Pennsylvania woman claims Golden Corral kicked her out for dressing ‘too provocatively’

Pennsylvania woman claims Golden Corral kicked her out for dressing ‘too provocatively’

A Pennsylvania woman claims she was asked to leave a Golden Corral restaurant last week because she was dressed “too provocatively.” Sueretta Emke said she was dining with her family at a Golden Corral in Erie, Pa. when a manager said her crop top was too inappropriate and some customers had complained. Asked what was inappropriate about her outfit, Emke said the manager couldn’t answer. Sueretta Emke, pictured, claimed in a Facebook post that a Golden Corral restaurant manager kicked her out because her crop top was too provocative. (Facebook) Emke wrote on Facebook that the manager’s request probably had more to do with her not being thin, “so it’s not considered sexy.” She said she had seen “people in there wearing less and nothing is said to them.” “How can you not have a dress code but then make one up for certain customers if another customer complains? That’s not ok. It is discrimination,” Emke said. “And if you are okay with that, where are you going to draw the line?” ‘MODERN FAMILY’ STAR ARIEL WINTER FIRES BACK AT BODY-SHAMING TROLL OVER PLASTIC SURGERY QUESTION Emke told Yahoo Lifestyle she reached out to the regional training manager, who “apologized profusely.” He reportedly told Emke he planned to implement sensitivity training and hire more female managers. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Emke said she plans to never wear the crop top again. The Golden Corral did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.


  1. Well damn, if you know you ain’t got the body for it, don’t wear it. She got no business wearing shorty shorts and a crop top.

  2. The tat and roll of belly fat sticking out along with that dirty mop on your head completes the trailer trash look. Take Jim Bob and go smoke your meth and forget about it. I'm sure customers weren't offended just to disgusted to eat…

  3. I like how she's in the mirror taking a picture and they outfit don't look that bad but how do you not know that that outfit was pulled apart a lot more in the restaurant like her top could have been up a lot further she probably pulled it down when she did this photograph the real problem probably what happened is she was very hungry they couldn't bring the food out fast enough and everybody else was starving

  4. What a pig. If you're going to eat everything in sight, cover it up. I would have asked to be moved. Disgusting. Grow manners!

  5. Fat Sloven pig that made half the other patrons lose their appetite, another excellent example of how todays society has no set of decorum or dress standards at all for social situations that their parents knew about years ago, just look at how people dress today to get on a plane if you really want to vomit!!

  6. I think this is a good thing. Americans have turned into a Nation of fat slobs like this woman. I say if you weigh over 300 lbs it should be illegal for you to eat at a buffet.

  7. She's dressed (barely) as if she is trying to prostitute in the very worst area in the very worst part of town. How scuzzy, disgusting and how little self-respect this white trash piece of shit has for herself. I guess her whole family is white trash, too!! Fat, ugly, low-educated glop of shit.

  8. She (It) didn't see people wearing less than It. That is impossible to wear less. It is because he cut-off shorts and top and tattoos make her look like a carni's wet dream. Mega-trash biaatch.

  9. These people here in the comments are such A-holes. There’s no need for the body shaming. I actually feel bad for this woman. You people with your negative opinions can eat a bag of dicks. 🎤

  10. They didn’t throw her out because of her clothing, they kicked her out because she would have sent the restaurant into receivership – what a pig

  11. Walmart meets Golden Corral. Not to be mean but at an ALL-U-CAN Eat dinner,…, the only real code of conduct would be,…, "If you can fit thru the door,…, you're in". Just put shorter serving spoons in the expensive dishes and move them to the back row so they are harder to reach. Then hope for the best!

  12. "People are going to have their own opinions and they're entitled to their opinions, but you’re not entitled to share your opinions to hurt someone else" – SOME DUMB FAT COW

  13. Fucking fat people it's a family restaurant I don't give a fuck if your Beyonce it's not the street corner or Fattys strip Club dress like a whore go somewhere else I'm so tired of this shit

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