Optimizing ventilation with the new wall control from the Gold Series

Optimizing ventilation with the new wall control from the Gold Series

The vänEE Gold-series Gold-Touch wall
control. Take a few minutes to watch this instructional video to get the most out
of your vänEE Gold-series ventilation system. Pure efficiency at
your fingertips. Welcome to simplicity. Created to
optimize both product performance and homeowner comfort, the Gold-Touch modern
digital wall control offers simplified control buttons for ease of use. Getting
started is easy, simply press on any button to activate the wall control.
After pressing the button, the backlight will stay illuminated for 10 seconds.
Choose your operating mode. Whatever level of comfort you seek, four easy modes
are just a touch away. Just press the “Mode” button and operation mode will
appear on your LCD screen and make your choice. Recirculation mode: select
recirculation to recirculate the air throughout the home on high-speed. The
recirculation mode is designed for those who don’t want to bring fresh air from
the outside but still want to enjoy the benefits of air filtration. 20 minutes
per hour: ideal in winter when heating creates dry air or during hot and humid
summer days, this mode exchanges air intermittently over a 1-hour cycle, off for
40 minutes and a low-speed air exchange for 20 minutes. This mode can also be set
to recirculate air for 40 minutes on either low or high speed. Continuous mode: for active homes
requiring a constant supply of fresh air, continuous mode exchanges air with the
outdoors that minimum blower speed to ensure a continuous flow of fresh air.
Smart mode: busy homeowners will love this function, it’s the ideal mode to
automatically optimize ventilation functions to maximize comfort throughout
your home. The wall control measures indoor humidity and outdoor temperature
to select the most appropriate ventilation mode and deliver just the
right amount of air exchange. Smart ECO function: the Smart mode also features a
Smart ECO function that is automatically activated during extreme outdoor
temperatures. Smart ECO always ensures a minimum of fresh air while maintaining
the comfort of the home. In this mode, the unit is on standby for 50 minutes and
then exchanges air for 10 minutes on low speed. This mode can also be set to
recirculate air for 50 minutes on either low or high speed. Turbo function: when
you need to bring in more fresh air after cooking or during activities that
momentarily increase the inside humidity level, such as family reunions or parties,
simply press Turbo mode and the unit will run on high speed for four hours
and then return to its previous operation mode. Dehumidistat function: when indoor
humidity is too high, this function takes care of excess humidity, working in all
modes except Standby and Smart. Simply press the “Percentage humidity”
button to enable the function. Once indoor relative humidity exceeds your
setpoint, the unit will exchange in high speed to take care of excess humidity.
When humidity returns lower than the setpoint, the unit will then return to
its previous operation setting. Press the “Percentage humidity” button once more to
disable. To change the humidity level, simply press the “Percentage humidity”
button for three seconds when the humidity level is flashing, press the
“Percentage humidity” button again to select your humidity setpoint ranging
between 30 and 56 percent. Press the “Percentage humidity” button for
more than three seconds to exit this setting. If a timer icon appears, the unit
is currently in bath fan override. The icon will disappear when done.
Maintenance indicator: the “M” icon means it’s time for maintenance. Once complete,
reset the indicator. Press and hold both “Mode” and “Turbo” buttons to reset the
maintenance indicator and the icon will disappear from the screen. Advanced
settings: press and hold the “Mode” button for 3 seconds to access other settings.
How to set the unit operation in the remaining time on 20 minutes per hour
mode and ECO function: by pressing on the “Mode” or “Turbo” button you can choose
between: “Off”, which is the default setting; recirculation at low speed or
recirculation at high speed. Once chosen, press on the “Percentage humidity” button
to confirm. How to set the unit defrost cycle type: by pressing on the “Mode” or
“Turbo” button you can choose between Standard defrost in high speed;
Discretion defrost, this cycle will defrost at the speed of operation on
either low or high speed; Plus defrost in high speed for a longer period of time
for very cold climate areas. Once chosen, press on the “Percentage humidity” button
to confirm. The LCD will display the software version number. Press “Percentage humidity” button to exit. For any other information concerning the use of your
control, please visit vanee.ca or refer to your installation and owner
guide. vänEE Gold-series, best performance combined with best energy
efficiency. We know air inside out.

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