Pawn Stars: Julius Caesar Silver Roman Coin | History

Pawn Stars: Julius Caesar Silver Roman Coin | History

RICK: How can I help you? Well, I have a coin here. It’s a portrait coin of
Julius Caesar from the month before he got assassinated. RICK: OK. ILYA: This coin is
really interesting. RICK: Yeah, this is cool.
Yes. I think I was actually Caesar
in a different lifetime. [laughs] ILYA: I’m coming
into the shop today because I have a
portrait Julius Caesar coin that I want to sell. I believe it’s a key piece to
any historical coin collection. I’m hoping to sell
it for $4,400. But I absolutely love it,
so I’m not going to take any lowball offer for it. RICK: Yeah, this is cool. I mean, you have
Caesar Dictator. One of the neat things
is is where it says Dictator on the front of it– that’s a negative term nowadays. But back then, it wasn’t. During times of war,
they would assign a person the title Dictator. And a Dictator would do what
was necessary to preserve the Republic. After Julius Caesar
was assassinated, there was a real
power vacuum in Rome. And it wasn’t until
Octavius that basically straightened everything out. The great thing about this
is it’s a 2000-year-old coin with Caesar’s face on it. And I want it. So are you looking to sell it? ILYA: Yeah.
– OK. How much were you
looking to get out of it? I want $4,400 please. RICK: OK. There’s a million variables,
especially with ancient coins. And quite frankly,
I don’t know enough. I don’t know if that’s
a good price or not. Do you mind if I have
someone look at it? Sure.
Please. All right.
I’ll be right back. ILYA: Thank you. I’m really excited that
an expert is coming in to attest to its authenticity. RICK: Since the Roman Empire
doesn’t exist anymore, it’s not illegal to
fake these coins. And I have to find out
if this is the real deal. So I called in Dave. This is the coin. DAVID VAGI: OK. Julius Caesar. Few names in history
ring with the familiarity of Julius Caesar. You know, there’s Napoleon. You know, a few of the
people you can throw in. His murder inspired Shakespeare.
– Yeah. DAVID VAGI: I mean, this is
a serious bit of history. This particular coin was
struck within 30 days prior to Julius Caesar’s murder. Many historians believe that
the fact that his portrait appeared on a coin
was one of the things that led to his murder. RICK: So is it real? Do you mind if I take
it out and look at it? Yeah.
Sure. Go ahead.
Examine it. DAVID VAGI: The
strike is perfect. The style is correct. Everything is right. RICK: OK. DAVID VAGI: It’s
perfectly genuine. All right. So what do you
think it’s worth? DAVID VAGI: When you
get a coin like this, there’s no shortage of buyers. When they are in
fantastic condition, the very best of these have
brought in the neighborhood of $200,000 each. RICK: OK. DAVID VAGI: But there’s
a good amount of wear. It’s circulated. And I think this is worth in
the neighborhood of $1,500. RICK: Retail?
– Retail. RICK: OK. ILYA: To me, it seems
almost ridiculous that somebody would
sell it that low, especially when they
knew its history. DAVID VAGI: Well,
I’m basing it on what I’ve seen them sell for
in auctions in Europe and the United States. But the decision is yours. Thanks for coming in, man.
All righty, man. One last question–
where can I get these for such low prices? ILYA: I understand why the
seller is not happy with that. You know, the fact is these
things are undervalued. And it’s probably best
that he holds onto it because the bottom line is it’s
difficult to replace for less than its current market value. RICK: Dave– he’s been in the
coin business his entire life. And I’m gonna take his opinion. You know, I’d give you
$1,000 for the coin. ILYA: Is this a real offer?
Or– RICK: That’s a legitimate offer. Yeah. That’s not a legitimate offer. You’re just using your position
here trying to buy something for below its market value. RICK: The way market value
is determined is when two people agree on a price. If you don’t like my price,
you don’t have to take it. – How about $4,000?
– No. There’s no money to be made. I have final offer
for you. $3,500. And I’ll take cash,
100 dollar bills. I guess we’re not
gonna make a deal, man. Your loss, my friend. – Thanks for coming in.
– Thank you. Have a nice one. The offer of $1,000 is
absolutely ridiculous. I’m going to hold
onto the coin, and I’m going to try to
sell it to someone else that could
actually appreciate its true historical value.


  1. Expects retail value from a pawn shop. Not gunna lie; this guys stature indicates that he's either a coke head or used to be one. Good thing bout a junky is you can spot them from a mile away.

  2. Cashier: that will be 5$ sir
    Rick: I'l give you 1.75$ final offer
    Cashier: No sir, the price is 5$
    Rick: There is no money to be made I'm taking all the risk here
    Cashier: what risk?
    Rick: Let me call in my cereal expert to take a look at this

  3. This dude reminds me of those sad dudes online who cry and complain about being virgins by other people’s choice and not their own, and say it’s okay to brutalize women because of it 🤕

  4. 1k is not a lowball offer that's what the coin is worth🤦‍♂️ you only buy something for what it's worth unless it's sentimental and then it's still too much😂

  5. Absolute douchebag….. coz this idiot knows the true historical value….. Pbbly didn’t even know who Caesar was until he opened Wikipedia.

  6. what I think he paid 3000 for it and it and was told he could make an extra thousand and it caught him off base so he didnt know how to correctly react. could see me doing the same thing if that happened to me. you've got to kinda think where hes coming from.

  7. Rick you have millions of dollars if someone with not much money want to sell be kind bro. Its good to have money in your hand but its not hopsmid it goes in to your head.

  8. Sorry , but the seller is an idiot by saying he would rather sell it to someone that values the historical value , mean while he was trying to sell it at a pawn shop!!! What an idiot

  9. This is got to be an all Hollywood made t.v. show. They know nothing and always have to call a friend . Lol….. also, why are there so many people in the store , in the background ? And none of them are talking to each other ? This is just dumb.

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