Origami – How To Make An Origami Bracelet/Armband

Origami How To Origami Bracelet Dimensions: 24 parts 10×1,2cm or 4×0,5inch Step 1: Fold paper in half and unfold it Step 2: Fold ends of the paper to the center line Step 3: Now fold it in half Make another modul but in second colour Step 4: Place one modul inside of other like on picture You can use toothpick or something else to open up flaps Step 5: Push modul through flaps but use colour of your first modul Repeat the same steps with all of your moduls You can play with colours like I did I used 3 parts that are rose colour to create heart shape Pause here until you connect all the pieces except for the last Step 6: Open up the last part Step 7: Now fold it in half only Step 8: To lock the bracelet push long module through an ordinary Step 8: And tuck in the ends of long module into another ordinary module Origami Bracelet FINISHED THANK YOU FOR WATCHING

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