November’s Free Food Deals At Your Favorite Restaurants

November’s Free Food Deals At Your Favorite Restaurants

There are plenty of chain restaurant offerings,
from nachos to wings, for hungry consumers in November 2018 especially if you’re a veteran
of the armed forces. But you don’t have to have served in order
to get some cheap service, with Buy-One-Get-One offers being perfect for when you’re out and
about with a friend. Here are the best deals of the month. If you haven’t been to Cracker Barrel for
a while, November 11th is the perfect time to go back especially if you or someone in
your family is a military veteran or on active duty. For Veterans Day, Cracker Barrel is saying
“thank you” in the form of a free slice of Double Chocolate Fudge Coca-Cola Cake. It’s not a full meal like other places are
offering, but it’s still a pretty decadent dessert to get for nothing. But if you’re interested in a full course
instead of just cake, keep watching. Applebee’s is honoring veterans and active
duty members of the military with their own generous special, offering eight different
full-sized entrees for free to service members on November 11th. Those outside the military can also get in
on the chain’s November drink special, and refresh themselves with some $2, 10-oz drafts
of Bud Light. Still not full? Texas Roadhouse is treating veterans and active
duty military personnel to a free lunch on November 11th. And there are a ton of options to choose from,
whether you want a platter of steak, chicken, pork, or barbecue. From the start of November to the end of the
year, the chain is also donating 10 percent of every gift card purchase to the Support
Our Heroes foundation, which helps provide injured veterans with accommodations they
may need to lead full, independent lives when their tours of duty are through. If you’re in the mood for an ice cream sundae,
make a note: Wednesday is Buy-One, Get-One-Free day at Carvel. Best of all, this offer isn’t just for the
month of November. Instead, it’s an ongoing promotion, so that
you and a friend — or just you — can make a habit out of it. It may be getting cold soon, sure — but
ice cream always hits the spot, especially when it’s free. Primanti Bros. has some devoted fans in the
world of sandwiches, and vets can get in on the action with a free sub if they dine in
on November 11th — no purchase necessary, no strings attached. The chain also has an app you can download,
which offers up a free sandwich with a drink purchase to new users. After that, it’ll keep you updated on all
the chain’s new offers, including plenty of free food to go around during football season. There are a ton of restaurants that offer
special deals only through their apps, and McDonald’s is no exception. For the entire month of November, you can
get one McCafe beverage free with a purchase of five an ideal offer for group orders. If that sounds like too many drinks to deal
with on your own, they’ve got something else worth trying, too. If you buy one medium or large McCafe drink
during the month, you can get another on top for just one penny. But it’s not just drinks on offer at the Golden
Arches. Until November 30th, they’re also offering
a Buy-One, Get-One-for-$1 deal on almost all of their sandwiches, as well as a similar
offer for Crispy Chicken Tenders and McNuggets that ends on November 25th. If you love their fries, you can get a medium
or a large order and walk away with a free soft drink of any size to go along with it
until the end of December. On November 11th, Red Robin is giving all
vets and active military members a free Red’s Tavern Double Burger with Bottomless Steak
Fries, no other purchase required. That’s great for one day out of the year,
but there are also other rewards in the pipeline for not just military members, but teachers,
too. Sign up for their Royalty program to score
a free burger during your birthday month, and also get free food on every 10th order
you make. Veterans and teachers get even more rewards
with the program than the average customer, being gifted random freebies and rewards throughout
the year. Chili’s has a year-round commitment to working
with organizations that help veterans and their families. On November 11th, they’ll offer any veteran
their choice of one of seven entrees for free. The chain also has its own rewards program,
and you’ll be eligible for a free order of chips and salsa or a non-alcoholic drink every
time you stop in, as long as you go there once every 60 days. You’ll also get a free dessert on your birthday. Many restaurants offer free food to vets on
Veterans Day, but Famous Dave’s is going one step further, making their free meals available
on both the 11th and the 12th. You can also sign up for their email club,
joining the Famous Nation for occasional offers and free stuff on your birthday. Even if you’re not a NASCAR fan, Outback Steakhouse
is giving you a reason to keep an eye on the race results. Outback is one of the sponsors for driver
Kevin Harvick, and every time he places in the Top 10, they’re giving customers a free
Bloomin’ Onion on the following Monday. Fortunately, Harvick is pretty good at racing,
and he’s out there on the track keeping the appetizers coming whether Outback likes it
or not. But you won’t get to take advantage of this
deal forever — the NASCAR season ends on November 18, so keep your fingers crossed
for a big win. Hooters also has their own NASCAR promotion,
with their champion being racer Chase Elliott. Any time he places in the top 10, customers
can get a free order of fried pickles. When he wins, customers will get their orders
of 10 boneless wings doubled up to 20, with the extra wings coming free of charge. The promotion ends with the end of the NASCAR
season on November 18, but don’t fret if you miss it — it’ll be back for another lap
soon enough.


  1. Some of these Veterans Day promotions are way to confusing. They have deals for vets. and also some deals for your birthday.
    What about those of us that Are vets, And were born on Veterans Day?

  2. Where can I get a Veterans card. Geez. They deserve these promotions but they could also offer better stuff for us non vets.

  3. A more useful deal for the rest of us: Red Robin's free birthday burger is actually a coupon sent to you on the first day of the month that expires in 30 days. Many places require it to be your actual birthday, but they give you a whole month to use the coupon.

  4. Are any restaurant chains running specials on veterans day for all the gay people who grew up during the ban on gays in the military? I'm always amazed we go out of our way to "honor" mostly men who were "heroes" for our country. These same grown men were so afraid I'd see their pee pee in the showers, I couldn't join the military if I wanted too because I am gay. You know… to keep the straights safe.
    So I say YES! Let's find more ways to honor these "brave" men who joined knowingmy joined the military that was actively excluding gay people from defending the constitution they professed to be protecting.
    I went to college. Funny there wasn't much outcry of straight guys in English 101 class about gays on campus. I guess marines who are trained in self defense and self discipline were more fragile snowflake types.
    Short of those drafted into the military I see no reason for these discounts.
    I find it ironic gays are the ones accused of wanting special priveleges.
    LOL my heroes.

  5. Excuse me but i have never been offered these deals. I am currently serving this No nut November and i am offended that I’m not being treated the same

  6. You know what the US government is doing for vets this November stealing from social security to update current military program's

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