O dia do DIAMANTE ! Diamond ring on the beach !

O dia do DIAMANTE ! Diamond ring on the beach !

-Hi guys. -How are you? -Hi, all fine? -Well guys… -We saw that you really liked… -The last video on the beach. -So we decided to go back one more time. -To try to find more interesting things. -Yeah. -Well, Orlando did not come today… -He said he would not come… -Because he already found a lot of gold in the last hunt. -He said that he would leave us a little. -Just kidding, guys… -Orlando can not come, he had a commitment… -But surely, in the next adventure he will be present. -Ok? -So leave your like… -And let’s go on another adventure. -Guys… -This signal is very good. -It can probably be a 100 yen coin… -Here from Japan. -Or it could be a ring. -Let’s check it out. -Already withdrawn. -Look is a coin. -100 Yen. -Nice. -That’s why i say the MX Sport is very accurate. -Once you learn how to use it… -And gain experience… -With IDs, identification… -You identify the item before you dig. -This helps a lot, guys. -That’s it, one more coin. -Keychain? -It looks like a keychain, guys. -A chameleon. -Cool. -Look how cool, guys. -I just found a foreign coin… -It is written 5 cents. -I don’t know where this coin is from. -I can not see by your condition. -But there is a lady here … -It is written Elizabeth. -Must be from London. -I do not know. -Very cool. -Well guys… -I found a ring here. -Is it silver? -Have a symbol like New York. -Look at this ring. -Looks like silver. -Wow, this is great. -Very big. -It seems to be silver. -I’ll see later, if it’s marked or not… -Ok? -Cool. -Beautiful beach, some ducks and a ring … -Dude, guys! -I think Ju found a very pretty ring… -She shouted calling. -Saying that can not record… -To show. -Let’s check here. -Let me keep things here. -Let’s see what she found. -Where? -I still have not take it, but it looks like a ring… -But I’m not sure. -Where’s the ring? -This one. –I still have not take it… -But it looks like a ring, sure? -Look. -It really is a ring. -Wow, is a ring. -Wow, look this! -Look, have some gemstone… -It seems to be an engagement ring. -It will be? -Check the weight… -It’s heavy? -More or less. -Can be gold… -I do not know… -But it looks like engagement ring. -K18! -White gold! -Aew! -Congratulations, you’re already happy. -Wow, so pretty! -Show here for us. -Beautiful Engagement Ring. -Beautiful engagement ring and very delicate. -And it seems to have diamond. -I can see a shine in this ring. -Today the day started mega, hyper… -Good. -Very cool. -Look at the crow following him. -Crow is very opportunistic. -Look… -Wow! -The crows stole from him. -Crow is very opportunistic. -Look… -Crow is very malicious -Did you see? -That’s why he spent a lot of time waiting there. -Yes, he was suspicious of the crows. -They stole, what a shame. -Poor. -A button or a brooch. -From the Olympics. -I do not know where or when. -It’s written here, but … -It’s hard to see. -Want to see? -1964 Tokyo. -WOW! -Tokyo Olympics. -Really? -Really. -You saw how saliva helps… -Cleanse an item easily. -Dude, look this. -I think only had an Olympics in Japan. -And now will have second. -I do not know how many times. -Cool. -A button or brooch from the 1964 Olympics. -Very cool. -Nice. -It seems to be one more ring. -What will it be? -Little ring, -By the color, it seems to be silver. -So little. -Let’s see if it has markup. -By the conditions it seems to be very old. -I can see a mark here. -But not very visible. -After i will try to see better. -One more ring. -“Boy are you in my territory”. -It seems to be silver. -But it’s too old, it’s hard to see the markings. -Wow, it seems to be a long time here. -Have a cracked. -It’s heavy. -Depending on the time buried… -Conditions worsen. -And loses the mark. -But sure, is silver. -Very cool. -Another ring. -From the side where I found the previous one. -Previously found here. -Very nice. -Will this be silver? -It’s not gold, it’s not heavy. -But is cool… -Can be silver. -I found the mark. -It seems to be a silver ring. -This is not too old. -I can not see if it’s 950 or 925. But cool, one more ring. -And every ring is small. -Fits all on my finger. -She’s already interested. -Very nice, one ring side by side. -So cool. -But one ring seems to be much older than the other. -I moved a little here with the pinpointer… -And look what I found. -“Square coin”. -I do not believe. -Are you coming here curious? -Where is it? -But it’s in bad conditions. -I believe the sand has removed all the marking. -Wow, but so cool. -Very cool. -Dude. -I can not see the “kanji”. -No, I can not see anything. -But it is the “square coin”. -Yeah, so cool! -Thanks. -Let’s see what it is? -Can be lead fishing. -Withdrawn? -Where? -This is not fishing lead… -Look. -It’s silver. -A pendant. -It’s a silver, with a mark that is going out. -950. -Look. -I think it’s a pendant. -Here where the chain passes. -Look guys, it’s a silver 950. -Cool. -Well guys… -Someone is very excited… -Called me to record here. -It seems that she found… -Something very interesting. -By the color seems to be gold -It will be? -We will see. -Take it, show it to us. -Wow… -Look, it’s a ring. -Omg… -By the color is gold. -I’m sure. -It will be? -Check only if marked inside. -Check weight… -First you say whether it’s heavy or not. -I do not know if it’s heavy or not heavy… -I still can not say that. -Then see if it is marked. -I think it’s a little heavy. -See if it is marked. -There is. -And? -K18! -WOW! -Congratulations. -It’s your second of the day. -You’re in luck today. -Wow. -Congratulations, show us. -Beautiful. -Very beautiful, look. -Pretty ring. -I’m already shaking with emotion. -Congratulations. -Thank you. -And let’s get more. -Another ring. -It seems to be costume jewelry. -They have gold color but … -There are some flaws here in it. -Costume jewelry. -Really costume jewelry. -Costume jewelry ring. -But cool. -Look what already i found. -I have not looked yet. -I’ll call Ju soon. -But first let’s see what it is. -Look. -A ring. -It seems to be an engagement ring. -Is it gold, silver? -What material is it made it? -Or is it a costume jewelery? -Ops. -It is written 18… -P… -Is it K18? -I can not see right. -Is written… -18… -P950. -What? -Guys… -I can not see anything… -The ray of the sun… -Is reflecting here… -Just where it is marked. -Let’s check the weight. -Definitely gold or platinum. -Look this. -This is large. -Is 18… -P950… -Can be gold with platinum. -Very cool this engagement ring. -I’ll call Ju. -Ju! -First “ring”. -Gold with platinum. -Come… -Come see. -She is coming to see. -I’m going to pause the recording… -Because the gopro battery runs out too fast. -My first jewelry find of the day. -So guys… -This is the engagement ring. -They is not 18 gold, but platinum. -The number 18 that is marked may be the size. -Very cool platinum engagement ring. -Signal on the surface very good. -What is this? -Looks like a broken ring. -Looks like a ring. -Cool. -Heavy. -It seems to be very old. -Have I removed or not? -I’ll check with the detector. -There are two signs. -One here. -And one here. -This, i think i pulled out… -From that hole. -Let’s see. -This is a coin. -10 yen. -Let’s check the other one now. -It’s a little forward. -Guys! -Dude! -Look this, look the color. -Look this color! -I don’t even need to talk about what is it. -I’ll check the weight. -OMG! -Look this color! -K18! -Wow, guys. -Written here K18. -Hey! -Hey! -WoW! -I do not believe! -Omg! -Congratulations. -Thanks. -The funny thing was… -I found a coin here. -It’s on the recording. -Along with the sign of the coin there was another sign. -I went to check … -And it was a ring. -Where is the ring? -Wait… -This one also fits on my finger. -You’re lucky, all rings fit your finger. -Look what’s on your side. -This one I brought, let’s exchange. -You brought that? -Yes, what i found now. -While you found a gold ring, i found this. -Thanks, but I don’t want to exchange. -Very nice, congratulations. -Thank you. -Wow, hi five! -Well guys, let’s see the findings of today -Here we have some silver. -An old silver ring. -The one with some details -This pendant I really liked… -With many details… -And in the back side is a bit erased… -But you can still see 950 written. -Very beautiful silver pendant. -This… -A large silver ring. -So big. -I believe this is silver… -It’s a very old ring. -Look like this. -And if it’s a ring really…. -He would be very old, by the way. -Ok? -Had this finding here. -We can not identify what it is. -A costume jewelry ring. -Cool, but is costume jewelry. -When i found it, i thought it was gold. -A chameleon key chain. -And this guys… -Very cool find. -I still do not know… -If it’s a button or a brooch. -But it is from the tokyo Olympics of 1964. -Very cool. -And it was a lot of coincidence… -Because soon will have again Olympics here in Japan. -Very very cool. -I think these are some old objects… -This looks like a button.. -And this looks like a buckle -I found a “square coin” on the beach. -But you can not read the kanji. -It is in more condition. -Here we have a platinum ring. -Pt950 -A gold ring, K18. -Pretty ring. -I found many currency. -Of 500, 100, 50, 10, 5. -Some keys. -This very interesting… -The Key to the Playboy Mansion. -Who wants the key to the mansion playboy… -Leave us comments. -Yes, because Giba will not stay with this. -And now a tip… -For those who are practicing here in Japan. -We did not know. -And today a gentleman told us. -This fishing lead… -This model of fishing lead… -This one seems to have a cover. -The gentleman told us, that you can sell this. -And they pay very well. -So whoever finds such a fishing lead… -With a metal detector or even being at leisure. -If you find a fishing lead like this -You can make some money from it. -Ok? -Now let’s see the findings of Juliana. -She also found a lot of currency. -And that was the most interesting coin of the day. -Do you know where the coin is from? -Still do not know. -Look guys. -Here we have Queen Elizabeth II -Right? -Yes. -But back, look how is. -Bad conditions. -So we have to clean this dirty part. -But is nice coin. -Yes very nice. -And here, some old itens. -This is a bullet fragment. -Yes, heavy fragment… -First time I find one of these. -And this one looks like a brooch. -Yeah. -Star form. -This one here seems to be mickey face… -I think that’s something like that. -It looks like mickey. -This is a keychain with a train drawing. -Here a keychain with the design of a cat’s paw. -Or a dog. -Yes. -Here another star. -This is a school button. -School button? -Yeah. -Cool. -Today she was very lucky… -Found two very beautiful rings. -Like this ring. -It is an engagement ring. -White gold with diamonds. -Very beautiful. -It is written 0,05 carats. -It has 6 diamond gemstones. -Yeah. -Very beautiful. -And… -One gold K18. -That’s also beautiful. -This style is beautiful. -Really pretty. -These were the garbage collected today… -You can see… -Look at the large amount of fishing lead found. -Many fishermen on the beach. -Look how dangerous this is. -It was very visible when I passed by. -So guys… -I hope you have enjoyed this hunt on the beach. -If you are not yet subscribed to the channel, subscribe. -To watch us on the next adventures. -Thanks. -And until the next adventure.


  1. Revendedora no Japão: www.adventurex.jp
    Revendedora no Brasil: www.radardetectors.com.br
    White's electronics Inc.
    Ola pessoal tudo bem com vocês? (opção 1080p disponivel) (English subtitle)
    Voltamos novamente a praia, para terminar a caçada na parte da areia.
    Em breve estaremos caçando dentro da água.
    Muitos achados interessantes, espero que gostem.
    Não se esqueçam de se INSCREVER no canal e deixar aquele LIKE pra fortalecer. VALEU👍

  2. O ju o giba parece p roberto colega das baladas anos 90 contra mao danceteria da coelho lisboa pawer ate mais vcs fqm c Deus

  3. Olá me chamo Ivonete, estamos, eu e meu esposo afim de começar este hobby e temos muitas dúvidas, quanto mais pesquiso mais fica Pior 😁…vi seu aparelho, vi tb o valor, não cabe no nosso bolso, qual vc nos indicaria de maia barato mas que seja bom pro nosso começo. Obrigada 😙

  4. Oi eu não sei se já tem vou procurar, mas se não tiver, faz um vídeo mostrando toda coleção de vocês!! Adoro ver esse canal, meu sonho sair por aí procurando tesouros hahaha

  5. Meninos,adorei o canal de vcs.Moro na Florida e estou pensando seriamente nesse hobby,so que aqui teremos que ter permissao do governo pra fazer isso😊Muita sorte pra vcs🍀

  6. Adoro vcs não perco nenhum vídeo adoro quando a ju acha os achados e grita eu dou risada sozinha e quando vc jiba acha ela já está do seu lado e muito bonito isso de vcs Deus abençoa e continuam assim bjs carinhosos a vcs

  7. só eu que percebi que eles só ficam feliz quando acham algo tipo caro? sendo biju or not, tem memórias, pessoas que usaram fizeram algo que trás memórias com eles.

  8. No Brasil vai achar mts riqueza que o povo perde mas. Vai ser difícil achar uma praia que tenha mais terra que lixo

  9. Gostaria que vocês quando fossem para Praia levassem uma borrifador com água para limpar os anéis mais rápido

  10. Bom dia! Uma curiosidade! O quê vcs fazem com esses achados?
    É muito bom aí, ninguém perturba, eu vejo outros vídeos no Brasil e o pessoal fica em cima, chega dá raiva. Parabéns e que Deus continue os abençoando grandemente.

  11. Eu fiquei imaginando alguém aqui achar um anel de platina e ouro na praia e ficar falando bem alto achei ourooo kkk

  12. Oi amigos pra casar já tem muita aliança faz quatro anos que casamos com uma Aliança de um real e até agora não consegui compra uma Aliança nem pra minha esposa pra minha esposa Deus abençoe vcs muito mas

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