Pawn Stars: Extremely Expensive One-of-a-Kind Rifle (Season 16) | History

Pawn Stars: Extremely Expensive One-of-a-Kind Rifle (Season 16) | History

[music playing] Hey, how’s it going? Hey, what’s up, man? How you doing? What do we got here? It’s a Baker rifle. It’s a hand-me-down
from my grandpa. You mind if I
take a look at it? Yeah, absolutely. All right, Ezekiel
Baker, London, Gunmaker to His Majesty. Wow. And it’s breech loading. So instead of having to,
like, pack it down like that like they used to, you could
actually put the ball in there. Oh, wow. OK. Buddy, I got to tell you. You got something here I’ve
never even seen before. That could be a good thing. [laughs] I’m here at the
pawn shop today to sell my Ezekiel Baker rifle. It was from a family member. So I’ve had it for
a couple of years. I don’t know that much about it. I know that it could be rare
and hoping it’s valuable. That’s pretty cool. You know, Ezekiel
Baker was really well known in the gun industry. He made guns late
1700s, early 1800s. OK. He was really well known
for, like, a lot of innovations and, like, weird stuff
that he would do to guns that made them more modern. You know, this whole
little mechanism here, I have never really seen before,
especially with a flintlock and stuff like that. It’s pretty interesting
to say the least. OK. What are you
looking to do with it? I want to sell it. OK. Any idea what you think
it might be worth? Because I have– I truly have no idea. Yeah, I’m kind of
thinking, like, 12,500. Like I said, I have no idea. OK. Do you mind if I have
a buddy of mine come down and take a look at it?
– No. That’d be great. This is awesome. That’s a good sign, right? Holy– I hope so. Oh, yeah. This is crazy. Well, this is a one
of a kind piece. Oh, wow. And that’s why I called you. So what can you
tell me about it? So it’s breech loading. I’ve never seen
this little lever type device that Baker made. So my best guess is that this is
probably some type of prototype or was a custom ordered gun. That’s pretty cool. I have a slight
concern about this lever. See, it’s really pretty loose. So firing it would
be a good idea only because if this
lever doesn’t really work, then you have a cool gun,
and it’s a prototype, but it’s not really practical. So what’s it
worth if it fires? What’s it worth if it doesn’t? I think if it’s
non-functional, I think it’s in the
sort of 15,000 range. Oh, wow. I think if it functions and
this thing can actually shoot and perform as it should
and be reloadable, I would be very comfortable
saying it’s $25,000. So we’ve got to go shoot it. Would you mind meeting
me out there tomorrow? That will be really fun. Yeah, let’s do that. All right, come with me. I’ll give you the directions. And Alex, I’ll meet
out there tomorrow. All right. Cool. – Thanks, man.
– Thank you. Appreciate it. You’re welcome. So we ready to
fire this thing or– Yeah, we’re ready to go. So the first thing we do is
we use this little lever. We insert the ball. We push the lever forward. Now, that ball rolls forward
and into a little chamber. And now, see, the ball is gone. So then I take the
black powder, dump that into the little chamber, push it
forward, and now, it is loaded. OK? Eyes and ears. Here comes a bang. [gunshot] Woo! [laughs] So at least it didn’t
blow up, and it works. No, it didn’t blow up at all. That was cool. The lever stayed down. That actually
worked pretty well. So what are we
thinking it’s worth? I think, based on the fact
that it works as designed, you know, there’s not
another example out there. It’s a prototype. It’s super rare, Corey. And it’s a really
nice looking gun. I think you got 25,000 for it. Wow. Whoa. OK. Well, I appreciate it, man. Thanks a lot.
– All right. Thanks you very much. I appreciate it. Good luck. So you still
want 12,500 for it? Well, he said it’s
worth 25,000 so– Would you do 15,000? I know you got
to make some money. How about 22,000? How about 18,000? That’s going to be
the most I can do. All right, I can
do it with you. – All right, cool.
– Appreciate it. You want to meet
me back at my shop? I’ll get you a check and
get you paid, all right? Sounds good. Thank you. I was super happy I was
able to make a deal today. It wasn’t the 25 grand
that he said it was worth. But 18,000, super happy. My wife is going
to be really happy. The guy’s wearing a Rolex. I never thought he was
going to go that low.


  1. LOL!
    In the shop:Super rare,if it shoots you looking at a $45G
    Shoots:You looking at $25G
    🤷🏻‍♂️should've gone for $20G

  2. Rick: I know he said $25k but those are auction prices okay. I'll be honest with you I'll give you $5,000 for it. Ugh…….I'll tell you what I'll go $6000 and not a penny more. I'm taking a big risk here. And that's hundred dollar bills.
    Sweeeeeeet come on over here and I'll write you up.

  3. A fool and his money…..I would bet that money is gone already,what a dumb sh%t. I bet your Grandfather is so proud of you 😞

  4. Would of kept it and sold it at southerbees auction in England. A early English prototype breach loading rifle, slick machine for the period.

  5. Where do they find these morons? He just said its a rare prototype worth $25k and he takes $18k! You can be sure hese greedy guys wont take a penny less than $25k for it!

    Odds are it worth far more than that😒

  6. Why do they always say "mind if I take a look at it" or "can I check it out"? Of course you can look at it that's why they brought it in in the first place to sell it… Sheesh!!

  7. This guy is really bad at the art of negotiation. When Corey was bending him over he more or less pulled his pants down for him, kissed him on the mouth and asked him if he wanted to have his Rolex for some monopoly money.

  8. Sublime said it best though, Down there at the pawn shop, what has been told
    Albino made of stone, just remember that it's flesh and bone.

  9. That’s the only one known to exist! You sell it for $18,000!! I can only assume you were desperate and on your knees for fast cash?!

  10. So you inherited a one of a kind super rare and expensive flintlock rifle from your grandpa and you go sell it… Guy definitely doesn't value family very much or should I say he actually puts a dollar value on family.. I would have passed it down to my son and hope it stayed in the family. Somethings you just don't sell. And that's for sure one of the things you shouldn't ever sell.

  11. I love reading the comments before I even watch the video!😂🤣😂🤣
    🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽Corey, least favorite character.

  12. The pawn stars troll comments are so outdated, and retarded. How about either coming up with something original, or make a comment about the unique item the we all get to see…negative people like the troll comments to me, are losers. How about just letting yourself be entertained? Ever thought of that? Jeez

  13. 0:59 to 1:10 When you’ve read one line of a Wikipedia article and fail to sound like you know anything that you’re talking about, but you’re going to talk anyway.

  14. No offense or anything, but if I brought in something like that and Cory approached me, I’d be like “nope, go get your dad or chumlee”

  15. anyone who goes into the shop should already know he/she is not gonna get the price they want to sell for so they should start higher than what they actually so the guys can low ball them to their original price lol

  16. If his story is true, then the really sad thing is that this guy is trying to pawn off a family heirloom so that he can keep gambling in Vegas

  17. Selling family heirlooms…. pathetic….

    The only time that is acceptable, is when you are down in the gutter, with no other way out.

  18. When an item like this comes into the pawnshop and it's a one of a kind being rare. They already know people who would buy it in a heartbeat so they aren't taking any risk. It will be gone by tomorrow. They know they will get top dollar for it.

  19. why did he say "wow" after the the 2nd appraisal? the expert clearly said if its functional that'll be worth 25k at the actual pawnshop

  20. The thing I don’t get is why theses dumbasses sell something that is passed down to you that’s been in the family for years

  21. Not even the 'expert' is wearing gloves when touching the steel. Leason number 1 in museum education: wear gloves. Some materials are an exception, but not wood and steel.

  22. It’s it’s a one of a kind you don’t take it to a pawn shop and take whatever crappy offer they throw at you. Absolute moron. Should have listed it as a privet auction.

  23. I don't understand how people could just sell things that have been in their family for years. I don't know I guess they think they have a reason lol.

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