Pet Portraits:Golden Retriever in Acrylics

Pet Portraits:Golden Retriever in Acrylics

Hi guys. Today I’m going to show you how I did this painting which is of my neighbor’s dog Cody. I took pictures of him while my family and I were at a party at his house. And I wrote a whole blog post awhile ago about the process I went through to get these picture. So, if you’re interested in that, I’ll link it below. The piece is an eleven by fourteen acrylic on a Frederick’s Green Label canvas. Without further ado – here’s me painting, “Cody the Dog.” I’ve chosen a lavender background for this painting. When I imagined it in my head, I thought it was better with a bright red. However, when I put the photo in Corel Paintshop and started testing backgrounds, I saw that the bright backgrounds didn’t really look that good, and actually the pale pastel backgrounds just looked a lot better. I liked the lavender one best. I started this painting with a black and white underpainting. I layered my color over it. The values I put in the underpainting showed through. This painting seemed to come together instantly. For the fur I used combinations of titanium white, cadmium yellow deep, burnt umber, and to keep things from getting muddy, a touch of cadmium red medium. I finished this quickly. I kept thinking to myself “This can’t be finished this quickly.” Sorry for that little noise there. The fur on Cody’s right hind leg was shaggier… The fur on Cody’s right hind leg was shaggier than other fur, so I extended my brush strokes a bit. I also darkened the background on the side of him that had the light shining on it, to make it look even brighter. …under his paws to make it look like he wasn’t floating in the air. I was painting this I noticed that his facial expressions seemed to change, depending on how wide open I painted his mouth. Opening it more made him seem more innocent and playful. I had to paint his face titanium white to make it pale enough. By the way, this painting is currently on display as the Continuum Show in the Kensington Art gallery where I’m the featured artist. I’m putting a shadow here so it looks like the dog is standing, and it isn’t just floating in mid-air. I can actually remember finishing painting the shadows, and then realizing some of the fur around the tail the legs wasn’t pale enough. I repainted it. Here, I’m adding more highlights. I seriously underestimated how much white I was going to need when I first looked at my reference photo. Tell me in the comments – Do you ever use colors in your work that seemed totally off in your head, but when you get them on the canvas, for some reason you know then and there, that is just what your painting needed. So, I hope you’ve enjoyed this. I actually uploaded this painting as a video before, but it was so fast, you really couldn’t see what I was doing. So I thought i’d re-edit it, slow it down a bit, and show it for you guys. I might do this with my other speed painting and speed drawing videos, too. And here it is. The finished painting. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed this, give it a thumbs up. Subscribe. Follow me on my social networks, which are linked down below, and I’ll see you next week. Goodbye.

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