Hey everyone! My name is Masha Knots and in this video I’m gonna be reorganizing my thread collection So I wanna preface
this by saying that this video is not sponsored by anybody, all of the threads
and the products that I’ll be showing in this video are purchased by me after a
quick search on Amazon so you don’t have to worry about that. All the
recommendations are my personal opinion. Here you can see the current situation
of how I store my threads, it is not, it is not great. They are currently situated on
my bed, but that’s not normally where they are, they’re normally on my shelf
and they are always in these IKEA boxes that I got. So let’s sort through them! So
we have five different boxes and that’s because these are the boxes that come in
an IKEA set. Normal people store their socks and underwear in these but I store
threads which is not a great solution so we are reorganizing them today! So I have this first box which is the one that I used to use most often, but I’ve now switched
it up. This is the box where I contain all of my craft cord. I’m gonna link
everything in the description so don’t worry about that, but this is the box where I keep all of my craft cord. They all come from either the same packs or
like see we’ve got the multicolored one – that came from a different pack, but they’re all sort of like from the same company, from the same pack and I used to use
this more often which is why I have a completely separate box for it. The craft
cord is different from normal thread because it’s sort of twisted as you can
see so like each individual thread is twisted on itself which I find really
handy and I really love the way that you can work with craft cord, it’s really
easy to work with, but I found the color choice is quite limiting. They’re all really
bright and saturated and I, sometimes I want to make a pastel bracelet or
something and I found the color choices of these quite limiting. So yeah, that’s
why I don’t use them as much anymore, I prefer to use other threads because of
the colors. But I have a whole separate box for that. I have another separate box
for embroidery floss and this comes from a variety of different companies. I try
to link the specific company and colour code of each thread that I use in every
single video, so if you’re watching a video of mine and you’re wondering what
threads I’m using – check the description because it’s probably there. But here I
have threads like DMC, I’ve got Gold Thread Brand, I’ve got all sorts of
different threads in here and what I want to do is I want to store them in the new situation not only by color, but also by brand
because I feel like that could be quite convenient. Here I have a separate box of
just thread cuttings of just like random threads that have been cut up, so it’s
not the entire threads, just bits and pieces of it and I mostly use these for
my alpha bracelets. So if I’m making an alpha bracelet and I need just a
little bit of a colour, I would go into here to see if I have it first before I
cut a new one. Next we have a whole box filled with, it’s not actually filled
because it’s pretty much empty, but this box usually contains my blacks and my
whites because I want to have a separate access to them because I use them quite
often. And because I use them quite often, I don’t have a lot of them now, I’m
waiting for a delivery on that as well. And this is a little box containing all
my unfinished bracelets. I have a video actually showcasing all my unfinished
bracelets, so if you’re curious about that you can go check it out.
So this is the situation currently. I also have this bag of thread that I ordered
off Amazon and I’ve never tried this brand before so I was curious to see
what it was like. This has a hundred different colors which is a nice color
variety. So I’ve got this and because I knew I wanted to do some sort of storage
situation, I got some things. So I’ve got two boxes like this off Amazon. They open
and they have different sections for each of your threads, so I want to see
how many I can fit into two of these boxes. And then I don’t think I’m gonna
fit all of my collection into it and if I don’t I’m just gonna order some more
and continue filming once I get the second delivery. But I have this. I also
got a pack of little plastic bobbins and I got a thread winder which will
help me wind all the thread onto the bobbins and put them into the boxes so
I’ve already started winding them a little bit. So I’ve tried out how to do it. So
I’ve used the thread winder to wind the thread onto the bobbin and actually it’s
really really nice. And then I took out the piece of paper that comes with the
thread and then cut out the little number and I stuck it on with cellotape.
One of you guys actually showed me how to do that because I was gonna just
write it out by hand but then one of you you sent a picture and was like “Oh, I
just cut out the piece of paper off the actual thread” and I was like “Oh that’s a
good idea” so that’s what I’m doing now. I’ve tried already three
so that’s what is currently in the box. I have no idea how I’m gonna actually
organize them because I have no perception of colour to organize them in
a nice way, so that’s gonna be a challenge. But let’s, let’s try! And now that I’ve laid it all out, and I
laid them out according to the number, I realize that I don’t like it! So I’m
gonna try and make a gradient off-camera because otherwise it’s gonna take too
long of a time and I’ll get back to you once I’ve done that! And now, onto the next
one! So now that I’ve sorted out the first
bag of strings, it’s time to get to the box of the craft cord. And since these
guys come in a big pack – they’re sold at Michael’s by the way, in the US –
they don’t have numbers on them, so I’m not going to be spending time cellotaping numbers to the bobbins, so that’s good! I have a box here with a bunch of
unused string and I also have a bunch of string that has already been touched
here laid out on the table. So I’m gonna start with these and then I’m gonna
continue with these. So here are all my beautiful colours. I
can’t believe how many there are of a single color. I mean, granted there are a
few packs that I have, it’s not just one pack, but still. I didn’t
expect to have that many colours, that many strings of the same colour. So, time
to get winding! I’m just gonna pause right here and say –
this is an insane project! This is taking forever to do and I’ve only done two
colours – not even! I still have quite a lot of that colour left. And I don’t even want
to look at my bed.. Oh gosh! This is gonna take a very long time, I might not even
have enough boxes! I have four, one of which is already filled. I might have to
get more boxes. Woohoo! There we go, box two is done! And now it’s
onto box three. There we go, box three is now done!
Obviously the gradient sort of finished there, I didn’t have any more string
after the pink one so I went back into the like the brown ones. I still have a
few strings that I need to place somewhere, so that’ll be in box four. But
before we get into that – time for a sexy montage So now that the majority of the craft
cord is done, now it’s time to do the multicolored one. So now that the gradient cord is done it’s time to get into this beast! And this is all of the
embroidery floss that I have, mixed together into one big knot! This is
gonna take me forever to untangle and wind, but thankfully you guys only have
to watch the timelapse. So let’s get into it! And with that the fourth box is finally
finished and I’m finally done! Of course there are still a few strings left over,
such as these color-shifting threads, but I’m thinking I should get some more
boxes and do that at a later date. So I’m done for this round and this is my
fourth box. That’s how much I’ve managed to do, I managed to do four boxes. I’m really
proud of myself, this video took forever to film. Winding these threads took
forever! Like honestly, so long! I started filming this over a month ago and I just
haven’t had the time to do it consistently. So it took a really long
time but I’m glad to be finally done. Let’s get into the last montage! This is the amount of paper that I have left over from just this last box and it’s
all cut up and messy, but that’s how much I have from just this box. So in summary:
I now have four boxes of thread and I’m just going to quickly recap on what each
of them contains. So this is the first box that you saw me make and I put the
brand name on here, it’s Pllieay – I don’t know how to
pronounce that right, this is the brand that I found on Amazon. And once again,
don’t worry, I’m going to link absolutely everything down in the description so
you can check them out, but this is the entirety of the pack. There was a hundred
colours in the pack. So I put the name of the brand up here
so I don’t forget and inside each of the colors have the number of
the colour taped to the bobbin like that. I am really happy with how these turned
out and I’m really happy with this thread in general, just like as a review
to you guys if you want to buy those threads off Amazon they’re really nice. I’ve actually made a few bracelets
with these already and I can confirm they are really nice! The next are two
boxes of the craft cord and since I know that this is the craft cord because it’s
special – it’s twisted, and since I also didn’t have anything to – Oh, this is the other way around, like that, – Since I didn’t have anything to tape it with, I do not have anything
taped onto the lid, I just know that this is the craft cord. And here you can very
clearly see what I meant by the craft cord not having as much colour variety as
the other ones. Like yes, they obviously have very nice colours and they have
quite a lot of the same colour, which is definitely a plus. But they don’t have such a
nice color variety as the other ones. Say if I want a specific shade of a colour –
I’m probably going to be looking at my embroidery floss rather than my craft
cord, but in general, as a starter pack, I would definitely recommend the craft cord.
First of all – it’s really easy to work with, second – it has all the basic
colours, so you definitely have stuff to work with, I haven’t felt limited for a
long time, but now that I’m getting more and more into bracelets than I was
before, I am feeling a little bit limited. So this is great for a starter and just
for a base pack, but when you want to expand – you might want to expand into
other options. And the last box that I have is a mixture of different brands,
which is why there is a bunch of things taped here. So as you can see, I have the
brand name to the left and I have an example of the colour to the right. So I
use this as a key, so that when I get into the box, and for example let’s take
this one, and I see a number taped to the bobbin, I can look at the key to find out
what brand this is from. So I can see that this is 728 and look at my key
and I find that this is exactly the same as this one. So that means this is Loops
& Threads and I can do the same thing for each of them. So the left is the
brand, right is just an example of the number. So as I said this is a mixture of
various different brands and I’m quite happy with how they turned out. I managed
to sort of organize them in a way that looks decent. Now I have quick access to
the strings that I need, so I’m really happy with how this worked out. Overall,
regarding the equipment I used. You may remember at the beginning of this video
I showcased that I had two of these boxes. Also I did say that this video
took over a month to make, which is why I have a lot more boxes than I had
originally and I have a lot more bobbins than I had originally. I originally only
had one pack of bobbins. I used five! I used five packs of bobbins to do this!
Obviously I still have some left over so I have some room to expand, but I used much more than I thought I would. Anyway, point being these are the boxes that I
originally had from Amazon and I’m gonna link them below as well, but I don’t like
them. Which is why they’re not filled up. In the time-lapse that was in the
beginning of the video I was actually filling this up with the Pllieay Amazon
threads. But then I relocated them into a different box because I don’t like this
box. I really, I just don’t. I don’t know if this is official or what, but it says
DMC on the box here if you can see it. I just think that this box is of very
low quality, especially for the price that is sold at. The other boxes that I’m
using now were cheaper yet they are of much higher quality. I do not feel that
this – I think this was like seven something pounds, which is ridiculous for
the quality of the product. This is not, this is not good quality, especially
considering at the very beginning there was like a sticker on here that I had to
peel off and there was leftover gunk from it so I had to put like nail
varnish remover to get it off. And then you can see here that – I don’t know if
you can actually see that very well.. There’s like this piece that is broken,
as if it was damaged somehow. You can see my camera. Hello! Anyway, this is very low quality and you can also see that it’s actually really dirty. I tried
to clean this, I honestly tried to clean this, but it’s very dirty and I just
don’t like this. I don’t know if I’m gonna be getting a refund or what I’m
gonna be doing with this, but I’m definitely not gonna be using this and I
do not recommend buying it. Let me show you the other boxes that I have. So
even if you compare it to this box – it’s of much nicer quality. First of all, it
doesn’t have anything on the top. It’s nice, it’s clean
it’s just, it just is perfect! It gets the job done, it’s perfect, it’s clean,
it’s exactly how I want it to be and it’s great! It’s a much higher quality. Even the plastic is much thicker, it’s much higher quality and it’s cheaper
than that one! So if you are in the UK or if you find something similar wherever
you are in the world, definitely recommend getting this one instead of
that one. Also I just wanted to quickly talk about this magical little thing. I
had some issues with it, but overall it’s a great product! I posted a bunch of
Instagram stories while I was doing this whole thread winding thing, and a lot of you
guys asked me what this is, where I got it and what it’s used for. Basically, it’s
a thread winder. It has this sort of section which attaches to the box that
you’re using, like that. It doesn’t attach very well it, wobbles so I would use some
kind of tape or something to secure it in place. Then also it has a hole right
here and it has this pin right here. And what you meant to do is you meant to
take the bobbin that you have, put the pin inside the hole of the bobbin, put
the pin inside the hole of the winder and then wind your string like so, as you
have seen me do it in the video. But I had some issues. You can see that I have
done some sort of contraption – I’ve added tape, I’ve added some blu tack, purely
because it just it kept falling out. Let me just take this off since I’m done
winding anyway and let me try and peel this blu tack off as well. Like it
would just fall out like that if I didn’t have anything in place. And also
this kept wobbling because I have to secure it as well. So if you guys know,
maybe I’m doing something wrong, I don’t know. Let me know if there are any other
ways I didn’t think of maybe, I honestly don’t know maybe I’m doing something
wrong, but the only way that I found this to work properly is to add some kind of
adhesive to keep it in place. But overall, definitely a great product!
Saved me a lot of time. I can’t even imagine how long this would have taken
me if I hadn’t had this! Because it took me a long time with this,
I do not want to imagine how long it would have taken me without it! In any
case, definitely recommend it, it’s not that expensive either, so definitely get
it if you are getting into reorganizing your own collection. In any case, I hope
you guys enjoyed this video, it was definitely really fun for me to make and
by fun for me to make I mostly mean edit because actually winding these threads
was not fun at all! But I hope you guys enjoyed and maybe I inspired you to
expand your collection or just reorganize your own collection! I know
that some of you guys have been messaging me saying that “Oh, my
connection is so messed up as well, I should definitely reorganize it” This is
the moment you’ve been waiting for! If you’ve been waiting for a sign – this is
the sign! It’s time to reorganize your collection! But also props to you because
I would have never done this if I hadn’t been filming it, like ever, I would have
never sat down to do this, this is such a tedious task. Anyway, thank you guys for
watching! I hope you enjoyed this video. I post videos twice a week, usually on
Tuesdays and Saturdays and I will see you on Saturday, bye!


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