Pairing and using the Pokemon Go Go-Tcha while driving

Pairing and using the Pokemon Go Go-Tcha while driving

Hey guys this your friend Iggy back again So you’ve already seen the unboxing of the Go-tcha and well now you want to see how it works, right? Well, cool Let’s come over here real quick And I’ll show you how to pair it up and then we’ll get on the road and we’ll play a little bit All right. So now with an android we’ll just go ahead and click on the Android Play Store and We’ll type in go-tcha Okay, just make sure when you find the gotcha that it’s by Datel electronics and you click install the other thing you want to make Sure on is that you have Bluetooth enabled on your phone Okay when it’s installed just click open Okay, and here it’s preparing so click allow and then it wants you to press the gotcha button. So tap right here You’ll see that turn on and then it starts communicating Found go-tcha device connecting to device Everything looks to be working alright so we can see these green checks under Auto capture unknown, auto capture known auto collect stops and vibrate. Now disabled are disable animations Because I like to see these animations here and then dark theme. I’m not too sure what the dark theme is that’s more for Android Ok, so it says right here We can click information then it shows you here how to charge it and then how to update the firmware because as Niantic does updates They do updates to to make sure this always works This is a third-party. This is not a sponsored device one of the things that scares me about this is the fact that it’s not sponsored. If Niantic ever wanted to they can stop supporting it or Somehow supporting it like they do today And then while you have a fifty dollar paperweight, but I’ve been using it now for a few months and it’s been awesome And I’ve known some people that have had it for years or maybe a year and they love it as well ok, so Okay, and we’re just reconnecting to it now Mm-hm. Okay, then we come over here to the little Okay, that’s where we were statistics known characters okay, so that’s and Unknown characters. Okay. So now that we’ve got all that. Let’s go ahead and start up Pokemon go Press okay over here and now This might look like it does for you today. So we’ll just tap on there go to settings go all the way to the bottom Pokemon go plus and maybe tap it again There we go, so then that shows up here and now we tap it on the screen here Okay, the phone just vibrated alright connecting the Pokemon go plus and this just vibrated as well and actually it looks like it just Caught our Rattatta so pretty cool Okay, so Pretty awesome. You can see on the screen the little guy right over here that shows that we’re actually connected And actually connecting we just caught a Pokemon so pretty cool. Now one thing you’ll notice just coming back over here is If we go, let’s say to the second screen. Do you see that check in the box or that check in the box? You’re gonna see a few different checks there So when I originally got this go-tcha They were all unchecked. I had to come in here and just tap on the screen to check them and uncheck them you know Or me maybe I did that Inside the software. I don’t remember right now, but if you find them unchecked That particular thing is not going to work and I’m gonna go ahead show you a little bit On the screen what each of these little boxes mean? and That way you can put checks in everything you want and checks and everything You don’t and uncheck what you So anyway, let’s go real quick and let’s go out on the road and catch on Pokemon. Alright, so we’re here at Rockwood park and Here’s my Go-tcha. We’re not officially Playing just yet with the Go-tcha because you can see here The little Got-tcha symbol is kind of grayed out. So All we do is tap it here it’ll say finding and then we tap this right there and you can see here connecting to pokemon go plus and This is still has its little animation and then right here pokemon in range. It’s connected and You can see it’s catching pokémon now so we’re gonna not focus so much on the Go-tcha as So much on the screen and but I’ll keep the Go-tcha right here So now we are driving around the park very slowly And we’ll be a little faster soon but I’m actually in the park in the parking lot I don’t want to run anybody over So we’re gonna see we’re gonna pass by that Pokey stop or maybe a few and this is gonna grab it pretty quickly Alright there you can see you just started spinning one All right Now when you see that little arrow over that poke stop that means It’s catching it either the poke stop or the actual Pokemon itself okay, so There’s to show you how it caught Two poke stops real quick and now let’s go ahead and Drive around a little bit more. Let’s go ahead and capture one or two pokemons Now the cool thing aside from the fact that it can catch things without you Actually manually intervening and pressing a button or anything along those lines is That why you’re in a poke stop or should I say a Gym? You know, let’s say battling a Pokemon or they just spun another stop? While you’re in a gym battling a pokemon This can actually be catching a Pokemon there. It’s catching a Pinser automatically, but it missed that one But it found another one and you see how the pokemons not out yet But it’s catching it so it knows that it’s coming out and it knows what’s going to be there and It catches it so you can literally throw out an incense for example and chill out in a special spot At the park. I’m just pulling into another parking spot over here and you can catch a bunch of Mon so, let’s see. Not close enough to that one yet. So, let’s go to a poke stop that we are or should I say a gym That we’re going to be near And I’m gonna battle it a little bit And that way I can show you how while inside of a gym Not only can you catch pokemon that you can actually Spin stops and everything. So the the gym I’m going to right now has around three or four stops right around it, of course aside from the stop inside of the gym itself All right, so you can see there’s a bunch of Pokemon right here and There’s a few stops. So now before it catches everything Let’s go ahead jump into that stop and Let’s go ahead and battle so it’s still catching them. Just miss that one So I’m fighting And you see on the screen how it just showed that I spun the stop or a stop So if there were any more Pokemon around here it would be catching them so as soon as I’m done battling this guy and I’m paying more attention to to The catching are not catching than I am actually battling But okay, so let me just get out of here So now there should be and get out of here. Oh So it’s still spinning and still catching. So one thing I have noticed is Is Over the go-tcha over the the go plus The go-tcha seems to be a little bit slower when you’re inside of a gym to spin stops or to catch pokemon that are nearby not a huge issue because you did see that it was catching pokémon and Other things so it’s good that that’s happening. And as I’m talking not even paying attention really to the game. I’m catching more things so one more test I wanted to do is You know one of the big concerns about having one of these guys is why you’re driving around You don’t you you want to be able to catch pokemon So what I’m gonna show you now is aside from driving on the park, which Obviously, you’re not going to be going 65 or or 45 miles in the park You’re going to be going about 15 miles per hour See and that’s still catching And aside from the vibration that you hear It’ll tell you up here Chimchar was caught or Chimchar ran or you know something along those lines So not only am I recording the screen But i’m having my son Xavier that also has his own channel Xupligon, right? Recording for me as well out here A link to his channel below as well. So you guys can check it out but alright, so we’re almost out of the park and notice that I’m driving a little bit faster than 50 and I’m going about 20 and I’m still catching all these mons that were passing by and spinning some stops Alright, we’re about ready to go out to the open road All right, so out here and of course you could see this guy over here Okay, now we’re just waiting to catch an open pocket here to get out Zoom out more so you can they so you can see the go-tcha also Alright so now we are driving Now obviously if there are no Mon around it’s not going to see anything I’m going now 45, 50 and Now the cool thing not only I’m a passenger that the cool thing not only about the go plus or the go-tcha is That while you’re driving, you know, even when I’m driving on the on the Turnpike see it’s just catching one now And it caught it I’ll show you right here in a second when it caught though, sometimes it does not state when it’s Here’s another one I missed that one. So for example So seedot was the last one I caught so we can see as we’re driving Pokemon in range I just missed that one. We are going 50 miles per hour right now and Now we’re coming up on a stop sign a stoplight Alright my next opportunity to make Uey I’ll take But just want to show you Well, you’ve already you already saw me catch the seedot though. I don’t think there was a notification that the seedot was caught But I just want to show you so you guys could see I had the seedot before and now I’m going 30, 35 Sorry have some cars in front of me. Oh another one going 35 up at here, and I’m going 40 right now Oh another one going 43, but he ran And I would be going faster, but there are cars in front of me As much as I would love to go through them. I can’t All right, so now we are going 40 let’s see if we catch anything All right in a minute I’ll be making a Yui All right right here I’ll be making a Yui Okay, I think it just spun a gym or a stop I’m not sure Going 40, 50 Now we’re not gonna count that one so let’s see if we have anything Okay, we have a Pinser so anything after that Pinser we are going 55 right now We’re still we’re going about 50 Okay, we’re catching one, oh he just ran So the awesome thing about this is Compared to the go+. Oh, I’ve got another one He just ran the awesome thing about this compared to the GO plus is For the GO plus if I felt it vibrate I had to press the button Vibrate press button vibrate, press button. Sometimes you may not realize it’s vibrating and You know to the second third or fourth vibrate like oh it’s vibrating and then you might then you click it Oh Okay, just caught it and let’s see what we got We got another seedot great Well anyway good example of you know How the pokemon go go-tcha Works the fact that you can catch pokemon while you’re driving While you’re going 50 even maybe 55 I do this driving on the Turnpike going much much faster I won’t say that’s could be illegal and then You know spinning stops, and then that why you’re battling Gym’s inside of a gym you can actually Catch pokemon or spin stops, but anyway Iggy out, see you guys


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    In this video, I show you guys how to pair up the Pokemon Go Go-tcha by Datel. After pairing it, I show you guys using it while driving, so that you know you can actually drive around using it, and not be subject to speeds. Also showing you how it automatically catches Pokemon, and catches Pokemon while you are battling gyms and even spinning stops while in gyms.

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