Perth Mint silver bar shortages should be corrected by mid March 2016

Perth Mint silver bar shortages should be corrected by mid March 2016

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Tuesday 23rd February 2016 and we
are commenting very briefly on a reply we received from the Perth Mint concerning shortages
of certain gold and silver products. One of our subscribers asked us the following
question: “What’s your opinion on the Perth mint being
out of stock on all 10oz, 1kg and 100oz gold and silver bars?”
Well our answer is very simple and straightforward. Rather than speculate, as some of the usual
suspects do and who then pretend that all of the silver and gold has run out and the
apocalypse is about to descend, we thought we would ask the Perth Mint directly. Now
many of our subscribers know we are very supportive of the Perth Mint. They produce some of the
most beautiful gold and silver products and that they are also willing to reply to questions
promptly and with due candour. In fairness to them they responded very quickly to our
question and this was their response: “The Perth Mint is in the process of adding
an extra shift to cope with the demands of the market for its silver cast bars. We should
see more product flow through in mid-March.” So there we have it. That is their formal
response which they have allowed us to officially quote.
Now what is our take on this? How do we read this statement? Now it has to be understood
this is just an interpretation and not based on any additional information provided by
the Perth Mint. It is clear that the demand for their silver
cast bars is significant. So much so, that they have run low or completely out of certain
products. They are adding additional man hours to deal with this and naturally expect to
be back up to speed with stocks, supply and delivery through mid-March. So they are not
saying that silver has run out. They are not saying that there is no more silver to buy.
In fairness, what they may be suggesting is that the demand was greater than anticipated,
a point we should all acknowledge, but they are confident they can remedy this situation
within the next month. We did notice however that no comment was made with regards to gold
bars and so we have written back to ask them to clarify whether the same applies to them.
We hope this answers our subscriber’s question, and also we thank the Perth Mint for their
reply. Do you agree with our interpretation or do you have a different take on events?
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worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions
must not be deemed to be giving such advice and merely represent the personal views of
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  1. Thank you for digging deeper Illuminati Silver!.. I think the information shows demand is high and supply is weak. Probably something we will be seeing more of this year especially when the Perth mint is not the only bullion dealer experiencing supply shortages currently. I also think that if India drops their 10% import duty on gold at the end of the month there could be a further increase in PM demand.

  2. FFS, I was going to make a purchase soon. I can only hope the price doesn't drop too much and I miss out.

    Canberra Mint only does coins.

  3. It's a bit fishy to be honest. The Perth mint is my favourite of them all but speculation on bottle necks in supply may course concern for investors further pushing the price up. Otherwise it's all speculation at this moment in time. Take it easy.

  4. Whoa, this is news to me. So it's not just US Mint with record breaking sales of silver eagles but Perth Mint can't even keep up with their orders?! What's going on here? Who's been on a buying binge over there?

  5. I always took US shortage stories with a pinch of salt but Perth mint who usually always maintained there was never a problem when the US maintained there was seemed to be a more trustworthy version of the true picture.

  6. Thank you for a very imformative video, I think that your interpretation was well thought out and presented (I do always enjoy your accent). Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. I knew that they were out of silver bar stock but I didn't realize that they were dry on gold bar stock. Does anyone know what size gold bars they are out of stock?

  8. Perth Mint is where I check Silver Price and Bar availability, and they are frequently out of 10 ozs or 1 kilo or 100 ozs but maybe not all three at the same time. But I don't buy from them because i'm too stingy to pay postage.

  9. Do you see any truth in this really happening? If so, what do you think of it?

  10. Da bull is back. Key area current. GLD added 20 tons of gold to coffers yesterday (on a down day for the yellow metal). This shows demand in Western Civilization has come back (for reasons I will not foray into) Large volume value shoppers will now wait for the pull back to purchase (Asia/India), if no back n fill, this minimal consolidation will be deemed as a base. As soon as they buy the floor will be established (and I will double down on my miners) Key week current, a close at end of February with a 12 in front will be huge! Silver should be at least US$16.50 at this level. No lack of any supply stateside where I look.

  11. One must admit, the most effective sales technique ever devised is a properly planned fear campaign…throw in the mix, some political turmoil and sabre rattlings for war, and you have the trifecta of marketing campaigns.

  12. There does seem to be a high level of buying activity at present, particularly in gold. Gold dealers I know are reporting that it is taking weeks to source kilo bars, when it normally takes days, and coin dealers who can normally turn around orders the same day have backlogs of several days worth of orders. It could be just seasonal, or it might be a panic response to the recent price rise.

  13. I agree silver will be plentifull again, Gold is being bought up by Russia, China, India, and now even the U.S. Also in 1933 the government of the UnitedStates took the gold from there citezens and could very well happen again.

  14. I think that the Perth Mint probably makes more profit selling its planchets then there silver and gold bars so, they focus more on cranking out volume coin blanks.

  15. These major mints must get their act together. They should know by now that larger advanced  orders for more planchettes and blank bars are required . We do not have a silver shortage but a shortage in silver in the right form.

  16. Where is the adherence to the supply/demand principle in this scenario? If they're out of stock, why hasn't the price reflected this?

  17. typical business experience when demand is higher than expected you dont have the employees to perform the extra work. employees are the most expensive part of any business' expenses so they are slow to hire more

  18. I think that is a refreshingly truthful answer, great job.
    Andy Hoffman would and probably will be out there with the rest of the pumpers crying 'SHORTAGE, BUY IT ALL KNOW, we have just enough left'

  19. I believe investment demand is increasing due to less faith in most governments and economic indicators. as they continue lie, manipulate, and have poor national and international policies people are seeking a hedge against stocks, 401k, IRA paper, etc.

  20. I work as a miner, silver is often a by product of other mineral extractives operations. As the price of gold increases ,more ore bodys become economic to mine increasing supply, cheap diesel is also aiding in this, so as more gold is pulled out more silver will follow. P.s. Go the pumpers you're keeping me in a job.

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