Oil, Copper and Gold Down, S&P Futures Up on Less Hawkish North Korean Rhetoric

Good morning. It’s Scott Garliss at Stansberry Research. Today is Monday, August the 14th. This is your NewsWire Market Watch. S&P futures are significantly higher this
morning. Up about 14 to 15pts. We’re also seeing safe haven assets lose their
bid. And we are seeing a risk-on sentiment pervasive
in global markets. Again, it’s all around North Korea. And what happened over the weekend was, CIA
Director Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster both came out in the
press and said war with North Korea is not imminent. So the administration’s backing off some it’s
hawkish rhetoric. Markets are liking this. Also, China’s government put out an order
to start implementing UN sanctions against North Korea. This is surprising the market a bit. And again, this is a positive in turn of a
risk, in terms of a risk-on sentiment. In addition, Japanese 2Q GDP came out overnight. Much better than expected. Markets like this because again, Japan is
one of the engines for the world. We buy a lot of the goods that Japan produces. If you’re worried about a market sell off,
I recommend that you take a look at the work that Porter and his team have done in Stansberry’s
Silver and Gold Investor. In addition, in terms of some market trading
ideas, I recommend you go back and take a look at the work that my teammate Greg Diamond
did on Friday. And a post he put out on his thoughts in terms
of where the market is headed near term and another he put out this morning as a follow-up. Going forward, we’re gonna be paying close
attention to Fed minutes coming out later this week to see where the Fed’s thinking
in terms of growth and rates. If you liked what you heard today, please
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