NYFA Graduate Spotlight on Yael Silver

NYFA Graduate Spotlight on Yael Silver

Hi, I’m Yael Silver. I am a graduate of
the Professional Conservatory of Musical Theatre at the New York Film Academy. I
am on the board of directors of Sokoloff Arts and I’m a co-producer on “Once on
This Island,” currently on Broadway. The first moment that I thought that I could possibly be a producer was in Bobby Cronin’s professional prep class. He
turned to me after asking him a question and he said to me, “you’re not an actress.
You think like a producer.” As far as roles for women in theatre, I feel that
we have a ways to go. That was one of the reasons that I chose to leave acting and
go into producing because I wanted to see true representation of women on
stage. I produced a show called Queer Composers for Orlando. It followed the
Orlando massacre. All LGBT composers that came together to celebrate their work. I
got to meet Robin Sokoloff who gave me my first space with the idea of producing
queer composers. I was a new producer, nobody had heard of me and she took a
chance on me. She really did. And changed my life. I was drawn to NYFA because of
the teachers here they come to work, teach you in the morning, and then they
go and do their Broadway show. You can’t put a price tag on that it was
incredible to study with Deidre Goodwin. I don’t think that there are many
programs that offer that and NYFA just gave me the opportunity to learn
from the best of the best. I’m incredibly grateful for my time here. It really shaped who I am.

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