being just like him I have a frequent bloody nose in just my left nostril so I can't wait to get this done. Will hurt damn bad but worth it.

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  24. I had nose bleeds every day for 10+ years. They would last anywhere from on a good day 10mins to a bad day 30mins+. Just finally took my stubborn ass today to get cauderized. Hopefully that will be the last of my nose bleeds.

  25. I've been having nosebleeds for a while (6 years) had it cauterized I think like twice now I need to go again sighs

  26. I always get nose bleeds either when I’m too hot, if I’m in a plane and the cabin pressure makes my vessels burst or if I get hit in the nose. I’ve been on a few planes over the past 4 days and each time I’ve had 1 or 2 per flight. Will this require this procedure? If not then what must I do?

  27. First I have an appendicitis (recovery hurts like hell) then I think I need to have this! Had a bloody nose two weeks ago then last week friday (3 days ago) and one nosebleed just now


  28. They did this right in my doctors office it hurt on the right with the silver nitrate then during tonsillectomy they did the other side with electric didn’t hurt at all

  29. I got this done (the one w the stick) and my doctor used anesthetic and I barely felt anything. At the most a pinch is basically how it feels like, it takes like 5 minutes.

  30. Ok ok ok people relax. I am 40 & had this procedure done when I was 11 years old. Back then I was told they were gonna put a blow torch up my nose 2 burn all the blood vessels, I'm sure they didn't. Surgery was 17 min. I was in recovery room 7 hours coming down from anesthesia they gave me. No pain no issues ever. That was almost 30 years ago. Not sure where others are having this done at, but I assume medicine has improved since 1988.

  31. Ok ok ok people relax. I am 40 & had this procedure done when I was 11 years old. Back then I was told they were gonna put a blow torch up my nose 2 burn all the blood vessels, I'm sure they didn't. Surgery was 17 min. I was in recovery room 7 hours coming down from anesthesia they gave me. No pain no issues ever. That was almost 30 years ago. Not sure where others are having this done at, but I assume medicine has improved since 1988.

  32. Got this done today .. so much for numbing my nose cuz this hurt something crazy. But I'm glad it over and hopefully this stops my nose bleeds.

  33. My nose bleeds 30 min everyday :/
    Got this done today , he didn’t fully numb it ,I don’t have a low pain tolerance . the procedure didn’t hurt but the breathing and lack of movement provided after doing it hurts and is uncomfortable.

  34. I've had both nostrils done and it's honestly not that bad. I had the lido-cane applied on the surface and as an injection though. One spot near my septum hurt (like a 6/10) but it's very temporary, only like 5 seconds.

    If you are having uncontrollable nosebleeds I would recommend it highly. If you were have 3-4 nosebleeds a day like I was, I would honestly do almost anything at that point to get them to stop, including about 2 minutes of pain. Just remember to follow the aftercare so you don't end up going back in. It worked great, nosebleeds are practically gone and the 1 I had was easy to control.

  35. i have bloody noses but i have blood clots at the end of them … i don't know if i what to go do this
    should i get it done or not please tell why or why not

  36. Had 2 veins in my nose cauterized 3 wks ago. No more bleeding since then. Is a follow up visit required? I am afraid the scope examination will disturb something inside my nose and cause me to bleed again. Can I leave well enough alone?

  37. I got this done today and it HURTS like a bitch. Also, doctor said the burning sensation goes away within minutes and it’s been hours and it hurts to breathe.

  38. I got it done today. It hurts so much!!! It feels like shots and burning. They burned multiple blood vessels. The process hurt during and after.

  39. i had my nose chemically cauterized last month and cauterized again two weeks later because there was still part of the blood vessel that was exposed. after the second cauterization, i've only had two or three minor nosebleeds and it's been about two weeks since then. i do have a small permanent dent on the inside of my nose, but i'm really glad i got the procedure done.

  40. A few weeks ago I had a nose bleed that lasted 45 mins and my parents were so close to bringing me to a hospital but thankfully they didn’t. I was scared as hell when I heard them talking outside about having a burning rod go up my nose

  41. Holly fuck, I think I need to get my nose cauterized and if it turns out it needs to be done with electricity I’m low key just killing myself instead

  42. I had 2 silver nitrate cauterizations and today just got the bipolar electrocauterizarion. The first 2 bothers me a lot. But today I didn't feel any pain but the needle sting which it was nothing. Hopefully after this one my nosebleed would be under control.

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