Pearl Party Bracelet Tutorial

Pearl Party Bracelet Tutorial

Hello and welcome to another jewelry making
video brought to you by Today, we are going to be making this happy
bracelet full of beaded pearl dangles. It is kind of like a party on your wrist.
To make this bracelet, the first thing you will need is a bracelet base. I have gone
ahead and started mine here. I have chosen three different types of chain. We have one
with 10 mm links, another with 5 mm, and another with 6 mm.
All I have done is, I have cut one of them to be the length I need for a bracelet. Then,
I put all three onto a jump ring, and then cut the other two to match the length. I also
added a lobster clasp to this end. To finish the other end of the bracelet, all
you need to do is open another jump ring, and slide in all the ends of the chain. Make
sure your jump ring is closed securely. That being done, we now have all of our bead dangles
to make. I have here an assortment of glass pearls.
They actually came in a bag from Fire Mountain Gems. This is called the, “Mixed Glass Pearl
Collection”. They range from 12 mm down to 5 mm.
I have just slid them all on to a head pin. Each bead has also gotten a gunmetal plated
bead cap. That will just tie everything all together. I have about 60 of these here. This
is how I recommend you work. If you are making one of these pieces of jewelry
that has a lot of bead dangles, just do it assembly line style. Get all your beads and
bead caps on to head pins. The next step will be to trim and the step after that will be to
make loops. Let me show you that. You simply take a ruler.
I find it helpful to have a ruler, so that I make them all the same length. You are going
to cut, I like to sort of, grab it with my pliers and pull on it so that I know I’ve got
all the wire that is coming out of the bead. Right at 3/8-inch I’ll snip it with the
flush part of my pliers towards the part I am keeping. Three eights, about a centimeter
of wire sticking out the end Next, grasp that wire, and if you need to
mark a 2 mm spot on your pliers with a Sharpie, So your loops will all be consistent. Put that
wire in there so you can’t feel any of it coming out.
Your hand should be positioned like this, with the pliers facing up. All you do is twist
your wrist. Keep twisting until that wire has crossed over itself. And then, we’re just
going to grab this and bend it back. That centers the loop over the bead, and also uncrosses
it from itself. It should be nice and closed right now. You
are just going to do that with all of your bead dangles. Like I said, it is a great idea to string them all, trim them all and then make all your loops at once. It is just a nice project to sit
and listen to some music, or listen to a good book. Ok, here I have gone ahead and made all of my beads and bead caps into bead dangles just
with simple loops. No need for wrapped loops here. And now, it is time to attach them to
the bracelet. We are going to use 6 mm jump rings. While
I was wrapping my beads, I just took the time to kind of sort these into groups with the
largest, so that each group of three would have a bigger one and a smaller one.
There are 21 links on this 10 mm chain, so I have made 21 piles of three beads. I will
put three on each. Let me show you how we do that.
I am going to grab a jump ring with a pair of chain nose pliers, and hold it on one side.
Use another pair of chain nose pliers to twist it open on the other side. I am going to start
down this end. I am going to slide the jump ring through one of the large links of chain.
Just so it is not crowded, I am going to reposition my chain nose pliers, so I am grabbing
it with the side, just so there is a little bit more room to put my dangles on. I am going
to put on one group of three dangles. This And this is where the bent chain nose come in handy
because you can get into tight spaces. Now, I am just going to make sure that
jump ring is very securely closed. And then, I am going to work my way down this chain
adding a group of three bead dangles to each of these large links. Occasionally perhaps,
catching one of these smaller chains in the jump ring, just to kind of hold it all together.
So there! I have attached all my bead dangles in clusters of three with jump rings. What
I kind of ended up doing, was alternating. One jump ring would grab the silver chain
on one link. And then, the next jump ring would grab this black chain. I just kind of
kept going that way. What you end up with is this very full, it’s actually quite heavy, bracelet. And it really is just a fun kind of party bracelet. This
will be great to do with all crystals. Or it will be wonderful with just a monochromatic
scheme. You could do it with all pearls of one color.
It is actually a very simple project to put together. It is just time-consuming because
of the number of dangles. But it ends up having a rather fun, weighty feel.
Here is another look at the bracelet that we made today. I hope that you like this project,
and you will give it a try. If you like this video, please be sure to subscribe to my channel,
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Bye bye!

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