Pawn Stars: 1891 $1 Silver Certificate | History

Pawn Stars: 1891 $1 Silver Certificate | History


  1. Doctor: Chum has a brain tumor and he needs a surgery for 200,000 dollars to fix it
    Rick: Best I can do is 80,000 and I’m taking a big risk here

  2. I like how every single time they get one of there “ friends” to check it they go “but” at the end and bring the value down so much more. I’m starting to feel like they do that ok purpose to get a steal

  3. He said after being offered 800 dollars and after being told it will sell for around 1500 “can’t ya give me 1400 dollars” what a dipshit

  4. I have a crack pipe used by Mayor Marion Barry
    Let me call my export on drug paraphernalia

    Let me examine this
    This was indeed Marion Barry's but it wasn't used on the night he was busted
    The value goes from $500 to about $220.
    i'll give you $50. I'm taking a risk
    I have to frame it and pay an auction tax i'm lucky if i double my money

  5. I looked it up. The bill uncirculated does sell for $1,500. He Actually did get a good deal getting $1,100 especially with having a slight centerfold. Expert is dumb saying it could be worth $20,000.They do that for the show to get all kinds of crazy and funny reactions.

  6. at 110 he asked how much he wanted for the dollar $1500. at 330 the exsp said $1500 ??? set up or what. in the uk they use a light box as well

  7. As soon as they say it could be worth a large lump sum! Im walking out if they dont give me 3/4 that price.. Id told them 15 grand take it or im out

  8. The bill “expert” looks a bit sketchy . Probably was told to say “yeah it’s worth 1500” no matter how good it is .

  9. the expert is woking with Rick big time. what i dont understand is the stupidity of some people being so naive,this guy could´ve easily sold this on ebay for at least 7gs

  10. Lets be honest, Customer said one thing but hes really thinking, i need money because i failed to make it in to the ufc.

  11. A slight fold or any fold drops even the most pristine looking bill from the high 60s range (on a 1-70 grading scale) to the 40s-50s. Instantly, and that dramatically reduces its worth. Doesn't matter how good the bill looks without the fold. A center fold is a center fold. I see many people who plainly don't know what they're talking about saying it must be a scam. Coin and bill grading can be very counter intuitive, but it is a fact of numismatics. It's no different than having a rookie Mickey Mantle card with dull corners and griping because you got a low offer while you think dull corners shouldn't matter.

  12. Ok. This guy just got straight scammed. I mean, it’s really his fault for not doing research. But these guys are extortionists.

  13. I'll give 5 bucks 4 those samurai sword they really old and I'm taking all the risk 😋and I'll give u 1.50 for those silver liberty coins u probably have behind the glass😅

  14. The seller doesn’t realize the USD he’ll get is just printed money. And there’s no limit to the USD the Federal Reserve can print. It pales in comparison to one silver dollar bill. This bill is backed by silver. Rather than the USD backed by a printing press.

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