Paternity Tests Mandatory for Defrauded Men Marc Rudov

Paternity Tests Mandatory for Defrauded Men Marc Rudov

Male DNA paternity tests, now available
at your local drugstore. is this true is? Is this a good idea? Is it a bad idea? Let’s find out; Stay tuned! (New Orleans Street Jazz) “My next guest says the these tests are great for unsuspecting men everywhere, and will actually stop women from cashing in on their offspring. Well, surprise, surprise; the man with that view is Marc Rudolph and Lisa will disagrees. Marc you can’t actually believe this.” “I absolutely believe it. Women are untruthful, they’re unfaithful and they’re unabashedly mercenary.” Now, that’s not exactly true for every woman. Of course Marc Rudolph is generalizing. And I don’t necessarily believe that every woman is like this. There are women out there they do take advantage of men in many different ways. But before I get even more into it, let’s roll a little bit more, shall we? “The gyno judicial system allows them to commit paternity fraud that’s exactly what’s going on here, as Dan Springer said. You know, they just did a study in New Hampshire. They found 30% of men paying child support, we’re not the biological fathers” That is incredible! 30% of men raising children? Wow! Not the biological father. That is surprisingly despicable. Now, women have this advantage over men because men can’t really have babies. So, if men can have babies, they can’t really
be in the same position. This really is something that’s more of a double standard when it comes to men and women. Especially when it comes to rights toward
children and paternity tests and whatnot. Are men being robbed? Let’s find out. “In a recent study in Australia of 6,000 DNA tests show the 25% of the women were lying. So this is an anti-extortion kit that men need.” “Marc, Marc; for every woman who is quote-unquote “caught” by one of these paternity tests, there are about a thousand guys out there who’ve cheated on her. And you know what Marc: There isn’t a test you can tell with a guy it’s been cheating Marc.” Because that fucking matters! Oh my God! This is not a matter of who’s cheating and who’s not, it’s a matter of basic principles. Does this poor guy, who was cheated on, have an obligation to raise somebody else’s child, to pay child support for that child, to
put that child through school, to buy that child their first vehicle, all under the guise of being a good father? How does this make any sense? Like, did you hear the condescending tone in her voice? As if this is like some big surprise? Like, “How could you not want to raise somebody else’s child and pay child support for other people’s children. I don’t
understand.” This is unacceptable in today’s society
completely and utterly unacceptable. Do we need this test? Yeah a little bit. “I mean, look Marc; historically
paternity tests have been used by women trying to corral guys into court to say “Let’s get this test because you are the father.” It’s the guy saying “oh no no” unless it’s the case of Anna Nicole Smith. Where everybody wanted to get a part of that paternity test, Marc.” “Lisa, that’s a red herring and it’s irrelevant, and you know it. The fact of the matter is the DNA test helps the man, because the man wants to know that he’s not one of these defrauded guys, and the fact of the matter, 40% of children are being born out of wedlock today and they’re accusing men left and right. “You’re the father, you’re the father.” If women don’t know who the father is, that means that they’re SLUTS!” Ooh yeah; I betcha that burns doesn’t it? When you look at daytime television like Maury Povich or Jerry Springer, they’re always filled with this type of drama. There’s this one woman, I recall, and was like 16 times she’d been on the show and still hadn’t found the father. “The mystery man who could not be here is NOT the father.” “Joey you are NOT the father.” Today, Marysol is back for her 16th DNA test. Will she hear “You are the father”? “You brought a fellow named Reggie to the show. You and Reggie have been together?”
“Yeah.” “Why are you so sure that he’s Anthony’s father?” “Because we went to Florida when I was out there, and we were together for a little bit.” “I’m Reggie, and I’m the 16th man Marysol had tested on this show. I’m back because she’s claiming, yet again, that I’m the father of her son, Anthony. I dunno how she could say she’s
100% sure that I’m a baby’s father. She’s a hustler; she trying to do is get money out of me and I ain’t no sucker. I know how she gets down. I know there’s a possibility that I could be the father. if I am, I’m going to be embarrassed and pissed off. Out of all the guys she slept with, I don’t want to end up being the dad. Everybody in America knows who Marysol is and I don’t want to be associated with somebody like that. So after this, if I’m not the father, don’t bother me!” “So here he is. Reggie, come on out here.” (crowd boos) “You know, you kind of hinted at something. You felt, that if you are the father you would be upset. Why would you be upset?” “Cause, they go by like you see on TV, and I got explain it to everybody that sees him.” “Oh well . . . Oh well.” “I got to explain it! This shit’s embarrassing.” “Embarrassing?” “Do you know that little boy?” “Not really, no. But if he is, I take care of mines.” “I take care of mines; you know what I’m saying? Everyone that know me, know how i do.” “In the case of 2 year old Anthony, Reggie you ARE the father!” Now, men can be whores; men can be sluts, I totally agree with that. There’s a lot of men out there that are going around to setting up franchises. Having kids with all these different women, I totally get those type of guys. And I don’t want to put every guy into that category either, just like I don’t want to put every woman into this category, but clearly when there’s that many partners involved with one woman this test is absolutely crucial, and needed, especially if you don’t to be
duped or defrauded into raising somebody else’s child. “and that’s what’s happening today.” “all right, all right, look Marc; you ask any unmarried single divorce woman who’s raising a child or more and she will tell you, that the cost, doctor’s, dentists, school, everything that comes with a child, is way outweighed by anything that a noncustodial parent would chip in. The fact that you think that women are cashing in on kids is absolutely ridiculous.” That is absolute bullshit! I 100% agree that raising a kid costs a lot of money. But how is it morally responsible to put that burden on somebody that is not the biological
father? How is that responsible? How is that right? That child HAS a biological father. Now, that person might be some kind of deadbeat dad that doesn’t come around, or someone that doesn’t want to work for a living, or wants to be on welfare for the rest of his life. But, that is the choice that you made. You chose to have sex with that fucking loser and that fucking loser doesn’t want to pay child support. that doesn’t give you the right to find some random guy that might have some kind of decent paycheck and force him to pay for your children! There’s something seriously fucked up with that! America, if you’re tolerating this, it’s no wonder this is Babylon the fallen, it is no fucking wonder. “Single women out there have a hard time just even getting their kids through high school with the hope that maybe a few pennies will come in from dads who are reluctant to pay anything else to be dragged into court to take a paternity test Marc.” So, paternity tests are okay when they’re court-ordered? They’re okay, then just not available to the average person because the jig might be up. Now, let’s talk about the baby factories out there. These women that have six or seven kids
from six or seven different fathers, and they live off the welfare system, they
got all this stupid amounts of money coming in from child taxes and child benefits, They live on the welfare system with no consideration for how the child is going to be raised, or how they’re going to pay for the child,
so they rely on the system to do so. That exists too! “In my case, he haven’t been in my life for 6 months and I’m homeless.” “37 year old Angel Adams blames the
system for her problems. a system of social service agencies trying to help her. Adams has 15 children; 12 who are now living with her in this small motel room. While we were in the room, the children had no food available, no shoes, and Adams says they haven’t had a change of clothes in more than three days. We called the Department of Children and Families to see what they’ve been doing to help. The DCF says Hillsborough Kids Incorporated has been helping by paying Adams’ rent, even providing furniture. Adams says it isn’t enough.” Somebody needs to pay for all my children. All our suffering, all our pain, someone needs to be held accountable, and they need to pay.” “Lisa, I just you know I do believe in following the money. 2 names come to mind; Heather Mills and this Lauren Cleary who were on the talk show the other night Moment of Truth . . .” “Red herrings, I’m seeing red herrings . . .” “Not a red herring! Most women act like Heather Mills, I told you this before. It’s just a difference of scale. Look, if women thought raising children was so expensive, then they would just forgo all child support. The reason they want to snag men is because they want the child support. They want a child support, that’s why they do it.” No it’s not, Marc. Sorry buddy, but that’s not why EVERY woman does it. I say a lot of things on this channel against women, I totally get that, but I’m also very realistic when it comes to this type of conversation. You cannot put every woman into that category, like Marc. Not every woman falls into that category. I’m a married man and my wife does not fall into that category. She makes a decent living, she requires nothing from me, she takes no money from me for the child. A lot of times I pay anyway, because I feel that I am a decent stepdad. Nevertheless, there are a lot of women
out there that are not this money sucking vacuum that you might claim that
most women are. So, I will argue with you on that. “If the courts would say “If you’re an unwed mother, no welfare, no child support” Guess how many women would have babies out of wedlock? Zero!” Again, wrong. You’re generalizing, not cool. This is not the way to get people to side with you, at least not the right people. This is how to get angry MGTOW people to side with you. With half the population being women, you
can’t exactly generalize like that and expect for women to actually listen
to you. If you want an audience and actually make a difference in the mentality and the understanding of the the average woman, you cannot just put them all in the same category. “Marc, first of all, it takes two to make a baby. I don’t know, you’ve probably never been in that position, but it takes 2!” (other woman laughing) Really? I’m calling Whiny Vaginy on
this. Whiny fucking Vaginy! This is the type of woman, that if she is being outwitted, if she has no real argument to fight back with she can’t use her brain; maybe she wasn’t breastfed properly or something like that. but for some reason, if you can’t defend yourself properly, if you run out of ideas or any moral intelligent arguments, let’s just go right to the insults. Something that Marc Rudolph has not done yet. This is the way to defend men. Maybe with a little less generalizing towards women, but at least he’s not attacking her back, which makes him the better person as far as I am concerned. “There’s no women out there they would say they’re going to have a baby, we’re not talking about any kind of special alimony for women; we’re talking about child support, support for children. that are bred by 2 people. Yeah, again bred by two people. Yes, everybody can agree on that. If those two people had a baby, then those two people should pay for that
baby. Not some guy that just came along and fell in love, and fucking suddenly
he’s responsible for everything that child does. She makes no fucking sense; this girl is out of her fucking tree. “If unwed mothers would not get any child
support they would not have babies out of wedlock.” “Marc, you are off the branch again; I don’t know what corral you’re living in.” “Lisa, you come from a world of windchimes and meadows and puppy dogs and sunflowers but you don’t come from the real world, Lisa. Women commit paternity fraud all the time. I just read your statistics at the beginning of segment.” Yeah, keep shaking your head you fuckin’ idgit! “those are real statistics and a lot of
women are lying about the real fathers.” “It’s interesting that none of those stats ever get into a courtroom where you have to have reasonable evidence.” Reasonable evidence?
They did polls on it, and studies on on it. Where would we be without statistics? What the fuck is wrong with this bitch? “There’s a reason for that, Marc; because they don’t belong in a courtroom, these tests.” “As Ronald Reagan used to say: trust the fair fight. They should make DNA testing mandatory. Every baby born . . .” “If you’re taking paternity tests in a marriage, you have bigger problems than a paternity test.” “Lisa, it’s just like a prenup; same thing.” “Goodbye Marc.” “Bye Sweetie.” So, that’s the end of the video. You could imagine how this would spark a lot of controversy in the media. Imagine if every birth, regardless of marriage, regardless of anything that happened between these two people, it was mandatory for that child to have a paternity test. Imagine that. There wouldn’t be any paternity fraud anymore. So, why aren’t we doing this?
It makes perfect sense. I think that every child, as soon as they’re born, should have that paternity test, no questions asked. It wouldn’t be difficult to do. It is mandatory to take blood tests for the children in the first place So, as far as availability of blood is concerned, they’re doing it anyways, you might as well make a swab. Do something. I think it’s perfectly reasonable if women wants child support for their children. Then, why not just agree to it? Unless you’re hiding something. But anyway, that’s all I have to say on the matter, for now. Like, comment or subscribe. I love your comments; please keep them coming. I love engaging conversation. No matter how aggressive, it always seems to get interesting, and I love shooting the shit back and forth you with you. So, keep it up! I have a book coming
out, well it IS out, that’s called The Book of Neophyte: The Awakening. It’s the first part of a ten-part series and a bestseller. You check it out at or Chapters or It available all over the world, internationally, so take a look. I do have a sequel coming out, it’s called the Order of the Golden Dawn. You can read the first chapter in the last part of the first book, so I think it’s going to do exceptionally well. but take a look at it . . . or not; whatever. I don’t fucking care. Once again, my name is Stephen Alexander and thanks a lot for watching! (New Orleans Street Jazz)


  1. cheating vs having to pay for another guy's crotch goblin for 18+ years is a pretty big difference….stupid bitch

  2. It's crazy how the audience booed Reggie but not the chick doing her 16th DNA kit…..note to Reggie, your life is over son!

  3. You married a single mom with a kid! I agree with most of what you said but WTF are thinking you're now on the hook for that kid if the dad stop's paying or she loses her job!

  4. Hi guys, yes sir, you have to ask for a DNA test, has to mandatory for every child she said that is yours, tank you for your advice, keep it up, we just weak up.

  5. I love how the laydees act like this doesn't happen. Of course it happens. Of course they dont want DNA test. It would keep them honest. This should be mandatory.

  6. Ok, we get it, not all women are bad, but if the majority are, why take the risk? Why be lied to, if the percentage of divorce, child support and alimony are such large numbers, mature adults that were taught by parents not to have sex before marriage, you wouldn't have these issues at such a high rate, but we as men are dealing with natural born liars, how do you ever know the truth coming from a woman? Actions, words, or both? I would want to know my real father, I do, because my mom doesn't play the games of these women today, she knew that hurts children and society when you don't know who your dad is and where you come from! How corrupt do you have to be as a human being to fuck with that?!🤔😐 And you wonder why men don't want marriage and kids, it's a joke, no one is telling the truth to men because they know their place in the family and they want cash and prizes, it's never for the benefit of men and their children, America is over because women can't be honest and loyal to men, and men aren't throwing their lives away on lying bitches

  7. Lost me. Men are not sluts. A man whore is a man that has sex w men for money. I gigolo is a man that has sex with women for money

  8. Why do women think they can just put their hands into a man's pocket to take his money to support children that aren't theirs or that they never asked for. Paternity tests should be mandatory and what's with argument that because some men cheat all men should pay? Confirms his statement that women are greedy and selfish.

  9. Feminism is Cancer – every country with Feminism is dying with falling birth rates far below replenishment levels, mass immigration population replacement, women swing the vote left wing and create Feminazi laws supporting Divorce Rape, Paternity Fraud, False Allegations, heavy Welfare State and Mass Immigration. Women control voting majority as they kill men years early via stress, pressuring them to work harder jobs and longer hours to provide for them (monks and nuns have similar lifespans), husbands get financially destroyed by cheating ex-wives who steal their house and lifelong alimony, widespread Paternity Fraud (1/3 kids tested have wrong father, eg. founder Richard Mason), men are 80% of suicides and divorced men are 10x more likely to kill themselves than divorced women, False Allegations without due process protection (Title IX), institutionalized male gender discrimination eg. negative media stereotyping, affirmative action hiring practices, anti-male college culture, even 60% harsher sentencing for the same crimes (white vs black sentencing has 10% disparity by comparison). History will judge Feminism as worse than Nazism and Communism combined in terms of the long term damage and decline of western civilization.

  10. 2. That is the flawed logic of women. In their fucked up mind cheating and lying to a guy about paternity is the same thing.

  11. 3. Wrong. Men and women going out and sleeping around is not the same because of the way both genders value the other. Women value men for their wealth and resources. Men value women for their youth and reproductive ability. Therefore… No man wants a woman with a 100,000 miles on her odometer. So trying to make out like they are both the same is a flat out lie.

  12. 4. Most single mothers are below the poverty line. They do not want a father for their children, they already have the state as the father to the children. All they want from the father of the children is his money.

  13. 5. LOL yes you can put every woman in that category. You as a man are a necessary evil, a means to an end to a woman. Trust and believe, if your wife that you think so highly of thought for a minute that divorcing you would be a better financial choice for her. She would do it in a minute. I can't tell you how many friends of mine that had "the one". They were so sure they had the unicorn. Right up until she wanted a divorce for no reason other than she wanted a divorce. Probably already screwing his replacement before she ever said a word about wanting a divorce.

  14. LOL she doesn't ask anything of you for a child that is not yours? LOL LOL LOL I call humanitarian of the year LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL. Oh my, you moron. You are footing the bill for her bastard child LOL. Do you pay bills in the house where the child lives? If so you are footing the bill LOL LOL.

  15. Single mothers are money sucking vacuums. And I'll go one further. She is a single mother by her own choice. What she did was screw the loser, had his offspring and then found a sucker beta to help provide for the child.

  16. Again you are wrong, and I must say it's getting tiresome you being wrong so often LOL. Mark is absolutely right, do I think stopping all social programs to single mothers would totally stop all single mother households? No, but the numbers of single mothers would be so minute that they wouldn't even show in statistics.

  17. Wrong again LOL. Roe v Wade changed the game forever. Women do not have to have any child she does not want. We live in a society where men have the children women WANT the man to have. If we are going for complete equality across the board, men should have the same right as women. If he doesn't want to be a parent he should be able to financially abort the child as long as abortion is legal. He should have the right to stop her from killing his child if he wants the child. In that case she could have the child and he would take his child.

  18. Why wouldn't we make DNA test mandatory? Because money. If it is proven that the guy she wants to be the father is not the father she would lose access to his resources it's that simple.

  19. Fuck every women and men in the audience of this show. Who is obviously slandering him but not her. They had unprotected sex shame on both of them. And SHAME on her for doing that so many time with so many dudes. No protection rely? That's gotta be the case. Or she would know who the father is. No man or women in there right mind feels sorry for this women.

  20. Should be a nationwide law that all children born automatically get a paternity test at the hospital and parents are given copies of it free with more available for a fee in the future.

  21. MTGOW is the only answer to these deceitful hoes, and before someone says NOWALT, just imagine having to skydive and you knew that half of the parachutes would not open, would you still jump or just rub on out and go do what you want to do with you day.

  22. @11:18

    well to be fair the most common thing from a women who's losing an argument is insulting / attacking a man's sexuality , personal ( accomplishement or income ) , or physical violence.
    i know not all women behave like this, but once i realised that i started paying more and more attention to how often this would come up in arguments and i was quite surprised lol
    i would say about 8/10 women would try to insult a man like that when tings doesnt go her way. ( again , those are just anectodal to i could be wrong lol )

  23. Most women look at men as disposable ATM'S. A woman may not destroy your life, but she always has the option. Enforceable by police and the courts. No thanks. To much risk not enough benefits

  24. It should go without saying that paternity tests should be mandatory and this is so blatantly self evident that I have to be suspicious of any government that opposes them.

  25. My boy is almost 4 years old. I asked the doctor for a blood test. She said no. I asked for the type of blood from the office. No. I asked the cord blood. No. I asked the pediatrician and he said no. I asked my wife and she said that it wasn’t necessary because I am O-. We now have a new baby and I just don’t recall magic happening in that entire month. (At three months pregnant). Are you sure that blood test are mandatory at birth?

  26. you never ever accept a child as yours without a DNA test. even if your married. then again why are you married do you want to support a woman for life?

  27. The woman said you have bigger problems in your life if you are questioning paternity of a child……like WHAT? Taking care of someone else's child financially for 18 years? WTF? Women are becoming brain dead morons.

  28. That news chick got no morals. She prolly had a good ol time in college, if you know what I mean.

  29. hahaha idiot, they always have the same stupid reasons and justifications. I love it, we cant question them, cant look through their phones, cant ask where they go, but the psycho imbeciles demand and sometimes violently so that they have the right to all of the above. FUCK THEM. never date, never marry, never support, never be there for them, give zero assistance, zero babies, zero jobs, just full equality for these men with tits.

  30. Fraud is a Crime! Isn't it? Could someone tell me if that's right.

    There are some women out their, that should never be mothers.

    I'm talking form experience.

    Being that once child, that was never wanted, cared for, beaten senseless, for no reason, blamed for the break down / split up of the family, at the age of 16yrs, by his older siblings, never being loved, always being told. "You were a mistake, we tried to get rid of you, that's why you were born in Italy, you were to far gone".

    In my younger days, I used to use sex as a tool to feel wanted, even if I was in a relationship with.
    I wanted to please everyone so I would be liked.
    I made a few mistakes, to soft, easy going, until you pushed the wrong or to many buttons, I snapped, never got physical, just wanted away.
    I'm a 53yrs old man. I will never marry, thank God I don't have kid's, that would break me, but at the same time I would love a family, but at my age it will never happen.

    I've just got it right now, I Don't put up with women's shit tests!
    I want a woman to make me laugh and smile!
    And sex doesn't rule me, I will and have said No, to sex when a girlfriend has wanted it!

    It works BOTH ways ladies and guys are sick and tired of your bullshit, narcissistic.

    So ladies woman up and grow some, you want EQUALITY, I'm 100% for that, but it's 100% EQUALITY, not the shit we have now..

  31. Several courts have ruled that if man has held himself out as the father of a child and later discovers that it isn't his child he is still required to pay child support.
    In some states if you are married then you are automatically the father of any child born from your wife.
    I believe that the reason for this is that the state doesn't want to be on the hook for helping out the mother and just see any man as a walking wallet.

  32. It’s a loophole a definite anomaly
    Lawyers wanna make money lobby for paternity fraud to be illegal
    That’ll make em think twice

  33. I glad he didn’t say not all, because they have the chance. We know women cheat, and it easy for her to hide it if she sleep with the main guy within the time frame.

  34. I agree if their was no money for unwed mothers, it would drop. We seen this in the past. With birth control stuff, it is possible. Plus during civil right over 90% of people with kids had both parents.

  35. Overall, statistically women cheat mire then men do. Listen to these women want to debate marc. Look at that smirk on her face, typical woman. Women like to think they got one over on the man.


  37. Well some states don't care about paternity test.. even your not the dad.. if your name came up your paying..

  38. 30% damn.. I need to take my 2 kids to get tested asap damn..that's alot of lying cheating whores!!!!

  39. yes the government don't want you to find out lol..cause then they got to pay arsholes crooks bad why would I want to pay for Chads sperm why would I want to get fucking real..and to make things way way worse they lock you up for been a dead beat dad for a child that is not yours ..fuck me

  40. Funny how that woman sidestepped the core of the argument and made it about something else. Liz is one of those lying cheats.

  41. Not all of them are like that is a lame and worn out argument. What percentage would one should consider to be enough to be allowed to generalize.
    It is women who are driven to have babies and they will do all sort of things to have one. It is biological drive and just as much as economical. These days it is more and more about men’s money. But not all per idiotic disclaimer. just to let us stupid once to know we are fair.

  42. No mother, hospital or father should be allowed to sign up a male as the father unless a dna test is taken, and dna test should be taken at birth, and if mother dont allow dna test they should not get funding/help from government aswell as what they say is the father. And the females who allready lied to males that they are the father and got the socalled father to pay for the kids and or trying to live for free and get a male to think they are the father for 18 years should send these females to jail aswell as pay back everything the male paid for aswell as for the connection they get with the kids on those years.

  43. This female on the tv show saying what the father would chip in is not enough, no she missed the mark cause she wants males who are not the father to pay the same just because the female lied and said he was the father and there was no dna test, thats why there should always be a dna test done so the wrong male dont have to pay

  44. DNA testing should be mandatory at birth! If you are not the biological father, then your name does not go on the birth certificate.

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