Our Motivation behind this channel – illuminati silver explains

Our Motivation behind this channel – illuminati silver explains

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Sunday 27th November 2016 and we
are providing an answer to a question raised by one of our subscribers which we feel everyone
should have the benefit of hearing. Angel de Sagesse asked us the following question:
“Hello, I discovered your YouTube channel some weeks
ago and it has intrigued me, to say the least. Call me a skeptic, but I am plagued by this
one question–why on Earth are they doing this? If you are who you say you are, then
certainly there must be some ultimate agenda you have with this endeavor. It’s highly unlikely
that a group of successful, likely obscenely wealthy retired bankers would, out of the
sheer goodness of their hearts, set up an operation like this just to share the benefits
of their knowledge with the rest of the world. It also seems unlikely that your incentive
would be money, since it is more likely that you have more than you know what to do with.
Hence, my intrigue. So what is the end game of this operation you’ve started, is my question.
Whether or not you answer is your call, but I just had to ask…”
Our first reaction was – ‘what a great question’ and to be fair wonderfully put.
Those of you who have read the answers we have given to the comments made on our YouTube
videos no doubt will have noticed that we do not mind answering any question as long
as it’s respectfully put. We have little or no time for racist, discriminatory, anti-Semitic
comments and especially not for extreme cursing and vile language or subscribers insulting
one another. It’s not because we are part of the politically correct brigade, but because
we believe that in order to learn and advance successfully in life, one has to have an open
mind, without prejudice, without a hatred for ones fellow man (or woman) and without
a super-ego which says that one is always right.
So coming back to Angel’s question. We understand the conclusion that some have
come to, that unless we are complete imposters, there is no logical reason for setting up
this channel. If we did it for money as some have accused us of, well we’ve been pretty
poor at achieving that. Yes we have adverts on our videos but frankly, unless one has
many hundreds of thousands of views, the adsense income is extremely modest, and frankly barely
covers the cost of our software and relatively basic equipment.
Yes, our inner sanctum will be a paid for subscription service, details of which we
shall shortly be providing, but again unless we have 500 or more paid subscribers will
only cover the cost of a full time researcher and additional equipment and software which
we shall employ and purchase to ensure that our content is both timely and in-depth, far
more than that currently provided on YouTube. So theoretically, we could make money with
that but frankly, we suspect we are some way off that level.
So why do it? Well as we say on our website, there are 3 main members, the narrator who
is a retired bank manager and wealth manager, Brother Anthony who is a property developer
and academically qualified economist and brother Ivan, who is a retired accountant and former
International Transport consultant. In addition we have some close confidants
who are still involved in finance, trading, and some who are ex secret service, military
and politicians and we call upon these from time to time to confirm some of the information
we are providing is accurate and who will play a much more important and prominent role
within our Inner Sanctum. So, if money is not the motive why do this?
Well a few reasons really: Firstly, a number of us (but not all) are
Freemasons and despite what the Alex Jones’s and David Icke’s of this world claim, with
some exceptions (as there will always be a bad apple in every barrel) we actually believe
in fraternity and charity and being decent and helpful human beings. We have seen ordinary
people being exploited by banks, financial institutions and politicians – for profit
and self-enrichment – and unfortunately these victims then place their monies in alternative
investment sources such as gold and silver, often pumped by equally scurrilous people
who constantly claim the world is going to end financially anytime soon and that one
should invest in them now – even when prices were at all-time highs.
Now we cannot stop these people from doing this, however we can expose them and hopefully
encourage, and in some instances educate, people to know what to look out for and to
beware that all is not as it seems. Our second motivation is that we actually
enjoy the subject and are ourselves long term gold and silver buyers, investors or stackers.
But believe us when we say long term. We do not place all of our monies in these commodities
but generally hold between 5% – 20% of our portfolios depending on price and alternative
investment opportunities. Our third motivation is that although some
of us sit as non-executive directors or act as part-time consultants we find doing this
to be interesting, challenging and intellectually stimulating. It fills a gap in our lives,
and whether we are sitting at home, on a beach or in a foreign country we can, through the
benefits of technology, continue with this programme and know that some people find what
we have to say of interest and useful which satisfies any small ego needs we may have.
Finally, if this channel truly takes off and the inner sanctum really does become a success
and we can reach that 1,000 paid membership level, then we shall start arranging physical
seminars and perhaps even weekend investment conferences where we can truly share our knowledge
on a personal basis with significant interaction between members; which is something we would
truly enjoy doing. We have pledged however, that although this
has never been set up to be a money making venture, for as Angel commented, we as individuals
have sufficient income and assets to enjoy our retirements, we also vowed that whatever
we do in terms of this operation it has to be self-financing. We do not mind putting
in our time free of charge, but any expenses or costs of expansion has to come out of monies
received by the channel, which is why we encourage you to spread the word and help us expand
our subscriber base. For those who are still suspicious that perhaps
we are part of some sinister Government plot to thwart people from investing in gold and
silver, all we can say is that if that were the case, do you not think that perhaps considerable
resources would have been put in to ensure that we would have had 100,000 – 200,000
subscribers by now and millions of views? As to be frank, the 7,000 or so subscribers
we currently have, and for which we are grateful, is far too small to move markets or affect
price. So, we hope we have answered the question
satisfactorily, and if we have left anything out then by all means please comment beneath
this video. We do not sell precious metals but hold a reasonable quantity between us.
If prices go down we may be tempted to buy more, if they rise then what we have increases
our wealth. We have no desire to move price but perhaps at least report on those issues
as accurately as possible which can affect it.
We hope you have found this video interesting and informative and if so, please give it
a thumb up and share it on twitter. Also kindly visit our website at illuminatisilver.com
and if you haven’t already done so please subscribe as a free member for regular email
updates and offers. Our Facebook page which is updated daily can be found at facebook.com/illuminatisilver Disclaimer: Illuminati Silver owners come from a background
of Banking, International Wealth Management and Economics. Having now retired from these
worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions
must not be deemed to be giving such advice and merely represent the personal views of
its owners.


  1. As always thank you for your efforts, they are greatly appreciated. I hope it this channel remain of interest to you for sometime to come. Seven thousand is far to small a number of subscriptions for fellows who choose to provide information and insight as valuable as yours free of charge.

  2. I wish you the best. We all have a choice to swallow the blue pill or red pill it's human nature to take the blue pill. Thank you for the info.

  3. As long as I am allowed, I would be honored to be considered a IS member. I enjoy your work and appreciate your effort.

  4. Thank you IS, as you are always forthright in your explanations and analysis. It would be nice if more gold channels were the same in the information they provide.

  5. I don't believe a word of it. One of you is David Icke, one is Jacob Rothschild, one is the Pope and one is Vladimir Putin. Confess.

  6. would please please share your prediction for stocks, p. metals, bonds, …… in 2017?
    i subscribed few weeks ago, and i feel that your videos has good information quality , thanks

  7. First I would just like to say that I have always liked the name of this channel, it was what peeked my curiosity to start with. That said my question is if there are multiple people who respond to our questions in the chat or if it is just one user. I don't quite care who it is just wondering if it is indeed one person.

  8. I love that your content is, in many ways, so counter to what is said on many other channels such as the silver and gold pumpers.

  9. i deal with this everyday explaining Forex, leverage/arbitrage, central bank economics, interest rate/inflation, rothschild/soros, & gold. i do it because people can profit & improve their lives. Free-Market permits opportunity and more people the better equality and quality of said market. Share your talents. Thank You dude.

  10. <worldsmostinterestingman>

    I don't always want to sell $6 billion worth of (paper) gold.

    But when I do, I make sure to do it all in one trade, before 8:30 AM.

  11. (Last comment, I promise) I would love to hear all three of you do a impromptu, casual, live stream where you answer questions from viewers.

  12. Intriguing video, some of the biggest hearted men I've met in life have been Masons who give back to their community whole hearted.

  13. in your opinion do you believe Peter Schiff that the us economy is in a bubble that will pop and go into a major recession in the near future…? I would just like to know your opinion on the matter.

  14. Thank you for your behind the scenes q and a. I read alot of different newspapers, watch alot of news, main stream and alternative. Youtube videos from pushers, world enders, investors, friendly stackers and people with there view about the system that runs our world. I have taken careful note of your views for over a year now. You speak what you believe is the truth which I think is as close to reality as you can get without moving in the very, very top circle. From the puzzle of knowledge on silver, gold, the financial system, governments and who makes up the rules. You and your brothers help make the pieces easier to see and put together.
    Thank you for all the time you give to this and us.

  15. Thank you for all depressing videos IS! I work as underground gold miner- I'm just a working joe who scratches shiny rock out of the ground but the market has affected my life greatly. I had no understanding of the product I help produce until a couple of years ago when I learned about stacking and have been consuming all the information I can on PM ever since. I was lucky to have one of your videos appear in my feed a year ago and was quickly tempered by your skepticism that ran so contrary to everything which I was being pumped. I subscribed and have been enjoying a much more realistic outlook on the future ever since. I very much appreciate that you spend your time producing free videos that help me understand something that I have far more than money invested in. You have most earnestly earned my subscription to the inner sanctum; I look forward to being one of its first members.

  16. You guys are doing a great job. Keep on doing what your doing and saying what your saying and I'll keep on listening. Many thanks guys. God bless.

  17. Good question and response. I agree with not attacking other commenters especially by using foul language. But I have to admit some snarky comments made on your channel got me roaring in laughter so hard and in tears. It was the only time I really laughed the entire day.

  18. I am very glad I have found your channel. I have been a follower for many weeks now and I appreciate your information, commentary, and your expertise.

  19. The question assumes IS is what he/it says he/it is. And with no ability to verify, why would an intelligent person accept it as truth?

  20. Big thanks from Germany for being a calm and rational voice in an arena of loud and onesided power sellers.
    For me, you are kind of the parents, bringin´me down to earth again, after listening to Mannarino, Hunter, Schiff and all the other guys wearing "buy now!" signs all over their bodies.
    These are clever, keen and maybe good people. And mass media makes them look even more competent.
    The more important I find your balanced statements and conclusions.

  21. treating the videos combined with comments is great social constructivism and helps create new insights for videos through collaboration. The overall outcome is a forever building knowledge base for each subscriber. that's the value I place anyways

  22. Your channel has been Logical…interesting…non-pumping….full of useful info. And I figured you all believe in Real Money…Gold and Silver. Good luck in any future endeavors!👍😊

  23. Eeks. I'm glad my question was well-received… I'm also glad I used my "alter-ego" account to ask it, as I feel very uncomfortable as the focus of attention on a public forum.

    Thank you for taking the time to comprise a well-thought-out and apparently candid answer and so prompt (I just wrote it yesterday afternoon, I think). I forgot to add, that one point of intrigue for me, also, was the fact that you are actually giving accurate information, which would indicate deception is not part of the "ultimate agenda". This was in conflict with all I have ever heard associated with "Illuminati" (it's true, I am "guilty" of having listened to David Icke in years passed), so I became very perplexed as to the long-term goal behind the "Illuminati Silver" agenda. However, I don't like to adopt other people's belief systems and fears–I like to check things out for myself.

  24. Your declared motives should not be foreign to anybody that has ever taken an interest in something. One need not look far to find people passionate about various interests and desiring to share their knowledge, best practices and to exchange ideas with other like minded people. Furthermore, anybody who doesn't recognize sound investment research should not be looking to an unregulated internet source for investment advice. As an experienced investor( not professional) who frequents multiple sources I consider your site informative. Your cover valuable precious metals fundamentals and I have yet to discover any deception, but I wouldn't trade on just one source. The only thing  I find curious is that you could be goaded into making this video.

  25. Hello, I appreciate your efforts in putting together these videos as well as for web page, and soon to be released inner sanctum. I am also a true believer in the dissemination of information across all like-minded people.
    I do think that the chosen name of your group/company is slightly misleading. It seems when you developed this it was somewhat short sighted as you discuss all precious metals, and not just silver. However I also see the flipside when people are looking for this type of information, they are more likely to type the word silver rather than precious metals in their favorite search engine. So perhaps illuminati silver is not such a bad name after all. Also when we are talking about investing significant amount of money, it is may be a little hard to take the name illuminati seriously.
    That said, I guess I am critiquing the name and not the content, which I enjoy reading and listening to daily. Still words of encouragement, I hope you stay in the game, continue to share your insights, and keep up the good work. In many ways you are a breath of fresh air to the precious metals community.
    Best to you and the team!

  26. Good for you to put a bit of meet on the bones – I know a few Freemasons, so I already know they're not ALL reptilian and lacking care and empathy – and if this was some sort of anti-precious metals drive, you'd be making a poor job of it!
    Therefore, keep up the good work!

  27. I hope people in the inner sanctrum can get some good stock tips. I have reached a point where I think I have enogh physical gold and silver and are ready to take some more risky bets on mining stocks, but I don't really trust the pumpers in that regard, and have too little knowledge on my own to recognise a good and undervalued stock.

  28. I do enjoy your commentaries, but I'm skeptical of anyone involved in Freemasonry. Freemasonry is a fraternity within a fraternity, an outer organization concealing the inner brotherhood of the elect. I am an official at AFL-CIO, a big-time union here in the States. Many of the upper representatives of this union from D.C. are Freemasons. They are extremely nice and generous individuals, but VERY progressive. I am not. They are pro gay agenda, and I am not. I'm not here to condemn the Freemason organization or anyone with in. But I turn away from those who are involved with it.

  29. One name: Schiff. He declared the end of the world to happen on September 27, the only answer was gold, and, oh by the way, he sells gold. In late September gold was at a year high. This is simple. Connect the dot. Now he's saying the end will come December 31, buy gold, and gold, while not at a year low, is still high enough to be profitable for him. IS doesn't do this. It's why I subscribe. You give the facts, to the best of your knowledge, and we viewers can decide when and where to invest. Thank you.

  30. I must admit that the name "Illuminati" has a very negative connotation in my mind. Illuminati silver seems to portray a forthright opinion, knowledge, and motivation of your group. I know(in my heart) that there are people in the "Illuminati" that, in their actions, give the negative connotation that some people have. This video you have made answers a lot of questions for me, but why the name Illuminati Silver? More specifically; why silver? Why not gold or economics?

  31. Its funny, I tell my friends ,Im talking to people from allover the world and we all have common interests. Its a club for metals investment ………..Ive never learned so much about the ,economy in my life.

  32. Are you chaps suggesting that there are people on Youtube who would spread untruths for their own personal gain ? This is shocking to me. 😳

  33. I have been watching your channel for over a year now and love it.  You guys give us so much insight on silver and gold prices and the reasons why they move up or down.  I really like how you guys explain why prices for the most part  move in relation to events happening around the world .  I have found that I can trust what you guys say on prices going up or down and when I buy my silver.   Other than a black swan happening you guys are on the money on prices so far.  Thank you for all your hard work.

  34. I have been a subscriber to this channel since the beginning of the year and a regular listener to your presentations. The question posed by the subscriber which prompted the current presentation is a reasonable one. The secrecy surrounding your true identity offers intrigue. You must therefore appreciate a natural response to your opinions and views on financial matters is one of skepticism. That’s not to say your presentations are without merit – far from it. I find the presentations which focus on the main subject matter – being gold and silver –to be of most interest to me. Your observations and comments have, for the most part, been very informative. Conversely, your presentations on the recent US presidential elections were of only passing interest to me but were of immense interest to other subscribers. You refer to your upcoming paid subscription service offering. I would be interested in subscribing depending on what services are being offered. Interestingly, you would be prepared to expose your respective identities to paid subscribers at “seminars” and “conferences” should that level reach at least 1,000. Why wait that long to expose your identities? In my opinion, the minimum level you have defined would be easier to attain should you drop “the mask” sooner rather than later.

  35. Well I must admit that "Angel" asked the question that I have often asked myself…
    & I couldn't have posed the question better than he did.

    Your response was (as all your videos are) informative & more than satisfactory.

    I have no doubt that you will attract the number of subscribers you need… as there really is no other channel (that I have come across) that is as genial, lucid, consistent, informative, open minded & without some covert agenda.

    I also enjoy the caliber of contributions in the comment section. This channel attracts intelligent points of view that often contribute to the nature of my inquisitive mind.

    This is a reflection of the quality & integrity of the authors of "Illuminati Silver".

  36. I find this channel to be very honest, informative and respectful. The content is delivered very well. I've been subscribed since almost the beginning and I hope the channel is around for a long time. I share your values.

  37. I appreciated your videos. Would you be able to comment on your view of Trump and what he will bring to the people? It would be fascinating to hear more of your world view looking forward. Thank you

  38. I very much enjoy and respect the opinions offered in this channel. You have always presented factual tempered and reasonable analysis and opinions. You were bearish when there was a LOT of hype about $20,000 gold and $500 silver being pumped with great fear mongering. I got a little bit worried that you were becoming a bit too bullish post-Brexit shock but the price increases probably felt a lot more pronounced different from a £ perspective. I'm always eager to see new content coming from you and kudos for getting things back on track quickly following your personal health issues earlier this year. Please keep up what you are doing its very much appreciated on our side.

  39. IS,
    We have been waiting for the "Inner Sanctum" to go on line; very interested in this

    Charles Swank, subscriber

  40. The usual pleasant experience here at IS. Thank you for yer efforts. Everyone seems to be looking down for the metals these days- this kinda makes me think up. If price takes off, I expect you will get those other 92,485 subscribers. 🙂 buen suerte!

  41. I love the channel. The presentations are great. Illuminati silver is always a voice worth listening to. I appreciate the way you answer so many of the comments and consideration and kindness you show to the people that participate. Well done and much appreciated!

  42. Hi I.S
    thanks for your very honest answer, to be honest I too was curious about the, why.
    I havent listen to you guys for a while as I have been frustrated by all the noise and confusion coming from the markets and news in general, I wanted some time off from listening to things of a finacial nature.
    My frustration comes from the many many different interpretations between main stream news and alternative, I have concluded the markets make no sense at present or I just dont understand them, its most likely the later
    In any case I do believe that the presentation you and your partners put out make the most sense to me so I will endeavor to listen to you again on a regular basis
    Thanks again

  43. I could tell after listening to numerous channels during my research of precious metals, that your channel was genuine, and not like the doomsayers, to pump the price.

    Also, I find there is some humorous irony in you guys being Freemasons, but your channel is named after the Illuminati.

    Thank you for guys' generousity with your time, and this information, it's definitely worth it's weight in gold, pun intended, with humble respect.

  44. I was wondering what everyone would sell at?  I figure I would wait until silver hit $200 an ounce before I started selling it. Gold $2000 an ounce. Platinum $2200. Palladium $750. Copper $7 a pound. Nickel $40 a pound.  Rhodium $6000 an ounce. At what price would you sell?  I might sell when I retire if I can't get those prices.

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