Owens Nursing Lawsuit on Fox 36

Owens Nursing Lawsuit on Fox 36

Fox Toledo news, First at 10 starts right now. From the classroom to the courtroom as some Owens Community College students sue the school, it all centers around what is left of the school’s nursing program. Fox Toledo, Shaun Hegarty is here live with a look at why the students are so upset. Yeah the nursing program at Owens has
lost its accreditation meaning there are some students who say they’re in a program that they believe it basically useless and won’t help them get a job. Now those students are looking for some compensation. They trusted Owens, they’ve relied on the word of Owens, and they feel betrayed. Attorney Chuck Boyk is representing four students in the now non-accredited nursing program. I think the students are worried, they’re upset, and
in they’re concerned with what they’re going to do in the future. A couple of the students still have time to find new courses but two of them graduate in December and without the accreditation they say they won’t be able to get jobs and it’s too late to transfer. This is kind of a bait-and-switch. Owens promised the students (uh) a good education that had some value because there was accreditation. For those who can transfer, they’re finding out some of the schools won’t take them. Now, Owens Vice Provost, Renay Scott, says back in 2006-2007 the school was notified that it needed to address two areas before the next accreditation. One of them was getting part-time faculty working toward their Masters in nursing. A report sent to the National League of
Nursing in the spring of this year didn’t mention that that was happening, so the accreditation was pulled. It didn’t reveal the truth and it kind of appears because it was in their own self-interest. I mean, Owens should be ashamed of themselves. The Vice Provost says thirteen adjunct
professors are in a masters program right now and 100% of the full time faculty have a Masters of Science in Nursing. She says that the first step in reapplying for the accreditation is already completed and she says the school’s approved with the Ohio Board of Nursing, so the
students can still take the nursing exam. Those students that are suing are seeking financial damages from school. reporting live, Shaun Hegarty, Fox Toledo news, first at 10.

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