Pawn Stars: SELLER DELUSIONAL about Silver Watches Worth (Season 9) | History

Pawn Stars: SELLER DELUSIONAL about Silver Watches Worth (Season 9) | History

RICK: Hey, how’s it going? Good. Got a watch here I want
to get rid of. $1,000. Let’s talk some money. RICK: OK. You’re pretty sure of yourself. [LAUGHS] LES: Absolutely. I know it’s English-made,
and I’ve been told it’s about 400 years old. RICK: That is definitely cool. So have you ever taken this
apart or anything like that? I never did because I was
afraid I might break something. RICK: OK. LES: I don’t know how to do it. RICK: Well, give me a second,
I might break it myself. [LAUGHS] LES: I found the pocket
watch at a motel. I contacted the
police department. And the lady said, I
guess it belongs to you. Just put it in your pocket. So that’s what I did. I put it in my
pocket and kept it. [LAUGHS] RICK: So we have– if you look right here,
you’ll see a lion. LES: OK.
I see that. RICK: That tells me
it’s sterling silver, which is 92.5% silver. Hmm. RICK: And right, here
you see an anchor. LES: Uh-huh. RICK: The anchor says it’s
made in Birmingham, England. See this little T right here? That would be the date code
for Birmingham, England. LES: So do you know
what year it was? Well, that’s the great thing. I can look all this stuff up. All you have to do
is go online and type in English silver hallmark,
some million sites will pop up. OK. I used to have to keep
around tons of reference books to look things like this up,
but now a lot of it’s online. And here we go, right here. 1893. LES: 1893, that’s a little– RICK: A littler newer. Yeah, not quite
400 years, then. Yeah, but it is 120
years old, and it does run very well for a watch that old. But they don’t go
for a lot of money. OK, what are we talking
about not a lot of money? 100 bucks. LES: No. RICK: Yes. No. There’s– there’s $100
worth of silver in it. No, there’s probably, like,
$20 worth of silver there. Remember, it’s
silver, it’s not gold. Silver is worth
22 bucks an ounce. You probably got right around
an ounce of silver there. LES: Can you do 500? Nope. Uh, like I said, 100 bucks is
a generous offer on this watch. LES: Oh. 200? RICK: Nope, 100 bucks. I– I can’t do it for 100. I’ve got all these grandsons. I figured I could
split the money a little better than I could– BOTH: –the watch? [BOTH LAUGH] Um, I’d give you,
like, 120 bucks. LES: Yeah. No, I can’t– I can’t– I can’t let it go for that. I just can’t do it. OK. Well, let me put it
back together for you. I went in hoping to
take him by surprise. I just said give me $1,000. Let’s not argue about it. But didn’t quite
work out that way. [LAUGHS]


  1. 400 year old pocket watch?! with semi modern gears, semi modern facing and semi modern holdIng accesories and the condition is almost perfect…yeah that guy was a dummy. “I was told that it could be a 400 years old…” by a blind man.

  2. "I thought I'd take him by surprise. 1,000 bucks, let's not argue about it"….obviously he's never seen the show before 😂😂😂

  3. Old people were raised to thinking being aggressive and demanding is the only way to get what you want but times have changed you only look like a aHole

  4. He's not delusional to ask for $200, just leave it to one of your grandkids; you probably have something for the ones that may not want the watch. I'd buy it for 200.

  5. Seller: How old would the watch need to be for you to pay $1000?
    Rick: 300 yrs old
    Seller: ok, I’ll be back in 190 years

  6. Where is his watch expert? …. Why didn't rick give a history lesson on why, or why not?? Good for him. Walk away. Watch was in amazing condition for its time. Besides, he just promoted the watch on pawnstars for free (maybe also a cheap lunch and a lollipop for his time.) and can get the right buyer, at the right worth. This game is getting old.

  7. I think it's quite unfair to call the man delusional.
    If he was asking 500k then yes.
    But $1,000 for what he believed to be a 400 year old watch, to my mind, would seem reasonable.
    Then again, maybe I'm delusional too.

    GIVE ME A THOUSAND BUCKS $$$$$$$$$$$$

  9. Sigh – people need to realize that silver isn't that valuable – today (11/19/19) silver is only worth $17.12 an oz. – 100 year old pocket watch even in silver isn't worth that much

  10. I would still keep the watch and not because it would only be worth $100, but it is silver & pretty old. It still works, too! I think it would be a nice keepsake to have around and pass it as an heirloom.

  11. Most people think they have something super special and it sits around in a drawer…it’s a cool watch, it runs well, for a $100 just use it and carry it and say you have a cool watch…it’s also a better gift than a couple hundred dollar bills shoved in a hallmark card at Christmas to the grandsons.

  12. People try this with cops too. They try getting out of their cars and say "oh, I didn't know my light was out" and then the cop looks closer at all their records.

  13. These titles get more and more click bate by the day… he was not in the least bit “Delusional”. Who’s going to want to come onto your show only to be called that on YouTube after?

  14. $120 is extremely generous, and probably only made that high of an offer because of the cameras. I work at a similar store and we would not pay 120 for a silver pocketwatch unless it was something really special. Hard to be 100% sure, but that watch does not stand out as something special, it just looks like a standard late 1800s pocketwatch.

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