NYSTV – The Secret Nation of Baal and Magic on the Midnight Ride – Multi – Language

NYSTV – The Secret Nation of Baal and Magic on the Midnight Ride – Multi – Language

and I stood upon the sand of the sea and saw a beast [Music] Oh [Music] good evening everyone and welcome to the midnight ride I am your host David carey CO and we are now it’s all good tonight John and it’s going to be a fantastic ride it’s entitled the secret nation of bail and magic and this is going to be an extremely challenging broadcast and it’s going to really give us much food for thought and I know that you’ve done a really good job preparing for this John yeah and we’re at the point where I think certainly our midnight ride listeners understand and many many people are becoming aware daily that we can no longer accept the party line of what we’re told in our educational system about history and about science history has been rewritten we are faced with revisionist history and people are digging to find the facts and that’s what we’re doing tonight and this is very important because these facts tonight impact our spiritual life because it’s not just a matter of history being changed but the spiritual dynamic has been shifted to where we are now truly as the broadcast says in a nation of bail and magic we live in a demonized society and only the remnant of God that are willing to walk in obedience to his law and separate themselves from the world are going to be able to walk free from defilement and that’s what it’s all about that’s why this broadcast is so important for the the moment that we live in and there’s no doubt about that I know that you know I’ve had sorry about this guys my for some reason my mic cord was not working I had to switch it out there so hopefully you guys can hear me now I just saw saw that we had some issues with that so anyways I guess they they could see my mouth movie but nothing coming out there for a second David yeah well sometimes with me that’s the best way to be you know yeah but also tonight sister Donna’s with us tonight she’ll be taking the questions so we’re glad to have her on board tonight and fielding the questions for us right on David so you want me to take us on the absolutely us on the ride John all right okay so hopefully you guys can hear me now it looks like in the chat people are saying they can hear hopefully you can I’m gonna look one more time for verification there just to make sure you guys can hear me if you can let me know audio is good now good good to go thank you or let me know so anyways what we’re gonna get started on here I’m gonna talk a little bit about the founding of our nation in George Washington and I want to tell a little bit story about how and reason that I decided to go down this line of research me and me and Jake Grant were actually in a hotel in Texas we were filming some stuff and at the mount Blanco fossil museum and you guys heard a little bit about that on the show the other day with Joe Taylor and that night we were sitting there watching a documentary and it was about George Washington it was a History Channel documentary and we hear these stories you know they’re talking about how he had these horses shot out from underneath them bullet hole his clothes bullet holes in his hat he would take armies you know across rivers and blizzards basically and take over take over civilization people Ramin this guy was a warrior and by all means and not an awesome commander and as I close my eyes I’m you know I’m tired I’m closing my eyes and this this image kind of comes to my head and I and I did the best I could in this video to try to give you guys a taste of what I’m talking about here because I wanted you guys to see what happened in my head and this is the reason I did this so here’s this I mean see if I get this going for you guys there we go and so as you can see the G and the w and then the G and kind of molded into the middle of the w w split there and I saw the Rotunda and it’s kind of spun around to where he was and then the symbol itself and I didn’t get this in the video kind of wrapped around George Washington and turned into the square and compass and everything around there so it was pretty interesting when it came into my head and I’m like man this guy’s something I started talking to Jake about it and we were kind of talking about his name how there’s a split and talking about his genealogy the fact that he’d have any children just interesting stuff about the man that really caused my peak in in our country and of course there was other times we’ve done shows that talked about a little bit about our capital in our country but when you really kind of dig into it this is probably one of the more detailed shows we’ve done specifically on this subject and so George Washington for those of you don’t know he’s one of the founding fathers and he was also the President of the United States he came from Royal bloodlines I mean this guy had bloodlines all the way down to kings and queens of England he’s in considering the you know they call this the holy grail of genealogies but I don’t know why they call it that exactly but he descends from Charlemagne and he is the Charlemagne was the considered the father of Europe and he was also crowned emperor of the Romans on Christmas Day in the year 800 and so we have an interesting thing on that you know just just the idea that he distance for Charlemagne I know you’ve done a little research on that and this this King that was really influential the time of his legacy didn’t last very long because you know after you died I didn’t have successors but the fact that he’s considered the father of Europe and he was actually crowned king of Rome at one time emperor of the Romans is pretty interesting I would say and so I’m just gonna go over a brief kind of history of Washington and and but pre pre wars is very brief I’m not gonna go over too long of one here but so basically pre-revolutionary war he was a political figure and a leader of a social elite in Virginia and when I say he was the leader of the social elite this guy wasn’t just some you know guy that hung around with ragtags I mean he was really important in this in in this social League of people in Virginia and he was a considered a battle master and and he held down Ohio County which is really actually kind of interesting because that’s really close to where we’re at right here right across the river we can see Ohio County area what it was at the time this Davis County now but all that area there and all kin around Beaver Dam and all that area was considered an area where he held down pre-revolutionary war to fight off the French and and everything like that he was actually called the first spy master because he had his Intel gathering successes were just pretty amazing and that is a state that he had I’m going to show you guys a picture of this estate if I can get to it real quick he had over 2,000 guests at this Mount Vernon estate where he’s actually buried now but he they there he only had people there that were considered people rank he wouldn’t have any of the other people and one of his quotes was his this is actually his advices treat them civilly but keep them at a proper distance for that will grow upon for they will grow upon familiarity in proportion as you sink in Authority and so he was very adamant about keeping a distance from the people that were considered lower of class and really getting with the proper people into doing these kind of things and so I’m gonna talk about that I guess a little bit about the timeline that led to the Revolutionary War and so in pre in pre 1769 around in 1769 pre that he was presented legislation in Virginia in the Virginia assembly to establish an embargo on goods from Great Britain and they didn’t like that obviously you know he’s embargoing goods from Great Britain they were coming and setting up shop there and basically you know just kind of trying to run things there was a lot of money having to go to Britain on their end and George Washington was a business owner successful very rich wealthy he actually married into a wealthy family as well his wife was a widow and she was in 1995 she was 25 I believe when she was a widow and she inherited a large thing from her widower or her a husband that had passed away and so another thing he was passed over Commission and British Army in 1775 which really irritated him because he wanted to be you know go up higher in the in the military and he was passed over and then there was a Royal Proclamation Act that banned settlement west of the Allegheny Mountains for the British fur trade that irritated him and he puppet mastered the colonial protests that were against the Townsend acts passed in 1767 and he introduced of proposed draft by George Mason that basically called for the Virginia to boycott English goods until the acts were repealed in 77s and then after the Boston Tea Party in 1774 Parliament wanted to push whoever was behind it punish whoever is behind it and so he passed with the passage of the Intolerable Acts and Washington refused to submit and called the max of tyranny and in July George Mission arrived at George Washington’s town in his home at Mount Vernon with a list of revolutions and Washington worked overnight to fine-tune them and they were called the Fairfax resolves and they called for a Continental Congress and so on August 1st he attends the first Virginia convention where he’s a delicate for the First Continental Congress April 19 1775 the war begin in Lexington and Concord and where the Americans seize the British and run on June 14th the kind of an army was created and Washington was unanimously elected the next day and he was also unanimously elected president by Electoral College and his president was agreed to be the definition of all future presidents so he got to decide basically after being elected what thaton told as being being the president and at the person auguring parade he stood with his hands on a freemasonic Bible and gave in they had the 13 gun salute so these are the these are the events that led Washington to the position of president at that moment so he was a war hero he was very blood line as far as bloodlines going we’ve talked about those shows on the Tim bloodlines that we talked about stuff along those lines he was definitely considered a bloodline family and he was also the first master Mason you know getting a little bit after the first master Mason to lay a cornerstone in Washington DC and he’s considered the father of our nation and he performed the first sacrifice to bail as our nation’s leader and we’ll talk a little bit about what that means but washe basically what happened was and you can see in this picture here were Washington and three worshipful worshipful masters Kerry sacrifices of corn wine and oil and then they struck the stone three times with a gavel as prescribed by Masonic custom and this is the same ritual that all met they all do he’s doing the cornerstones this is a ritual that they do and in Hosea 2:8 we see here that it says for she did not know that I gave her corn wine and oil and multiplied her silver and gold which they prepared for bill and this this ritual David I don’t know if you have anything on this ritual this ritual of the cornerstone lane that you wanted to talk about no way it talks a little bit about that but did you have anything to add to add to that there well in the original form there was actually a human sacrifice and there was a sacrifice buried underneath cornerstone but of course in modern times hopefully they do do that sometimes I wonder and it’s a very subtly shift of the scripture and Hosea’s very profound she did not know that I gave her corn and wine and oil and multiplied her silver and gold which they prepared for Vail and most people today don’t know that this sacrifice under the grand architect of the universe is really a sacrifice to Bale and Lucifer we are repeating the sins of the nation of Israel we are completing the pattern we don’t know just as they didn’t know people are deceived and this is what we want to do we want to rip the veil of deception off just like the Hebrew prophets did they came with a very strong message against the religion of bail and this is exactly what takes place when these buildings are dedicated in these ritualistic fashions unto the grand architect of the universe who is not the God of the Bible well yeah I mean well we I know we talked a little bit about Washington cause a lot of people when they think about Washington they think of this Christian guy that was a strong founding Christian member because you have these these false documentaries that are based off really I don’t know what the history they’re based off was they they put quotes that seem like they could be talking about God in there but I mean if you really look at their history these guys were freemasons and they were deist I know you you we had talked a little bit about his pastor and some of the quotes he had had talked you know you want to talk about a little bit about that that would be interesting yeah and we certainly I think all of us owe Washington a debt of gratitude he was a brave man he was hero and he was an amazing man in many respects but much of the legend that surrounds Washington is just apocryphal it’s it’s just legend like many of the pictures that show Washington kneeling in prayer the people that were the closest around Washington during his lifetime and I could cite three individuals there was the Reverend Abercrombie who was his pastor for over 20 years in the Episcopal Church there was another pastor of his earlier years bishop white that knew the family for years and also the pastor or the chaplain of the congress during the eight years of his presidency Asheville green and all of these men give a unified testimony to the lack of Christian witness of George Washington and Washington was known when communion would be served he would get up and he would lead the church and he would go home and then he would send his carriage back from Martha because Martha always took communion and the Reverend Abercrombie confronted Washington about this and after he was confronted he said that he would never give occasion for offense again but Washington would never go to church on communion sunday and in the opinion of the chaplain of the Congress that had weekly dinner with him weekly he said flat out that Washington was a deist and not a true believer in Christ and during his lifetime and this comes from the Diary of Thomas Jefferson that the clergy in Philadelphia they wanted Washington to give a public proclamation of his Christianity and it’s interesting the man that made the statement his name was Bradford and he said that he wanted Washington to make a open profession of Christianity to offset Thomas Paine and the other revolutionaries and if anyone has ever read anything about Thomas Paine he was a rabid hater and this says a lot just in that statement in that the Bible believers in that day did not consider the revolutionaries Christian but Washington was pressed by the clergy in Philadelphia to profess his belief in Christ and he would not do it and we know what the scripture says in Matthew that Matthew 10:32 and 33 that if we confess him before men that he will confess us before the father but if we deny him before men he will deny us before the father and there really is no such thing as a closeted believer in Yeshua and Washington every indication was that he was not a believer in Christianity at all and a very specific statement that came from bishop white concerning the fact of Washington kneeling in church he made a statement that he never saw Washington ever in that position kneeling in church and this is why it is so bizarre that these paintings that were made later they picture Washington as a man of prayer and a man of faith and there are these documentaries that are put out and I don’t mind mentioning the name this ministry is called wall builders and every 4th of July they put out these documentaries that they want to paint the founding fathers they want to make the American Revolution into a Christian revival meeting and this just is not true and the information that they put about Freemasonry also is not true they want people to think that the Masonic ritual at the time of Washington is somehow different than it is now and that’s just not true and Freemasonry was pagan in the colonies just like it is now so we you know it is not our desire to vilify anyone certainly Washington and many of the founding fathers even that were not believers they were brave men and done noble things but it doesn’t do justice to truth or reality or to God to try to paint them as something that they are not and there are many people out there that want to do that and it’s you know up for us to try to come up with reasons of what is the motivation for that and you know I understand a lot of it it’s like you know take America back but for God but you know as far as the Cologne as far as the 1776 experiment it was a Christian and it certainly never was yeah there’s no doubt about that in my mind either because I mean really when you when you think about our country in general and what it’s formed from and we’ll talk a little bit more about that and why because there were there were these architects you know and they’ve gone back even before before our nation’s founding and and this is something that’s been in the works for a long time our country and well like I said we’ll talk a little bit more about that but when he comes to the free masonry the god of those that are adepts in Freemasonry and we’re not talking about the average freemason that goes down to the lodge just drink some beer hangs out most of the I would say if I had to put a number on percentage-wise of how many Freemasons actually have read their books and understand what is going through not just not just you know memorize the rituals I’m talking or actually read their books read and read their theology their their philosophy and actually understood what they’re talking about here I would say I would say ninety something percent don’t know have no clue about anything that we might be talking about here but I would if you are listening to nine you are freemason I would suggest you going in researching this stuff and seeing if this lines up with the scripture for you because I I can tell you right now that the scripture does talk about these practices but it doesn’t talk about them in a light way it talks about him in a dark way and I know the Freemason motto and darkness as well as light well here’s here’s the deal the scripture talks about this stone that the builders refused I believe it’s in Psalms help me out here David Psalms 118 22 is where this it says the stone that the builders refused has become the cornerstone and it’s very clear that throughout almost every nation we see these this structure like we see in Washington DC where the stones the builders have refused the cornerstone of the Messiah they have refused that stone replaced it with the stone of bill burr the justthis worship and sacrifice to him and when people are like well Washington you know they may have deified him after that they may have may have done this or that he didn’t know much about this but it but the next point I’m getting ready to make here in my opinion proves that he didn’t know what was going on here but he was the one who drafted Linlin font in 1791 to plan the new federal city and he had supervision of three commissioners who Washington appointed to oversee the planning and that became the District of Columbia Thomas Jefferson also worked along side of Washington and overseeing the plans for the Capitol and so there’s a book and I don’t know if you’ve read this book yet David it’s called the secret architecture of our nation’s capitol have you read that book by David Olsen David Oh Benson yes and I was reading that book and I and this had me interested because he does a really good detailed version or you know research into what constellations the building’s line up with where they were on certain days when they perform rituals at these places and you know I fact-checked a lot of the stuff that I read that I’m talking about here tonight and it’s true and it’s interesting yeah as above so below yeah and so the secret architecture of a nation’s capitol it says if the horizons remain cloudless three stars are visible in a straight line from the Capitol to the White House to the skies in the West they’re known as Regulus Arcturus and Spica or speaka and the stars form a ranking right angled triangle framing the constellation of go and this is because Washington’s founders deliberately align the city with the Stars consecrate the Virgo also known as the Egyptian god Isis goddess Isis and at the founding of the at the founding of the Capitol building in September 18 1793 the Sun and Mercury were in the constellation of Virgo and excuse me trying not to coffee right this is this this thing’s been lingering I got this little tickle in the back of my throat so pray for me that I don’t start coughing like crazy but this ceremony is actually enshrined in the bronze doors the Senate bronze doors and I got a picture of these bronze doors here which is pretty interesting but it shows this on the on the door it shows a plate of George Washington wearing a white satanic or satanic satin Mason Masonic apron using the troll to lay the cornerstone and the apron you can actually view that apron at George Washington’s Masonic Memorial in Alexandria and this shows it shows the American and French flags and a gavel a triangle similar universal deity surrounded by stars and I hopefully you can get a closer look of that you can look that Senate door up but it’s very interesting I know when I went to DC a lot of these things that I went and saw were just it was mind-blowing I felt like I I felt like what’s that book Dan Brown on a on a on a you know right going at one point to another when I saw these things and just interesting to get anything to say ya know I showed uh you know as it is said regarding history nothing happens by accident right and as you referred the revolution was set up for Washington to come to power through the Boston Tea Party which was designed in Masonic Lodge it was orchestrated through secret societies for the chain of events to be put in sequence for Washington to come to power and in this book by Christopher Knight who is a freemason he speaks to these significance of the date the Declaration of Independence was signed it says the mystery for the Constitution he says the mystery of Demeter began on the 17th of September when sacrifices were made to Demeter and Athens before the assembled devotees made their way to her shrine at nearby Lucius for the ride itself 17 September is the date on which the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows is celebrated and on which the US Constitution was signed in 1787 and all of these things the position they’re laid out geographically the dates that they happen they are aligned with the powers in the second heaven that correspond to these fallen powers this is all very much by design there’s no way that all of this can be accidental just like you talked about the the architect Lafont and everything in the street design of Washington DC you can see the pentagram of the star from the star families everything in the intricate architecture of the all of the buildings they’re not just the foundation stone but all of the architectural design the statues it’s all pagan you know and how anyone anyone that goes to Washington DC there’s no way that you would come away from it and say my goodness what a Christian place everything there is pagan because all of its pagan big time and there’s in in it’s an interesting town in a lot of different ways not just the the structure but the way that the town has a you can feel the presence you know the spiritual presence holders on the town and I’ve known people that have lived there worked in the Pentagon people that still do and they’ll tell you very interesting stories and how wicked it is on the streets there and the people around I mean it’s just there’s something there in that town that has been I mean you’ve got symbols like that all over the place you know you’re gonna conjure up some stuff over there there’s no you no doubt about it so and you know we’ll go into this also you know I researched the Washington Monument quite a bit and we get this up here see what I got so the Washington Monument when you see when you look at this thing it’s definitely huge I mean they you can look at this picture and you can see how where they started construction there at the bottom then they added to it you can see the different coloring there but we I tried to to go through all the different dimensions find the best history I could find on the actual dimensions of this place because it’s not like you can go up to it and put a measuring tape around it or might drop a measuring tape from one point to the other but through doing trigonometry doing some geometry and looking at the numbers from what I could tell this is the best best that you can find on on the numbers here but the the height of this building if you can see this here is 555 feet and I did a little video here that shows you basically the math on that so how many feet I just Google search how many feet is Washington Monument is 555 feet when you multiply the 555 right here times 12 inches which is that 6666 inches and so in in the book our phallic heritage by charles berger the author says that the pillars are columns originally had a phallic significance and were considered sacred pan the goat god and the god of sensuality was often represented as an obelisk the obelisk is a long pointed four-sided shaft the uppermost portion of which forms a pyramid and the word abbe list literally means bel shaft or bellows organ of reproduction and so when you look at that it’s it’s very interesting let me do that some other math here I got a how many feet is washing for this that will go to this next one right here let me see maybe I went to the wrong one see where we’re at here all right here we go so this is a book in Washington Monument a beacon for America and this guy does a really good job of documenting the feet and how many feet were actually considered and also taking into account trigonometry and stuff behind it and if you can read here it says that the shaft was 55.5 feet so that was the width at the bottom of the shaft and if you take that number and I did a little video here to kind of just show you guys what this is 555 feet from top to bottom and the wheat width is fifty five point five the length is fifty five point five and when you take that number 555 plus fifty five point five plus fifty five point five is which I did here on the calculator here for you you can see you get a pretty interesting number that we’re all familiar with and at 666 so the feet in inches is converted to six thousand six hundred sixty inches if you measure the length of the 555 feet and if you go by this what this book is saying and what other history has said that I’ve looked into some of the ancient ones it’s changed a little bit and even the height of the of the thing is changes sunk in ten feet into the ground but this is the original height width and length that they had that at and you can see kind of what we’re looking at here on this phallic significance and we can you see this this symbol you see this symbol all over the world you see it in the Vatican and the Vatican’s almost exactly like Washington DC you see the symbol you see the symbol on grave’s you see it on a lot of things but this representation represents Bale shaft it also represents Osiris which are the same being they’re the same deity deity in legend there’s no difference they just have different names depending on the language that you would use and in certainly in Freemasonry in the mystery religions they are one in the same person so you have anything to say well the theology behind that in the mysteries the Watchers it’s fallen angel theology and the Watchers of course were judged by God and they were banished to Tartarus but they long for the day when the Watchers would returned and you can see in the Egyptian symbolism there is the shaft of bail reaching up and stretched over the sky is the sky goddess to eat there are pictures of it and this looks back to the time when Bale will once again bring forth children and the return of the Watchers and this is the symbolism of that and of course they’re also in Washington there is the the reflecting pool there and this is another part of just magic it’s just a magical device to magnify this but this is all very much detailed in dissemblers I mean you know that all of these things are just well you know one or two things well that might be a coincidence but all of these things taken in total you know it is just not a coincidence it’s telling us something and you know we are blind to ignore it and what you said about Freemasonry is very true the average freemason doesn’t realize that he is giving his time and devotion to bail any more than the average American realizes that and just like the average person in the average church that is going to the bail mass celebrations on the 25th we have a country that has been hijacked by bail the worship and honor that belongs to the true God is being given unknowingly in many cases to bail and this is the job of the prophetic voice to speak out and say repent and turn back to the truth the true God and we could think of a Christian America if we look back pre 1776 when we look back to the Puritans that originally came that were wanting to found a true Society upon the word of God but what was set up in 1770 six and of course you know I don’t want to deny anyone the right to worship but what was set up was a system that guaranteed that Christianity would not be predominant that all religions would have their say and this is and they knew at the time and their statements to this effect that they knew that it wouldn’t be in their lifetime but there would be a point in time and we’re at that point now when it would be overtaken and now historians speak of post Christian America because the the church in America has lost its salt and light it really has and that’s why there are people in the massive deception that are giving their corn and their oil to bail and they don’t even know it that is a fact and you know we when we look at George Washington for instance you know this man and I when you look at the way they deified him and we’re gonna talk a little bit about that in the Rotunda and the apotheosis of Washington but one of the only people in the world that has had this monument such a big monument named after him after belch penis shaft and I shouldn’t have said that I guess I don’t know beep burner you get many kids that are listening or whatever but this the shaft he was a big deal I mean this guy was not just your average you know whatever this guy was a big huge deal to this country he was the founding father that the architects had set up to defer this to happen and so when we look at the Rotunda for instance and I’ll go into go into this a little bit at our Capitol building let me get to this next slide here there we go wrong way there we go all right hopefully you guys can see that so when we got the apotheosis of Washington it’s the this is a fresco painted by it’s a Greek Italian artist and his name was constant Constantine oh I believe Constantino Brumidi if pronouncing that right and he did that in 1865 and it’s invisible through the oculus of the dome in the rotunda in the United States building it’s right there so anybody that’s ever been inside there and seen that it’s a pretty amazing fantastic site and just amazing artwork really well done obviously I don’t we know we’re talking a little bit about what it represents but you would think that it means like no George Washington is up in heaven now hanging out with God and the angels but when you take a closer look at what we’re talking about here you’ll see that that’s actually not the case the apotheosis actually depicts George Washington centered among the heavens in an exalted manner manner and he basically this is him ascending and becoming a god that’s what apotheosis means and he was the first one in the United States to have this done I know that there was others as well but the depiction this depiction right here is popular among esoteric cultures if you look in this next slide here you will see that in you know the Tibetans and even in Roman culture wood wood with what is this guy that was supposed to be Jesus or whatever he’s supposed to be you have this rainbow type thing you see this rainbow either surrounding their feet if you can look at Washington he kind of has a rainbow at his feet you can’t see it in this picture that I have here but if you look at the whole picture then you have the same kind of stuff going on throughout these B’s cultures this is a consider an apotheosis this person has raised himself or herself to godlike status or a sin and master type status if you prefer that term because if you if you look back at some of the shows that we’ve done on the ascended masters or the great white Brotherhood or any of those shows you’ll kind of see what we’re talking about here but this is the belief in this Gnostic kind of belief that we can ascend to godlike status and because the it isn’t within us to become gods and this is obviously the lie that goes way back to the Garden of Eden but as Israel has done many many times in the past every culture go from you know worshiping God all the way into Bell worship right this is the common God that always happens it always happens the people were worshipping God they go to Bell worship God judges I’m worshiping God go to Bell worship got judges room this is what’s going on in our country and it started like David said in 1776 even before that when the when the Freemasons and the Templars came over to Scout this area and to plan their plan when rakin wrote his book and I’m going to talk a little bit more about the pot theosis then I’ll hand it over to you David because I know you did us some slides on on that as well and so let me go to this next one so the here that we have this this circle of the gate of 72 stars if you look around the outside there you’ll see seven huge stars that surround this gate Stargate portal this pot theosis picture depiction here and 72 is a very powerful number in esoteric so Taric numbers and this corresponds in the mysteries 72 represents the number of years on one degree of the zodiacal age Manley P Hall and this in the secret destiny of America said that it has an interesting interpretation of the 72 stones in the Pyramid of the Great Seal and he sees them corresponding to the 72 arrangements of the Tetragrammaton and the four-letter name of God in Hebrew and these four letters can be combined in 72 combinations and resulting in what is called the Shem ham fresh which represents and turned the law powers energy in nature which man’s perfection is achieved and also you can look at there are a lot of different ideas for the 72 we have the the demons you know this in the Psalms key that that Solomon controlled you have all these different things and surrounding him surrounding Washington are not Jesus God Paul and Moses and all these different people surrounding surrounding Washington excuse me are Poseidon Atlantis mercury Vulcan all those God’s synonymous with alchemy and if you look at all those different ones they are synonymous with that and underneath this okay so you have this if you drew this vertical line going from the very top all the way down to the bottom you’ll see at the very bottom there you’ll see this golden dot at the center of the rotunda and then through a star in a large circular room called the Crypt is beneath the Rotunda and the Latin word crypt Amin’s hidden or secret and a crypt is usually found in cemeteries it’s under public religious buildings like churches we’ve been in a crypt over in a Jesuit establishment David and Vince since and it’s usually found in cemeteries like I said or under churches but it’s also bury a place and also an important importantly a meeting place this is a meeting place where people will see and here’s this next slide you’ll see the actual crypt here this is the entrance to Washington’s tomb it’s one lady who located one story and this is a blurry picture but that is his tomb but beneath the crypt and the tomb is obviously empty he’s buried in Mount Vernon which is interesting symbolism that this is that it is empty but that’s kind of what I got about the Rotunda there David so yeah and there’s you you can’t miss the symbolism there Washington is not you know the old joke who’s buried in Grant’s Tomb well who’s buried in Washington soon well it’s not Washington he’s not there where is he well look at the top of the Rotunda he’s floating up in the sky there in the divine Council of Vail and this is the obvious symbolism of the Resurrection and this really speaks volumes to people in esoteric societies and this is the same way that they did with Albert Pike Albert Pike was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery and then in 1944 his body was moved to the house of the temple symbolic of the raising of George Washington the raising of Albert Pike the easing of the Freemason to become a god realizing the God that was in you the symbolism here is very very powerful to the freemason and you you can’t miss it you can’t miss it absolutely not you know you had some stuff David you wanted to talk about with with the rotunda right you said you wanted to cut in yeah there is some slides that sister Donna prepared concerning the apotheosis of Ignatius of Loyola now something else that has been ripped from history is the fact that four hours before Washington passed he sent his slaves of course across the Potomac to where Georgetown University now is and they brought back a Jesuit priest named O’Neill John O’Neill and he baptized Washington into Catholicism just hours before Washington died and this is something that Catholicism is very proud of needless to say and here in Indiana in the northern part of the state in Notre Dame University which is as Catholic as it gets there is a George Washington room that is dedicated to Washington in lieu of his deathbed conversion to Catholicism by this Jesuit priest so in Washington we have the perfect secret society man he was not only a freemason but he was also baptized by a Jesuit so this is a very very important one-two punch and of course this represents like John did in this graphic that he did that I do not believe is coincidental of the square and the compass coming together representing the male and the female and in esoteric lore I have a book at home by a Rosicrucian by the name of Max Hein Dale that even has a and he believes that the new world order will be achieved and true spiritual oneness when Hiram Abiff of Freemasonry is united with the BVM of Roman Catholicism and this is what we see in Washington the Masonic and the Catholic elements coming together the uniting of the male and the female and this is why he was so important but it’s very very compelling and not without not what that is no coincidence that here in the Church of st. Ignatius Loyola it’s in Marzio Italy there is the apotheosis of Ignatius inside this church just like in the rotunda of worship of the Capitol we have the apotheosis of George Washington here we have the apotheosis of Ignatius of Loyola and it’s the same thing here we see Ignatius floating in the clouds in the pantheon of the pagan gods and the divine council of veil and this is what these people are viewed as and the the the apocryphal legends that are built around Washington and Ignatius they’re made into avatars that they believe that actually have power and there’s even now of there’s a parallel enthronement ceremony that takes place in the house of the temple whenever a president is inaugurated and these things are certainly something that we need to pay attention to because this is showing us how their people view these individuals and they know the true history they’re not encumbered by the veneer that has been spread over this through legends and myths and that’s what we’re trying to do tonight is strip away the myth to let people get a glimpse of what is really going on and what has been and for our country for a very very long time this is something that was planned for centuries and it has been carried over and and been carried out by people that have been dedicated to the point of giving their life over many many centuries and we’re living at the time when this is coming to a culmination and it’s going to take the spiritual discernment’ of God’s remnant to be able to see through this but there are many many people that are seeing through it yeah let’s try to go through all your slides okay over there I got I think I posted all all of them on there most of them let me go back and yeah there’s some close-ups there of the the slides close-up of Ignatieff sand the apotheosis there you got one of Washington laying the cornerstone here yeah yeah there’s one there of Washington laying the cornerstone and Washington on his deathbed and yeah a lot of these things that you have spoken to but absolutely all of these things are they pardon the pun foundational to their understanding of what’s going on and this is what they want to do it’s just like an animal marking their territory they mark their territory and they claim it for the kingdom of Vail and in the geography and the architecture and as the kingdom of God goes forward when people submit themselves to the divine rule of Yeshua we are a part of the kingdom of God in the midst of this we are not citizens of the any earthly nation but as citizens of the kingdom of God we march to the beat of a different drum and we follow the the true rock as he leads us to separate ourselves from this paganism and to be able to understand it for what it is and we are the only P people that are gonna be able to spiritually discern this yes and so when we look it into that a little bit further in the destiny for America we have to look at the history as well and look at look at where it’s going who planned this out what were their literature on this and we talked a little bit about it but the basically the blueprints of America are that of the New Atlantis and one of the master builders on this project let me see if I get back to the PowerPoint here one of the master builders on this project was Francis Bacon Sir Francis Bacon and excuse me bacon written up here in a book on the subject Todd the New Atlantis in which basically is the coming of the kingdom of a man and for those of you that have not read it it was fine then no it’s not the it’s not something that everybody has read but you can look at and you can see kind of what they have going on here and according to the secret tradition it was during the later at lenient Epoque that black black magic and sorcery dominated the esoteric schools and basically that resulted in bloody sacrifices rites and gruesome idolatry and basically ultimately all that stuff ultimately overthrew the Atlantean Empire and even penetrated and this is according to Manley P hall stuff it even penetrated the Aryan religious world so we have go back to the seven races again where they talk Aryan Atlantean is etc we did a show on that on the midnight ride a few month or two back maybe about the seven races and you can kind of see where that all ties in together because this is all this all ties in this is all one religion this is all one basically anti religion of the Hebrew religion of the father of Yahweh of God this is an anti religion of this there’s only really two religions if you think about it because almost all religions tie into each other by one way shape or form and you some of them are multi gods some of them are singular gods but when you when you come down to it there’s a code of code that we go by and the reason that I follow the Bible as my guide to who God is is because not only historically can it be verified when you look at the stuff in the Bible and you can anything that can be verified biblically historically is accurate and when you also archaeologically which is very interesting too because none of these other books they all mismatch each other even if you read through like the whole of the vedic texts or the whole of any writings on the ascended masters there are always disagreements and with the bible you have so many different authors yet it’s cohesive in the story that it tells which makes the Bible completely different from all of these other ancient literature’s and and books and philosophies that people try to meld together basically that’s the whole point of the Theosophical society the Freemasons they meld everything together there’s no difference between any religions to them it’s all the same thing they kind of falls underneath the banner of bail you know this it’s the same thing every God mentioned and so the Bible is very unique and it also and and the Masons would say that the Bible is very unique and actually they have one on their thing but they don’t listen to it and obey it because to them it’s just a it’s a surface writing and underneath it goes further and we’ll talk a little bit about that mother of all harlots religion that we’re gonna call it the furniture of the law exactly it’s a furniture but in the furniture of the lodge if they read it they would see that they’re not simply doing divinations are not to be giving idolatry but this is our country is full of idolatry and it’s interesting because they even say that the Atlanteans fell because they got into black magic sorcery dominated by the esoteric schools that’s exactly what we see now when we see things like pizza gay happening we see these children being disappearing all over the world we see these rituals taking place all over the place satanic ritual abuse we see this stuff coming to the end of like Atlantis did at its time and it’s really interesting to see for sure and did you have anything we want to say from yam and bacon and this was reiterated but Manley P Hall that the ten kings of Atlantis that this is the ideal form government and the Club of Rome has divided the world into ten regions and the United Nations has divided the world into ten regions and way back in the Nixon administration there was an executive order signed that when the shoe drops and we have to implement FEMA the United States will be governed from ten regions and you know this is not coincidental and the world planners they all view Atlantis as the ideal form of government it’s not a coincidence that our country the UN the Club of Rome they all use this number ten this is their ideal form of government and like you said we did the the show on the ten races by Bible the ten kings without a kingdom in revelation 17 talking about these aluminous bloodlines it is absolutely in our face and there’s no missing no that’s that’s for sure you know we talk about you talk about Francis Bacon Manley P Hall there there’s some of their stuff but you know quote there’s a quote from Manley P Hall in the secret destiny of America which is a book that you know there’s a lot of stuff you could probably pull from there but he basically this is his quote men bound by a secret oath to labor and the cause of world democracy decided that in the America colonies they would plant the roots of a new way of life Brotherhood’s were established to meet secretly and they quietly and industriously conditioned America to his destiny for a leadership in a free world Benjamin Franklin exercised an enormous psychological influence in colonial politics as the appointed spokesperson of the unknown philosophers he did not make laws but his words became law and so when we talk about this secret Brotherhood these Brotherhood’s that have been established through Freemasonry and through other secret societies skullenbones etc we have this Brotherhood that they call it in the book you were just reading David they call it the secret what are they hid Invisibles start the invisible government in Manley P Hall the star families in this other Freemason uses the term star families and we definitely have that you can see that this shadow government that has been basically has had control for such a long time in our country I mean we have the basically what happened was these people came over and we and we talked we talked a little bit about this but they came over here with the intent to set their society and their bloodlines are the ones that have this hidden when I when I say a cult democracy when he says when Manley P Hall says that he means hidden occult means hidden there’s a hidden democracy and freedom for these people that are involved in this stuff that they have lined out from forever there may remain invisible to society and just now they’ve started to become an expose we’ve been hearing more when the internet coming they can’t hide as well as they used to but things are being exposed they’re being sought for what they were in my opinion is this is part of the harlot religion right and the harlot gets exposed for what she is eventually when the Beast comes back into Vere’s Worth fire but we see this going on in our country but when you look at the root of this and this is kind of what I wanted to get to because most people separate Freemasonry they separate all these other mystery religions but at the root of all this when you look at Manley P Hall what he would say about it or really Albert Pike any freemason or any person of philosophical culture that knows what they’re talking about they will all tell you that all of these esoteric religions come back from the same literature the same the same secret teaching and this is called the Kabbalah and the Kabbalah goes back very anciently there’s no division in my opinion between the Chaldean codex’s and the Kabbalah just the difference in the language that Hebrew versus the Chaldean but they’re the same thing all Freemasonry stems from that and when we talk about the religion of the whore though the harlot religion that has infiltrated and created harlots and not only in Christianity through Gnosticism and whatever they got going on nowadays to Freemasonry to witchcraft to Druidism to you know you name it they all are based with the secret doctrine the secret religion that has been passed down and unfortunately it’s been passed down through our brother Judah through Judah that come down they passed it down they spread it out to rabbinical Judaism and these are the people that rule our world and now we’re not talking about just Jews we’re talking about all kinds of different people that practice Kabbalah but this is the secret master religion of Babylon that has continued to be passed down from generation to generation was passed through Rome through Kabbalah teachings and Roma’s always had a real mystery religion type thing but when they after after the disparate or after the Jews came back to Israel you see a much strengthened strengthened I guess religious attitude towards Gnosticism and towards all these different things and so when we David you can you talk a little bit about that how you can’t separate any of these religions from cabal and how Kabbalah is the mother of all of these religions it absolutely is and we can read in the prophet Isaiah in the seventh century BC in chapter one that Jerusalem was spiritually Sodom and we can read that also at the end of time in the book of Revelation and this is in the book of Nehemiah I did a teaching recently where there was the drunk there was the Dragons well and there was also the kings pool out of Jerusalem is coming to truce there’s the truth of the Savior that is coming out of Jerusalem but there’s also this perversion that’s coming out of Jerusalem this Kabbalah and it’s all the same devilish poison and whether you talk about the doctrine the mystery religions and then it’s just tracing the trail of the serpent it come up into Jewish segue groups like the Simon eyes of Simon Magnus and it parlayed over and the Jews will tell you that every one of the major schools of Gnosticism were founded by Jews and this is what the Jewish encyclopedia will tell you and absolutely Gnosticism and Kabbalah this is the doctrine and this is the religion of the beast and Kabbalah is so important because it is the bridge between the eastern and the Western esoterical magical systems and it connects the Vedas symbolically and doctrinally and spiritually with these mystery with these magical schools that have rose in the West and this is something that did not happen by accident it was planned and there’s the once again I’ll read from this book it’s called Solomon’s power brokers by Christopher Knight who is a freemason and he talks about this very thing how it was planned and I’ll just read it in his words and he says the word Liberty comes from the Latin word Liberata s’ the concept was personified as Liberata s’ an ancient Roman goddess who was particularly revered by slaves who had achieved their freedom the attributes assigned to her were taken partly from an even earlier Etruscan deity called furrow Nia the goddess of the dawn and we know who the god of the dawn is this might give us a clue as to what Liberty really represented to the star family priests and in this book this Freemason calls the families that came and this is something Manley P Hall who was eulogized as Freemasonry is greatest philosopher and when we say this stuff this is not what we’re saying about them this is what the Freemasons are saying that this is a deliberate plan to use of America as the springboard for the New World Order and according to Manley P Hall over a hundred years before the founding of our nation these star families came to America and settled in the colonies for the very specific purpose of being able to control every avenue of life that was important to bring about the eventual implementation of this New World Order and these were called the star families and they were called the star families because they worshiped according to this ancient star worship that call it Gnosticism call it Kabbalah but I’ll read on here in his own words he says this might give us a clue as to what Liberty really represented to the star family priests who lay at the heart of developing American Freemasonry in Kabul ISM the most revered and ancient symbol the Shekinah occupied a pivotal position on the base of the tree of life to those who really knew there for liberty was simply another name for the Shekinah whose first and most important promise was a true and lasting community between God and man but as Liberty the Shekinah also became much more because she was cleverly turned into a concept that could be embraced by even the least sophisticated or religious members of society and this is exactly what happened in the French Revolution when in Notre Dame Cathedral in France and the French Revolution which preceded the American Revolution or rather it followed it in 1793 but I’ll read in there in the in the words of this Freemason what happened in the notre-dame Cathedral in France he says by order of the Revolutionary Government of France Christianity was efficiently abandoned as the state religion in November 1793 in order to make the point a beautiful young actress by the name of mill Malley yard was brought to the Cathedral of Notre Dame Our Lady in Paris on the 10th of December she was dressed in classical robes and seated on the high altar of the Cathedral what followed was an improvised ceremony in which the goddess of the revolution lit a candle known as the light of Reason the form of this young woman became known as the goddess of reason and of course that got us with the light this the French gave us the gift the Statue of Liberty in the harbor in New York City which is nothing but a pagan goddess all over the symbolism is there and it comes back to the religion of the goddess worship of the false Shekinah of the Kabbalah and people are need to wake up they need to get a big strong whiff of the coffee and understand that what’s going on here their people are given their corn and their oil to bail and they’re not giving it unto unto the father yeah you know in this in this culture that we live in now you know we’re at a point right now to where I don’t feel like they care that you know maybe 15 years ago by telling these secrets we probably believe might have been put in the dirt you know before a pre-internet but we’ve gotten to a culture now to where people are so dumb and when I say that I don’t mean like genetically necessarily maybe but they’re so dumb that they can’t comprehend truth from reality they can’t I don’t have a tension span of more than you know a minute or two and so the idea of studying you know having a man with this study that doesn’t happen anymore you have men with man caves that watch football on from weekends you don’t have the men that study and read literature and understand things anymore and so for us to speak these things to people it’s pretty significant in this time because like I said these are secrets that they have kept for a very long time and they wanted to keep but now I think they’ve know realized that are at a point to them no matter what you could tell these secrets yeah everybody in the world not even half of them will believe them the other half wouldn’t do anything about it and the rest some wouldn’t know what to do with information if you laid it in their hands yes and you know let’s be honest the average American churchgoer is about as sharp as a sock full of soot and that’s even being probably too complimentary and there’s not even a desire as you say to even use biblical discernment people have lost the ability even to think critically and this has been inculcated into the American educational system by doing away with absolute truth and this was through John Dewey who brought in situational ethics back in the 20s in the American educational system and since there are no absolute truth will therefore you know it could be this it could be that we don’t know what it is and this is a way a lot of people look at the Bible you know the Bible says that there was a literal flood but that was over the whole earth well maybe that wasn’t really maybe it was just a local flood you know and there are no absolute truths they don’t really look at the Word of God as a book of absolutes and this is what the remnant is seeing through their waking up to realize that yes there is truth it’s to be found in the cross of Yeshua and it’s to be found in his words and we’re beginning to peel back the onion here and we’re beginning to see what’s going on and not only are we seeing but were enable to warn people and even though the masses are going off the cliff like a bunch of lemmings he that hath an ear let him hear P people are hearing people are waking up people are going against the tide and realizing that the reality of a real relationship with Yeshua is worth more than anything the world has to offer and the truth that will begin to flood into a person’s soul and the real light not the light of the goddess but the true light of the true Ruach this is truly worth it all and this is the excitement that so many people are experiencing yes people are experiencing like you said there’s so many people there’s more people in witchcraft today then I believe that there ever has been in the history of the United States I I know I had a conversation with a gnostic not too long ago a two-hour conversation here in Rockport Indiana and he was telling me just how many people not only are Gnostic and ran into witchcraft and stuff but how many people are on the left-handed path of that he said there’s a lot and this is a small town in Indiana I mean we’re not talking a very big town at all here we’re talking very small town and you know these things are spreading worldwide do we see in Evansville Indiana which is no has been known for outwardly being trying to stand with morals right the public library is now going to be having the drags the drag queens and stuff coming to read to the children there we see all over the world that that Ouija boards and and stuff are being sold at towards the RUS we see these magic shows that are prominent on cable on satellite on Netflix on whatever it’s all about magic and so like you said there’s a lot of people falling off that in but like you said there’s a remnant rising away from that and seeing what for what it is because the lines being drawn thus and when everything gets revealed in the light and the light shines over the darkness and everything gets revealed every deed that’s done in the dark gets revealed there’s a line this strong and there’s going to be the people that go on one side and the people that go on the other side and right now that line has been drawn people are starting to do it we’re thankful for our audience big time because you guys shared these stuff out with people more and more people are starting to see this stuff and we can’t do this without you we can sit here and sit down and to our shows every night but unless you guys are out there sharing this information and being able to you know relay this information to people lovingly and understandably there’s a lot of people that are interested in this stuff there’s a lot of children that are falling for magic we need proper education historical education is hard to come by that is truth but the symbols don’t lie that we have there’s two histories being told there’s the history to us that is being told the common man and then there’s their history that they tell themselves and they know what’s going on and like David said we can overcome this stuff through the blood of the Lamb the word of our testimony through the commands of God we can go and overcome these things because he is the God of everything right he’s the guide over heaven and earth bill is only the god of this earth Paul called Satan the god of this earth and he is the God that comes from the ground from the dust right he’s this he’s not he’s not the real God he’s just he’s a creation right and we’ve come to the point to where we’re worshiping the creation rather than the Creator most people they may not worship bill and all in in a in a ritual but when they put their home their work they put their country they put everything before God that is the same thing there’s no difference I believe in idolatry when you can sit there and make everything about the world you live in about yourself because as humans we all feel like we’re the star of our own movie and that tends to be played upon by Bill and by loosed by Satan this is where the where the we are the center of our movie we will all think that we all think we’re important right everybody does and when you can play on that with people that’s what they’re doing here all you’re you’re like a god you you you were a god at one time you don’t know that you’re a God and you don’t know that you can rise up out of the same thing that the Satan tried to play on humanity you know you’re your god you can be like God you can become like this and when we when we stand against this stuff we are shining a light in the darkness now people are like oh why why are you giving so much power to the Illuminati so much part of the Masons here’s the fact is we’re not you know we are we are shining our light and we’re only so big there’s a lot of you out there that need to shine your light as well and that have been and we appreciate that but here’s the deal the more the power comes from him every everything comes from he’s the one that sets up kings he’s the one that sets up rulers he’s the one that bends things to his own end you know he even says he makes the wicked for the day of destruction so there’s no power greater than him now he gives us as humanity and opportunity to walk in his power yeah where he is an opportunity to walk in the power of bail right or the power of the world or you know because he’s an enemy of the world and it’s things his kingdoms not up here but he gives us an opportunity to walk in his power and this is a great opportunity that we have people think oh you know everything we do in this life matters it does but the fact of the matter is we get this opportunity to serve Him to be a vessel for the Almighty God the most powerful God not something we have to conjure up with 50 spells and and try to push out on Society this power comes from straight from him and and we’ve had emails you know I’ve read read him before and David’s talked about him but a lot of these witches will come up against what we do with witchcraft and they’ll come up against it and they don’t understand why it’s not working or whatever and then they’ll accuse us of being white witches you know which is which is this is what they think they think we’re doing white magic to counteract their stuff but the truth of the matter is he’s the one that gives power he can give power to any he gave David the power to command and to out take out many many men many many Philistines many many giants many many just animals even I mean he gave him this power and he can give the power to anybody but there’s got to be willing vessels willing vessels are hard to come by nowadays because everybody’s so entrenched in trying to reach their goal of riches or reach their goal with women reach their goal with power reach their goal with just vegging out and from the TV some people that’s their only go as they go to work they get home that’s what they do I mean that’s what they want out of life and we have to be willing vessels because God can use women bill says they don’t have any more power than we do we have much more power than they do but there’s less of us than there is of them and it always has been that way the way is narrow and few find it and what we’re saying is exactly what scripture says in first John 5:19 and we know that we are of God and the whole world lieth in wickedness and that’s the truth then that’s what the Bible says and that’s what we’re telling you and if we don’t see things as they are we’re not going to be able to affect the advancement of the kingdom of God and I know whenever we talk about subjects like this we’re going to get the emails well your unpatriotic and you’re you’re anti-semitic you’re unpatriotic no we are going to tell you the truth even if it’s not popular and Jeremiah when the Babylonians took Jerusalem in 586 BC he was in the dungeon as a traitor for telling the people the truth and we have to save with the Apostle Paul and I become your enemy because we are going to tell you the truth but that’s what it’s gonna be here on the midnight ride we are your strong cup of coffee we are your wake-up call we are your prophetic voice to really turn back under the father in his ways and follow after him and separate ourselves to be in the world but not of the world from this paganism that is all about us and we can do that we can live as lights in this world in following after the true ways of the Father and indeed that is what the remnant is doing and it’s a very very exciting thing to be a part of and in you know we talk about literally worshiping bail there’s actually a degree in Freemasonry it’s in the York right it’s the Royal Arch and they literally take the name of bail on their lips and worship and the secret name of God in the your right and the Royal Arch degree is jabo on gobble on and they will chant Java on Java and they will unite the name of God with the name of Osiris and the name of bail in like a three-headed monster that is an abomination and it is an abomination so Freemasonry goes so far as to literally praise bail and you know what can you say you know the the subject of tonight’s show the secret nation of bail and magic it’s a very very fitting one because most people don’t know but if you know and if you’ve had the truth revealed to you you’re going to be held accountable for the light that you have and the commandments of God are never grievious he never asked us to do anything that we are not able to do and the ways of the Lord they are the right way they are the sure path and the right path and that’s what we’re proclaiming unto you this evening yes and remember remember the power that is in him rather than being worried because sure they have the police force they have the military they have all these different things but when you look at the times of Israel when when paganism was at its peak when when bell worship was at it’s masterful level when Elijah stood before Jezebel and Ahab and Jezebel and her priests the four hundred priests of bail he mocked Bill you know he called fire down from heaven and these priests of bill that were powerful in the nation you know Elijah lived off in a cave basically off in the wilderness and these people lived in the palace they lived in beautiful magnified probably similar to what we see in in this country beautiful garments everything about him was great right they had the money they had the military they had everything Elisha lived in the wilderness but yet he came together with these priests of Bell and challenged them and the God of heaven Yahoo Yahoo a Yahweh however you want to pronounce it God pulled down fire from heaven and his thing and he mocked them you know where’s your God is he sleeping his Bell sleeping this is the power that we have for those that are willing to stand up and to willing to have faith I mean faith is something that is not commonly talked about in in the church other than belief in something right but the word faith is much deeper than that it’s actually acting on the principles of your faith because I can believe all day long that I could jump and dunk a basketball but mmm do I really believe it with someone to try it like you know unless I’m willing to jump up there and do it can I really even believe that or you know do I believe it or am I just telling people I believe it based on that based on that and really that’s what the whole world is doing they’re telling people they believe based on what they do but they won’t put their action in it you know they won’t put their action they won’t put their butt in the chair you know you’ve heard the analogy about you believe the chairs gonna hold you up and if you believe it’s gonna hold you up put your butt in the chair and that’s just that’s what we have the call to Christianity to do faith is actually it says one of the one of the the weightier matters of Scripture Yeshua says this away your Meyers of the law of Torah one of them is faith faith is an amazing thing because without faith nothing really gets accomplished without you know without the faith behind David and Saint David saying you know I am I was going to I want to make this ministry happen I want to be able to reach people I want to do this you can say that all day long but unless you have faith and you act on that you act on that thing and which is what David did or and I’m using David as an example but he acted on what he wanted to do and then it came to pass because the faith required him to do it because he believed he could do it so he did it and faith is something very interesting that people downplay in the Bible the Bible says with faith you can cast a mountain from one place to another you can do all things through Christ and all these different things we forget these things because we’ve been told this is not really what it’s talking about here this is just you know you can do this or that but the fact of the matter is our time the times coming when our faith will be tested to the max we will have no choice but to live on faith right now our faith comes for healing comes from the doctor right now our faith for entertainment comes from the TV we have faith in all these different things except for God when the Bible clearly says that he’s our healer he’s our this these are that but America we’ve had all these things put in the place of God for us for such a long time that we have not had to trust him we haven’t had to trust him for our food because we get money every week even the poor so people here get something from the government where they can go out and get food stamps and even the richest they could make any of the money they want so we don’t have to rely on him for food anymore like they did in the wilderness when they relied on him for the manor or for the birds we don’t have to rely on them for our health like Jobe did when he was sitting there covered in sores about to die we don’t have to rely on him for the health anymore we can just go to the doctor and we rely on them these things will be stripped from us one day they will be stripped away all of those things all these securities that we feel like we have these things we have faith in and we will have no choice but to have faith in Him and then you will see the power move and so what I say is why not start now we’ll start in your faith work on your faith strengthen your faith by doing things acting out on the things that you feel like the father would have to do for you don’t settle for mediocrity we’re not mediocre we are sons and daughters of the Most High we’ve been grafted into Israel as a strong powerful nation full of priests and kings and we have that ability to move forward with the father all we have to do is have faith and I know it’s hard to say because we’ve been so accustomed to having everything we’ve been spoon-fed our whole life and America has been given so much and so much is gonna be required of us because of what we’ve been given so and another big aspect of this subject which is just an unending rabbit hole but the 501c3 Church in the scripture with when it talks Elijah was taught about the 400 prophets of male he said which eat at Jezebel’s table they were enjoying the benefits and the perks of the government and when we go out and we drive through our cities almost every building of any significance that calls itself a church and by the way there is no entity called the church there’s the Israel of God the ecclesia is the gathering together of the Israel of God that is what it’s always been the Israel of God and almost every building of any size we can say with that reservation it is in league with Vail they have a contract with Bale not to say certain things that will be offensive to the government and the remnant of God are going to break this contract with Bale they are going to sever that and they’re going to walk free from the restraints of any hindrance the book of Hebrews says to lay aside every weight that doth hinder us and this is certainly a weight this government sanctioned and controlled body of believers it’s wrong and this is another thing that the end time remnant they’re not gonna have any part of this that’s for sure and David we’re we’re about to the point it looks like of questions is 11:28 go ahead yet I don’t really have much else to say other than you know I’m just thankful that we have been shown this you know be respectful to people because really this the the idea that a wretched people like us can be given revelations and be I have our eyes open or our minds changing or and and being given a heart of flesh you know is is a gift because you know you can tell somebody till you’re blue in the face and you can try to influence you can try to do this but unless the father has given people eyes to see yeah and and this is not something to be arrogant about this is something to be thankful for because we don’t deserve this and none of you that have been given this information and given this understanding deserve this right and all we can do is pray for the people that haven’t yet because we don’t know where their path is gonna lead them we don’t know where they’re gonna go they may be Gnostic right now they may be witchcraft right now that may be in Satanism they may just be a run-of-the-mill Christian that is lukewarm it doesn’t do anything besides use the church as a place they can go take a nap on Sunday morning but they we don’t know where they’re at in their walk I know nine years ago you know when I was dealing drugs and in the you know in the streets running around doing all these different things no I would have never you know nobody would ever say like John pounders that news is gonna be he’s gonna be doing something right nobody would have said that and in fact they would have said that quite the opposite they probably would have said that guy’s gonna be in jail or prison or you know living in a dumpster one day or something you know that was that was my that with if by judging by a normal person with any kind of looking from the outside that would be what they would think that would happen to me so we don’t know where people were gonna be we have to pray we have to be understanding and we but we have to be very firm in the truth and not bend to the truth and part of that and this is what I want to tell people I tell people this every show and you do to David read the scriptures study to understand people are like well we need this we need that here’s what you need you need to understanding that Yeshua is God you need that understanding then you know that he is your Savior he is the one that allowed you to into this gate to open your eyes to bring you to this and you need to take some time and you need to read the Bible from the beginning to the end you need to ask God that the Holy Spirit indwells in you so that you can understand the word and you can show you secret things that you ask because the Bible talks about that you know you ask and you show me secret things and the things of scripture are amazing right and they’re so mysteries in their then even the best Freemasons in the world do not understand because they don’t have the spirit and dwelling in them showing them the proper word the proper text they think the Bible is a holy book in a in a whatever book but they don’t really read it and they don’t understand it and so that’s what we want to do we want to look at and understand it don’t get caught up in this thing or that thing read the Bible understand it and realize that we’re all human right your favorite teacher is a human just like you are there brothers and sisters that’s all they are and so when you can take the Bible and you can have that anointing of the Holy Spirit like Yeshua said he said that the anointing that I’ve given you will guide you into all truth that you don’t need a man to teach you everything that’s what I want from our audiences so that we don’t have a bunch of people that are falling off of a bunch of random tracks they go in tune us as they go into this thing and you know people are like well why don’t you guys have a lot of different variety of different people in here here’s the thing here’s the thing when I you see TV do you know the parable of the seeds it talks about all the seeds that were thrown in the thrown on the ground the ones that fell on fertile soil shot up we want to give the seeds that we plant the best opportunity they have to shoot up into solid and growing and bearing fruit and so if we can provide some fertile ground for people to do that then you know if they want to go check into all these random things after the fact go for it right or whatever but prepare yourself grow into a solid plant that understands the word and it can’t be shaken they can’t be turned into Gnostic or can’t be turned into something else than what they started out as growing fertile soil learn the scriptures learn the word and that’s my word for tonight a big time and and David it I don’t know if you got anything else but we can go into questions if not yeah I mean we have to stand where the father stands if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for everything as the old cliche says which is a good one and there are people out there that wanna pass themselves off as remnant ministries that are teaching that God is androgynous that Adam and Eve were created on Morpha tights just like Albert Pike and Madame Blavatsky but don’t expect a hug from me you know this is not gonna happen you can get that if that’s what you want you can go get it but you know you’re not gonna get that here amen so Donna Donna wants to bring us in some questions we are here to tear to answer them Donna are you there I’m here all right we got to put our headphones on here yeah we’re not gonna hear until we put her headphones off all right yeah now she’s there now she’s there okay we’re glad you’re doing better by the way I’m glad you’re glad for you to be back and I know you’ve had been suffering this bronchitis stuff for a while now but it’s so good to hear you that you’re feeling better well thank you I actually finally looked it up on the internet and found out that there is some kind of weird virus with a bunch of different strains that last about three weeks and I can testify to that but I am on the mend and thank you for all your prayers all right well let’s have some questions gee there was a silence there for yes I didn’t know if you could hear me okay first question is from Edward was the American Revolution or excuse me did the American Revolution have any connections with Freemasonry and the Knights Templar and if so what were the reasons well absolutely and as we have shared this evening George Washington was a freemason and the plan was set in place in England for America to be the springboard for the New World Order this was based upon the writing of one of John’s relatives Sir Francis Bacon and this was implemented by design and as we’ve stated the George Washington was a bloodline family and all of the American presidents but like to are descended from King John Lackland in England and it was orchestrated the events like the Boston Tea Party that brought Washington into power they were orchestrated through secret societies it did not happen by coincidence and we did the show with Patti Hall on the British Royal houses and Patti did a fab job and the reason why that America was chosen to be the springboard from the New World Order that’s why Manley P Hall wrote his book the secret destiny of America well a lot of Americans don’t know there is a secret destiny but this is the secret destiny and the plan of these secret societies and this was the plan because of the infighting of the royal houses in England and the war between Grand Lodge British Freemasons masonry and Grand Orient Continental Freemasonry they decided to use America for a clean start to implement the New World Order so absolutely it was a plan before our country was ever conceived and Manley P Hall specifically states in the secret destiny of America that these families which were called star families by Freemasons they were in place well over a hundred years before 1776 it was a deliberate plan orchestrated by secret societies and I don’t have anything to add to that so ok next question from Edward as well what we’re the Masonic and what were the Masonic influence and ties to the power structure of America’s Founding I mean pretty much pretty much every everything is tied to that I mean every every ruler you know George Washington the guy that designed the city lefante Jefferson Franklin the integral hugely integral i guess i don’t i don’t i couldn’t find too many that warrant masons that had anything to do with the foundations of our country now there were some that they would allow into the commerce or whatever but when it comes to the actual foundations of our country they’re all they’re all masonic there’s no doubt about that i think that like david said there’s a few documentaries that try to reach out and hide that fact i wouldn’t say they try to hide it but they don’t mention it you know it’s like half truths out there like all these men were christian or whatever they believed in god you know but what god is the question so I would say yeah for sure I mean David you got any more insight on that but well you know just pretty much everything from the layout of the streets of the capital to the way that the District of Columbia is laid out to the architecture I mean its Masonic from Ground Zero and the Statue of Liberty was given to us by the French freemasons yeah so yes it was connected and it would also want to know was Washington affiliated with the Masonic mystery schools well Freemasonry in and of itself is based upon the mystery religions and Freemasonry segues into many occult groups that are all tied to the lodge and all Freemasonry by its own admission here again this is not what I’m saying about Freemasonry but this is what Freemasonry says about itself that it is founded upon the ancient mysteries and I have a book here just happen to have a book here and if I’ve got it bookmarked properly care this book was written in the 1700s and it says at that time that the Masonic symbolism let me see if I can find it if not I’m not gonna waste a lot of time that it says in this book written in the 1700s that Masonic symbolism at that time was based upon the mystery religions so you know this isn’t something that just happened all of a sudden this is something that has been in Freemasonry for a very very long time but go ahead I’m probably not going to be able to hit the nail a minute earlier when he said that there’s a lot of men that joined Freemasonry that never know its history or what it really believes they’re they’re lied to they’re deliberately lied to and I don’t have the polar here in front of me but I know we have it where it says let them think they know you know they’re constantly was asked to do a search for the light but yet the light is not the light of Christ if the light of Freemasonry so yeah and this book it says it is the illustrations of masonry by William Preston this was published during Washington’s lifetime it says the usages and customs of Mason’s have ever corresponded with those of the ancient Egyptians to which they bear a near affinity and this has never been anything that the Freemasons have run from they have been proud to be the extension of the ancient mystery religions that’s what they’re all about and I always say repeatedly that Freemasonry crosses over all boundaries that crosses all religious boundaries geographical boundaries all spiritual boundaries it’s evil let’s just say it’s evil in fact we did a video one time called the most evil it’s quite an eye-opener but we have research free may sir I don’t mean to sound like a know-it-all but listen we have done this since 1989 so that’s where we got all our knowledge just from their books and so when we quote things we don’t say it because we just think it we quote it because we can document it next question is from Bobbie for David and John what are your views on the Masons and the resurrection of Osiris or bail Nimrod David do you want this one I know we’ve talked about this a lot right and in the Legend of Osiris o Cyrus’s body was cut into pieces and they found every part but guess what and this is represented by the obelisk this is the missing part of Osiris body that was not found and the dying God of the mysteries this is the God that dies in the spring and is resurrected on December 25th and then the days begin to get longer again this is the dying god of the mystery that is worshipped at the equinoxes and the solstices this is why the Bale mass and all of this is intricately intertwined with the legend of Osiris and just George Washington he’s not in his tomb in the rotunda where is he well he’s floating in the air above the capital and this is the same with Albert Pike well he’s not the cemetery anymore he’s resurrected into the house of the temple and this is the motif the the dying God of the mysteries and this is embodied in Albert Pike it’s embodied in symbolism and George Washington and this is what it’s all about it’s based upon this mystery religion concept not upon Scripture how about this quote from William Hearst book it’s called the meaning of masonry it says in a word Hiram Abiff is the Christ principle eminent and every soul crucified dead and buried and all who are not alive to its presence but resident in all as a saving force Christ in you the hope of glory now that’s pretty much blasphemy that is absolutely blasphemy was exactly a freemason reduce quote a lot of quotes like that from the books but I’ll go into the next question so the founding fathers were basically set up a system to create a Masonic America yes and what they knew they knew that it wouldn’t happen in their lifetime but they knew that and their statements that we could bring to bear from the original founders that they knew that the system would only work as long as there was a strong moral fiber in our nation and we see that breaking down we see our nation split into chaos and the system is breaking down because it was designed to break down because order will be brought out of chaos and it was set up to eventually self-destruct and you know that’s what we’re saying happen well and along with that question he asked I wanted to go with that so primarily the founding fathers are like Washington we didn’t want to be a king or treated as a king he was under the influence of Mason’s who had a different agenda other than a monarchy but rather plural istic masonic nation under bail well can you read can you say the question one more time because I I didn’t I did that first first few words in here funding father’s like Washington who didn’t want to be king or treated like a king but was he under the influence of the Masons and he and and thinks that they had a different agenda such as not a monarchy but a pluralistic Masonic nation under bailed yeah I mean definitely he he was he was a Mason I mean so he wasn’t just learning to control him he was one of the controlling ones of the whole time he was the richest one of the richest people in Virginia you know this guy was no joke he had industry he was come from wealthy families he married into a wealthy family this was like David said this has been their goal all along you know this is this is what they’ve written about this is what the New Atlantis is all about this is what the mysteries all dream about is this new you know and like David said it you know it falls down without without morals it falls apart and you know other than that I don’t I don’t know what the rest of the question was but definitely George Washington was not just controlled by Mason’s but he was a controlling Mason I would say yeah most definitely and you know like I said I don’t have any desire to persecute anyone for the way that they worship and the idea of religious liberty is a noble one but in that idea is the very element that they knew would one day self-destruct and through the deliberate efforts of infiltrating Christian institutions the message of Christianity has been so watered down to the point where the people that are wanting to implement the new world order they’re no longer afraid of the church they’re no longer afraid of doing what they do out in the open because you know there’s no threat to them it’s powerless the the entity that they called the church is a toothless lion because it’s been watered down there’s no power in it and on top of that they receive persecution in other countries because these were considered the I would say the King killers right they were they were coming in with the freemasonic blood and coming and taking over kingdoms and so they were run out of Italy they run out of France and once I they’re run out of everywhere you know and that’s why you see the signs and this on the road that say free and accepted because they are free here they’re accepted here and they built this country this way and you will see that it will sometimes when a man stands before a judge you’ll see that you know you’ll see the distress and blues you’ll see all that because they recognize each other and they are they are bent on protecting each other and so that they can practice their religion the way that they want to because they’ve been persecuted everywhere else also their domination they want domination without without this they don’t have the domination that they crave and David we talked about something really interesting before the show that I didn’t think would tie into anything we said here but in the King James version of the Bible where it talks about the 70 nations of 72 nations being can you know taking by the children of Israel not the sons of God in the Septuagint it says children of Israel not sons of God am i right it’s backwards the Maseratis already says children of Israel the Septuagint says according to the sons of God right and if you if you look at that and take that literally in the children of Israel actually took control as Kings over all these different nations the Freemason would be that that the freemasonic bloodlines or whatever it be that power that charter kind of lessor I would say they’re usurping that and and bringing under whatever they consider their new world or their order or seclorum you know this this this thing we and we don’t understand everything by no means but all I can say is this that this is the country for the freemason this is the country of the Magi the magic you know yeah okay next question is from Kemper Dave actually he’s providing us with info and a little question at the end he says Washington was not buried for three days during that time his body lay in a mahogany casket in new room on December 18th 1799 a solemn funeral was held in Mount Vernon Mount Vernon organization organs were gathered up do you guys think there’s some kind of Mason clash occult connection to copycat Jesus death and resurrection absolutely we actually just mentioned that and I read the quote about what they think of it yeah about Hiram Abiff yeah and the whole theme of the apotheosis of George Washington this was in their mind from the very beginning and absolutely he is a counterfeit Christ he is a counterfeit God and that’s what the word apotheosis means and I suppose maybe to just there might be somebody listening that doesn’t know this I mean we have a great audience and most of them probably would know but what we’re speaking of is in the first three degrees of masonry and that’s all you have to do is to become a master mason is the first three degrees well in those first three degrees they enact the legend of Hiram Abiff where they are literally the blindfolded they’re dressed in funny jammies they got rope around their neck rope around the leg and they’re paraded around a room like a witchcraft sacrifice and then there are beat on the head with a setting Maul which is all part of the ritual and they are raised up with the strong grip of a lion’s paw to see the worshipful master when the blindfold is jerked off now this is what every Mason and Shriner does in the first three degrees of masonry and so if that is not a reenactment I mean you have to be deaf dumb and not to see that that is what that is a reenactment of Jesus birth and that is what they teach they have Hiram Abiff as actually they say going through that ritual saves them anyway that’s the whole answer for that question sorry sees there has a question here are you familiar with the JFK assassination the Mandela effect there were six people in the car and you know we’ve heard about this a lot there were only four people in the Lincoln when Lincoln was president JFK was murdered as many people believe it do you think that bail magic they did male magic to do that stuff yeah and I’m sorry I just do not buy into the Mandela effect I just don’t believe in it so I’m sorry no I don’t believe that that’s what was going on there and in when the Mandela affected like I don’t feel like my memory is good enough to like say you know that’s like because I I mean how do I know I’m remembering it right that’s the thing is like there’s all these different things I know how my memory is and how immense memory all it takes a few songs to say something a certain way to change your memory of what it something actually says it doesn’t take a lot to to shift somebody’s memory of something you know really just a few key words can can really shift that and and as far as the Bible goes you know I’ve been hung only Minnesota the last nine years but I haven’t noticed anything changing and the scriptures that’s one of the common claims and you’ve been studying it for what 40 years now yeah and have you noticed any Nigel Mansell’s our memory changes but the bible does not god not only gave us his word but he preserved it his word is settled in heaven and we prayed there was one day where it was like Mandela effect day and there was this one lady really touched my heart she was older than I am and which means she was still a young lady but she talked about how she had got onto some website where she had come to believe that her Bible had changed and I said ma’am if I believed that I wouldn’t even read my Bible if I believed that some time traveling alien could change it overnight and she says well I have quit reading my Bible so we were able to pray with her and give her some counsel and she’s reading her Bible again so this is the deadly poison of this Mandela effect it’s an attack upon the Word of God and that’s why I stand against it well that is so true and there are a few things that have changed there’s in print they’re always trying to change the translations of the Bible but I was upset the other day because the Frosty the Snowman movie has changed that was one of my favorite movies as a child I’ll admit that but they changed it now it’s got a bad character in it and some little girl by a fire it just was totally different than what it was when I was a child and can’t even leave frosty alone yeah they can evenly cross me alone and then I actually heard something of the day when you know how the Smokey the Bear always says you only you can prevent forest fires they have changed that now to something else that does take art but it’s something a little different I’m sorry I I don’t remember what that was but I just know that it was different than what it used to be as a child I heard that so they are trying to change things in some ways but I don’t agree with the Mandela effect either okay the next questions from Elizabeth what’s the difference between the different Masonic rites David mentioned the New York Rite my dad was Scottish Rite Mason fifth degree I don’t know what all that means basically Freemasonry is the Blue Lodge it consists of the first three degrees which are the energy Prentis fellow craft and Master Mason and when someone is raised to the degree of Master Mason in America usually the two most popular options are the York Rite or the Scottish Rite and they can go ahead and do higher degree work and either of these rights there’s also what’s called the no res grotto which is called the poor man’s shrine but in Europe there are many rights that come from British Grand Lodge Freemasonry and Continental Freemasonry there’s the rites of misery and Memphis which Aleister Crowley was in and he held like the 92nd degree or some such thing of misery in Memphis so there are endless rites there’s actually a rite called coal masonry which is chartered off the lodge leader humane in Paris France where women can actually join in this branch of Freemasonry so the rights of Freemasonry are many there’s so many that I don’t even know them all but in America usually the two most popular that people will win too would be the York Ryder the Scottish Rite okay um Rhonda has the question have you ever seen a Masonic handshake inside a triangle as in image anywhere I thought on someone’s family crest it could be the right hand of fellowship symbol which is common or brotherly fellowship symbol you know what I’m talking about the handshake yes not necessarily a Masonic handshake inside of that but I know what you’re talking about a study hailer heraldry a little bit in in arms and if it’s a symbol I’m thinking of it’s not a Masonic handshake it’s just a brotherly handshake like a unity type cooperation type handshake yeah I think I have seen that I told her send us a picture and then we could tell more about it I think I’ve seen that on a license plate okay sandy wants to know my oldest really likes things like dragons and wolves and foxes and such is there any advice you give her about that well we had someone ask recently is it wrong for to let my child play with Dinosaurs and you know I said I played with Dinosaurs as a child look how I turned out which probably was a real bad answer but no seriously I would be very very careful in the world of cartoons and in the world of toys the magical element that is brought in I know I wouldn’t want one of my children or grandchildren playing with dragons you know that is obviously not a good thing that is bad symbolism there so you know you just got to be careful you don’t want to be so restrictive that you don’t allow your children to have any toys or to be able to use their imagination in a proper way and at the same time protect them from the defilement that’s coming down through the cartoons and the toy industry which is just rampant so you really got to do your homework you got to look into the companies that are making this stuff there are a lot of toy companies that are just like jewelry companies there are people there that are purposely doing things to bring these things into children’s life and to promote a religious worldview so just do your research be careful and use wisdom and as a mother and grandmother I would say to you know be sure to educate your kids on what they are I mean you can get some legitimate resources to like you know encyclopedias or things like that would describe these animals and would take away from the imaginary stuff and you can even find some of this in the Bible so that would be what I would advise as well to teach him the truth about him that way we can discern the difference between truth true and false a question from Erica brother David what do you know about the 72 ineffable names of God and it’s links to Freemasonry well in the Kabbalah the heaven is divided into two sections of 36 and this is a Kabbalistic number and like John said the 72 stars around the rotunda in the Capitol 72 is a very important number in the occult and in the ritualistic magic there are 72 Devils in the goetta and of the black magician so it’s a very very symbolic number and this goes back to the Kabbalistic numerology which is the basis of that okay Mindy I wanted to know do you think that they knew about Americas before they publicly discovered it and I’m not sure maybe she means the Masons well I believe that the Knights Templar and the Egyptians and the Hebrews came to America before we are told and we’re going to be exploring this in a show in great detail very soon with John and Patty Hall and it’s gonna really be a really neat show about things that have happened right here in our area that would let us know that that is indeed a fact and that’s about all I’m gonna say about that but gee I absolutely believe that the history again that Columbus in 1492 discovered America no he didn’t you know we it’s very well documented the Vikings the Knights Templar and the Egyptians and many others were here before that this is another part of the revisionist history that people want us to believe okay one other question here um there’s just a couple more do the Jesuits control the Freemasons that’s a complicated question and actually the answer to that would be no the Jesuits British Freemasonry split from continental Freemasonry in the time of the Stuart’s and this is why the French Freemasons like Lafayette were allies to Washington because they had the common enemy in England and because the Grand Orient Freemasons wanted to throw the Protestants out of the England to bring the Catholic monarchies back into England the Grand Orient freemasons allied themselves with the Jesuits but to say one controls the other no they don’t but Grand Orient Freemasonry works in conjunction with the Jesuits because they have common goals and now those lines are blurred to where we can see Grand Lodge Grand Orient all of these groups working in conjunction with Freemasonry and to get a picture and we talked about this in our this show on the royal houses of england to get a true picture of secret societies it’s not one of love and compassion but it’s one of dog-eat-dog cutthroat supremacy and that would be the true way to picture these folks because that’s the way they are just like the Republican Democratic Party they’ll fight to the point of murder sometimes but basically at the end of the day they both want the same goal the New World Order okay ask question is actually I’d to from me but I ask them so that we can put the answer on the video tonight what should a person do it if they have relatives or friends who are members of Masons should they try to reason with them and tell them it’s wrong what should they do well the place to witness to a freemason is on the issue that Freemasonry worships another God and preaches another gospel the grand architect of the universe is not the God of the Bible he is the God that accepts all Freemasons on basis of their Masonic worse and this is the issue to witness and if you have a monitor you can show this very quickly to get the monitor of the state you live in this is the most effective way to witness to a freemason and we know where you can get those monitors if you contact us yeah send your person that would help you to get a monitor for your state and there have been many Freemasons that have repented and come out yes and I would just suggest what I always tell people is number one get educated get educated with true facts about what you’re dealing with don’t try to witness to Mason in front of other people try to get them to by themselves because they’re never going to admit anything in front of it fellow Mason or their friends and family usually but you might be able to reach them like David says if you can prove to them that what the Masons are teaching them is not you know it’s a matter of salvation it’s not just belonging to the organization so that would be what I would suggest and and just plug in our ministry here but we really do have a lot a lot of research we’ve done on Freemasonry even have a book that we’ve written called the Christian workers handbook for ministry to Mason that has 33 points in it from their materials in it but teaches you how to witness to Mason so we do have that available on the other hand if you have relatives that are Mason and we always suggest that you pray about iniquities and word curses those are two important factors that come down the family line that you can get cleansing from the Lord he’s already paid the price on the cross for you so you can get free from any attachments and if you have any more questions you can contact our ministry and/or John and we’ll be able to help you with that just one other question how can you find out if your church group has Mason’s in it you could do what we did we used to drive around the parking lot and check the license plates but you could always ask the leader what they think about Freemasonry you got any other suggestions on that David yeah I would if you’re an assembly ask the head of your assembly do you allow Freemasons to be a part of this assembly and if the answer is yes you need to get out of there because you’re in violation of first Corinthians chapter 5 of giving the right hand of fellowship to an idolaters because Freemasonry is an idolatry because every Lodge is opened and closed with prayer to the guy out to the grand architect of the universe and it is idolatry to pray to other and this is something the father takes very seriously but with that we want to thank everyone tonight I want to thank sister Donna for taking the questions and John for a really really dynamic hard getting controversial presentation I really admire John because he doesn’t shirk from controversial issues and if it’s the truth he’ll say it and let the chips fall and that’s what we’ve done and we haven’t tried to be offensive but we haven’t shunned from the truth but we’ve stood here and we’ve spoke the truth to you this evening so above all we want to thank the Father and we want to thank all over midnight right listeners and with that do you have anything else John I got nothing all right all right we’ve we’ve give you all we got so with that high five and good night everybody we’ll see you next Saturday night on the midnight ride and I stood upon the sand of the sea and saw a beast [Music] you [Music]


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