Official Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha Update: The Quest For Gold

Official Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha Update: The Quest For Gold

In the fantastical shared world of Sea of
Thieves, the freedom of the pirate life awaits as players embark on their own
epic multiplayer adventures. Our catchily titled Update 0.1.0
signals the start of the Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha phase, and with it some lucky players from
our Insider Programme will get to experience the thrill of the hunt, as they sail the seas
in search of hidden gold. Few things stoke the fire in a pirate’s dark
heart like buried treasure. In Update 0.1.0, there could be riches hidden
beneath the sands of any island out there on the open sea, but all great
adventures begin with a promise. And that’s where our maps come in.
When you embark on a treasure quest in this update of the game,
you’ll have a map to get you sailing in the right direction – in this case,
a classic ‘X Marks the Spot’ style map. You and your crew will be relying on this map, first to pinpoint the island,
then to dig up the treasure. Making this a little bit easier is the
map table on your ship. This gives you a wider view of the
many islands you can travel to, and your ship’s position on the sea. By comparing the islands on both maps like
some kind of ingenious pirate detective, you can plot a course and get
your treasure hunt underway. Ideally, at some point you’ll make it to
the right island and face one more test of your crew’s cartographic skills to
track down the buried stash. There won’t really be a giant red X in the sand, so you’ll have to use the island’s
landmarks to find your way. Just like birthday celebrations and
riding a see-saw, digging for treasure is much more fun
with someone else. And the more of you who help to dig,
the faster you’ll uncover the bounty. But that’s only half the voyage. For the real reward, you need to get the chest
back to an outpost and cash it in. So while one pirate hauls the treasure, the
others should escort them back to the ship, watching for any sly rivals who would love
to score some treasure the easy way. Back on the ship, it’s up to you to find
a good hiding place for your precious cargo. There’s still a chance that some enterprising
sea dog will sneak on board and snatch it, but don’t make it easy for them. Of course, the seas can be treacherous and
your crew will have to work together to reach a safe haven, fending off
rival crews if they get too close. This could be a chance to test your
blunderbuss or pistol by boarding their ship, to engage in a friendly exchange of ideas. If that doesn’t go to plan, you’ll be
taking a trip to the Ferry of the Damned because, well… you’ll be dead. But don’t worry too much: if you and your
fellow lost souls ask the captain nicely, he might escort you back to the real world
and you’ll be back in action. So what happens if your whole ship goes down? Well, as luck would have it,
some friendly mermaids will be on hand to rescue you and your crew. Because that’s what mermaids do… apparently. If, after all this, you eventually get back
to an outpost with your ill-gotten gains, head to the Shipwright who’ll happily
exchange it for gold. Well, maybe not happily,
but she will exchange it. One quest well and truly smashed! This is just a first glimpse of what’s
to come in Sea Of Thieves, and we look forward to showing you
more as we set sail through our Technical Alpha phase
and beyond. Cheers!


  1. Is this going to be on PC because I don't realy have a gaming PC as I am a console peasantand I realy want to get my friends on my PlayStation 4 tier her to look for gold

  2. OML
    It reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean online so much, But waaaay Much Better!
    Can't wait to get in to game when it's open alpha/Beta!

  3. Wow never heard of the game? How big is the development crew? Looks great though, not like some crappy indie developer made a half assed artsy game. This looks like a game where you buy it and it just works

  4. I've been so pumped for this since I saw the teaser at e3! This is going to be GREAT no doubt. Best of luck to those creating the game though!

  5. I know it's only alpha but hopefully they add like footprints in the sand and like just sand moving around when you draaaaaaaag your peg leg cause small touches like those are really nice

  6. It would be great if my brother and myself were both selected for the insider program! All the other games out are getting to repetitive!!

  7. I need this game so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Looks great @Rare. Really looks as though things are coming together nicely!!

    Only thing needed is physics on fat dudes belly. Make that beer gut jiggle! ๐Ÿบ

  9. i know this may sound very generic but if this game took similar mechanics from Ark & added dedicated servers with base building this game would blow my mind .. for some reason it reminds me a bit of the division also .. with how its like one big darkzone for loot

  10. OH MY GOD! THIS GAME LOOKS AMAZING AND SO MUCH FUN WITH FRIENDS! I could make so many funny videos with this game my god please come out soon! Just signed up for insider and can't wait to play!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. For Everyone Who Asks:
    The game will be available for Xbox One and Win 10.
    It's a Xbox Live game so you can play it on both devices.
    It is likely to not be a full-price game but it will cost something.
    I would guess between 20 and 40 โ‚ฌ/$ but we will see ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. This reminds me of the old pirates of carribean game, this looks like a better funnire version of it! HYPED

  13. so ur treasure could be just next to spawn ir at the other side if the world…and assuming u can buy upgrades or guns or such with gold some crews may get really strong by sheer luck

  14. If you get invited to one technical alpha can you play in the next technical alpha session without receiving a second invite? Just this morning I received an invite

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