Painting Metal Pipes: Rust-Oleum Antique Copper Paint

Painting Metal Pipes: Rust-Oleum Antique Copper Paint

Using cleaned, prepped pipes, spray on a coat
of Rust-Oleum leather brown spray paint and let it dry. Then spray on a thick coat of RustOleum Rustic
Umber texture paint. You may see cracking and bubbling as the two paints react, don’t
wipe or scrape the surface. Let the texture dry, and it will harden to the aged copper


  1. I just can't get the Rustic Umber (or the leaher brown) anywhere in The Netherlands. I've been calling all day, so frustrating and no one ships it. The website of Lowe I had to fill in a zipcode so I could not even contact them. Any ideas?

  2. excellent video..shows that the end product looks nothing like aged copper..and doesnt explain why one would want shiny new pipes to look like they are about to disintegrate..

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