Personality Change Machine – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Personality Change Machine – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Big brother, do something. Motu, my big brother, my friend, don’t cry , take this Personality change gun. When you shoot this, the person’s personality gets changed. That means – if the tea maker refuses to give you tea and samosa’s by doing this he shall serve you with love. According to the personality, the clothes too will get change. Thank you big brother, thank you very much. Come Motu and Patlu. Please sit here. I knew you would come back. Patlu, we don’t need the gun now. I feel something is wrong. Motu Patlu, smile please. Motu Patlu, where are you ? They are my good friends, for life time I would love to serve them samosa. Motu, Boxer is walking, if we fall over him, forever we will be in the air, lets change the direction. Change the direction, again Boxer is down. Motu Patlu, now I will sing your favorite songs, sit down. This gun has changed his entire personality, I wish he remains the same. Boxer brother, stop singing. If you want, you can hit us. Enough, stop it. We are ready to get beaten up. Hey, both of you can’t go like this, you have to listen to my song, wait!! This works on the birds too, remove your finger from the trigger. Oh my god!! Whenever god gives, he gives plenty of it. He sent two preys. Hey you both, surrender all the valuables. Motu, you changed his personality too. Chingam sir, we don’t have anything, stomach is empty, pockets are empty, take want ever you want. Don’t fool me. Useless burgers, nothing. Hey Ghasitaram my friend, drop the broom, its enough. Come, lets go and see Motu Patlu have used the Personality gun and changed the tea maker or not? Dr Jhatka, where are Motu and Patlu ? They left without listening to my song. I wont spare them. When did you start singing? I don’t know. May be from very long time , I have been singing, would you like to listen. Oh my god!! You dropped over me, now surrender all your valuables. Motu and Patlu have changed everyone’s personality. Now, what will happen? Sir, just wait for one minute. I thought after the loot, I will lead a good life, but this Chingam has come in between. Wow boss! What a poetry!! You fool, forget the poetry and run!! Sir, give me a chance. I will be a good team member. I will work hard and and do as you say. One chance sir, let me join your gang. Boss, I think Chingam has changed. He has turn in to a thief. Why not test him, by giving him a job? You are right. Motu Patlu have really harassed us a lot. Chingam go and teach Motu Patlu a lesson. Wow boss!! What a poetry!! Forget the poetry. Catch Motu Patlu, beat them up and bring them to me. As you say boss. Oh my god!! Hey Motu Patlu save your lives. Chingam, John, Boxer are looking for you. If they catch you then nobody can save you. Motu, hurry up, lets run away from this town. Hey, Motu Patlu my friends, where were you? Come have hot tea and samosa. No, not now. Hey Motu, his personality too has changed, look at his clothes and with love he is serving us the tea. Free samosa! We did all this because for this samosa only. Motu run, they are coming, we will have samosa later. You both cant go unless I feed your stomach full of samosa. Enough!! Cant eat any more, but you keep feeding. Motu, they have arrived, do something. My brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach, you do something. You ate so many samosa’s, still your stomach is empty. Idea!! Break the rope and lets run from here, quickly. Hey, wait!! Wait, eat the samosa. Eat my samosa’s. Motu Patlu wait, listen to my song. Wait, let me beat you all. Let me call Dr.Jhatka. Hello, big brother help us. Entire town people are following us. When will they turn back to normal? Keep running, they will be normal within 1-2 months. Ok. Oh! 1 or 2 months!!


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