Pawn Stars: Expensive 1896 Silver Certificates (Season 3) | History

Pawn Stars: Expensive 1896 Silver Certificates (Season 3) | History

What do you got here? I’ve got some of these
bills from the 19th century. RICK HARRISON: Do you
know anything about them? VINCE: I really don’t. RICK HARRISON: What you have
here is education money. VINCE: To, like,
fund education, or? No, it was just
to educate people about beautiful works of art. For the time, that
was really risqu to put bare breasts on bills. Yeah, I can see. Hm, check that out there. RICK HARRISON: [chuckles] [whistling] VINCE: I decided to
come to the pawn shop today to sell some old currency. I’m kind of scared
because I’m supposed to be getting
married in a month, and I spent $7,500 on this. If I don’t get my
money back, I’m going to have one pissed-off fiancee. RICK HARRISON: We have a Bolton,
inventor of the steamboat. And that’s Morse right there. Morse code. And it’s one of
the few bills where Martha Washington’s on it. In 1896, the US government
issued silver certificates that were educational notes. The reason they did
this is because, if you lived in a rural community,
you would never get to see art. There were no nearby museums. So they figured, hey,
let’s put them on money. So where in the world
did you get these? VINCE: I was in an estate sale. I got caught up in this auction,
and man, I just really hope I can make something out of it. Do you mind telling me
what you paid for them? $7,500. I’m always getting into
some type of trouble. Yeah. Happens all the time. RICK HARRISON: This money
is just– it’s beautiful. I mean, it’s the
prettiest paper money the United States ever made. And arguably, some of
the prettiest paper money ever made in any country. Is the artwork, you
know, have anything to do with the value of it? RICK HARRISON: Well,
that’s one of the reasons why these are so collectible. But paper money is weird
the way it’s graded. There’s 70 different grades
of a piece of paper money. And the grade on these
things is so important. The difference
between a 50 and a 55 is thousands of dollars
on a bill like this. Wow. This was worth anywhere
from $200 to $25,000. Really? Depending on the grade. RICK HARRISON: Depending
on the condition of it. Wow. RICK HARRISON: And when we
start talking money like that, I have to have
someone look at it. Let me call up a buddy of mine. He knows everything
about this stuff, so we can get a
better understanding of the grade of them. No problem. It sounds good. RICK HARRISON: This
guy is out of pocket $7,500, which makes him
either a genius or an idiot. So I’m going to get my
buddy Leonard in here to have a closer
look, and hopefully, he’ll have some good news. These are some
important banknotes. These are silver
certificates from 1896. This is what we call
the educational series. So they all mean something. They all mean something. This one is the $1 note. This is History educating youth. You know, young country. History’s going to educate us. On the back, George and Martha. The $2 note, we’ve got Science,
Electricity, and Steam. On the back, we’ve got
Robert Fulton, Samuel Morse. And Science is presenting
Electricity and Steam to Commerce and Industry. In this one, we’ve got Civil
War heroes Grant, Sheridan. And this note shows electricity
is the dominant force in the universe. This is 1896, they
figured that out. VINCE: And I thought
this was just a bunch of naked women on a bill. [chuckles] The grading of these
notes is what’s important as far as their value. Were the notes used? How much were they used? Are they folded? Are they stained? Are they crisp? Are they nice and bright? Here’s what we got here. The $1 note, we got a
center fold right here. Slight– it’s hard to
see, but it’s there. This note’s worth $700. $2 note’s got a horizontal
fold, three vertical folds. This note’s $2,500. Make you feel a little better? Oh, that’s a little better. LEONARD: This note’s got
a very light center fold. It’s the most desirable
note of the three. This note is worth, um, $7,500. A little over
$10,000 for the lot. Thanks, Leonard. Any time. Take care, buddy. RICK HARRISON: $7,500 turned
out to be a decent gamble for this guy, because
most notes I’ve seen like this are beat to hell. They’ve been circulated. But these are in amazing shape. There’s no question I want them. So now I let you know
what they’re worth, how much you want for them? I’m thinking $10,000. I’m thinking $8,000. I just spent $7,500 on
these, and the risk I took is just worth more
to me than $500. I’ll let you make $1,000
off me and not a dime more. So $8,500? $8,500 is it period. You got to think, man,
$1,000 is a good profit on a complete gamble. You know what, for
$1,000, all right. $8,500. Corey, you want to write him up? Yeah, let’s go
do some paperwork. RICK HARRISON: I’m so
glad I kept my poker face. When he started to grab them,
I thought he was out the door.


  1. Curious when they bring these guys to check the item does rick tell em on the phone "hey dont make it sound too expensive for i can afford it"

  2. I'm stunned Rock went so high so early. If they are worth 10K, he usually offers like 5500 then says he's taking all the risk, they ill take years to sell etc

  3. Don't ever tell a pawnbroker what you paid. He should have held on to them.Each passing year their only going to appreciate in value.

  4. Hold up. You’re engaged, going to get married. And in this crazy time and with all that money you’re spending, you decide to drop 7,500 on collectibles?

  5. I wonder how they can buy these banknotes without any counterfeit check! These old bills don't have any security features and it shouldn't be a problem for a professional to counterfeit them.

  6. Best advice for all gold and silver pawners:
    Tell Rick that you paid a high amount for the thing you're selling , and he will offer you a good deal.

  7. All the seller was thinking about was his fiancee' snapping on him 🤣🤣🤣 lol. I would've postponed the marraige & came home with the news that i could get @ least 10k or more off those notes smh.

  8. I love how so many people think they should get full value from a pawn shop. And it is very rare for a private citizen to get full value from anyone.

  9. I have bills from the 19th century. What are they? I’m not really sure. But hey I bought them for $7500 for bills I no nothing about so I’m hoping to get my money back or I’ll be divorced before I even get married. Thank you.

  10. Who the f*** put $7,500 up on a blind Gamble and then secondly who the f*** puts up $7,500 on a gamble for only $1,000 paycheck

  11. In history Latinoamérica people don’t respect Rick and call him Thanos I see people who comment in English say Rick why? Is more polite people who comment in English? 🤷🏼‍♂️

  12. They phone the expert in the back office, tell them to price them lower and catch a bung of $500 for their trouble…..everyone's a winner.

  13. Why would you tell
    Him what you paid for them???? Also, they always ask how much you want for something Before the Expert comes in…. I would say let’s see what the Expert says and then I’ll tell you how much I want for it.


  15. Another beta male getting rid of historical pieces for his controlling future to be dominant wife. I bet she pegs him. What a chump.

  16. Stupid people. You should never purchase things at auction if you don’t know what the af is really cost etc. That woman whoever gonna marry him will have a tough future.🤦‍♂️

  17. You can tell Rick would have paid higher that the 10 grand quoted his eyes got money hungry but the seller was a small time shmoe.

  18. In England I think we still have coins in circulation older than those 😂! Ok not quite but America is a baby really! There’s a school not far from me built in 1440 and and when building a road not far away they dug up an entire roman settlement from like 200AD or something and then there’s stone henge that’s about 5000bc lol! Geez when I was a kid I hit a wasp in the garden with a sea side spade and hit a coin from 1901 in the mud 😂! And I think my grandads screwdriver set was made in about 1850! It’s crazy to think the village I live in is probably around 10 times older than the actual United States! Comparatively speaking we have “modern architecture” that’s older than America! I think in America any building built pre 1900 is old, here I don’t think we’d even class it as settled into its foundations post 1800’s just yet!

  19. So people go into a pawn shop without knowing anything about the item they are trying to sell? And this guy isn't even married yet and he is scared of his future wife? Grown some balls dude.

  20. I have a coin Napoleon III gold 1857 US currency silver 1799 and meteorite gold weight of 360 carats for sale in the bank in Egypt Do you have a buyer or dealer

    00201096270811 Mohamed

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