pick up review and more copper score 04/04/18

pick up review  and more copper score 04/04/18

Hello everyone so today I get another great pickup, so I just want to share Yeah, let’s start with the candy on the top Actually not really candy but Alcatel telecommunication stuff I’m not really sure what is this yet, but There’s like few outputs Inputs and something else It’s from the first look look listen like so like some kind of switch or something But it’s got power button CPU control power control fun So maybe it’s even a whole Server not quite heavy but Yeah, of course I could just go to Google and check it out, but anyway It’s alcatel omni picks Office small So could be some tiny server anyway That’s the one thing I? Do like it I? Get like two off Painting pistols Can see this head it’s moving so could be still Like useful 1.4 millimeters This one and it looked quite professional I Don’t know yet, but at least I will have some Alu and brass of it, I didn’t look inside this box yet but anyway all these connectors I Just think air paint and Spray and all those things quite Looking good So There’s the second one Working as well at least look like as well 1.4 millimeters And yeah looks cool maybe we’ll be keep life I Get this order for Sweet switches or no its holder for Fuses, but inside I don’t know if you can see, but there’s some thick copper wire And I don’t know what else But I will find out in those high voltage stuff It’s always a lot of copper or at least brass No Cool ok I get dirty anyway the second things again I get this Truck parking heater the last one what I get still laying there in the box So I Get like one And yeah, I get one PC keyboard get like This head for Ya ignition Look like made of a low polished alloy so I Don’t know could be some custom stuff or nice-looking engines and all the one for sure Anywhere something with four cylinders. I don’t know exactly. I don’t see any brand or Nothing So I get Engine head actually collector Some car I don’t know what but it’s made of cast a low, so I’m satisfied of that Yeah, just need to remove few parts and then How do I fit it in here before No, just like this and I get like some tiny stuff made of Castellaw I Don’t know what is this but I? Don’t really care until it’s cast alloy it look like some kind of valve or something. There is like the pool What should open Oh crud something Anyway still cool, then I get like two of this Transformer, I just take them for the test because I see the world more over there I Believe inside it’s like Transformer because here we have outside for light And it’s standing high voltage some would-be transformer All cover it’s a loop aluminum so I Just hoping if I open this it will be not covered with some kind of resin or glue or whatever That’s why I just take only two of them okay and a second best score So I get like two nice piece of wires Then I find out some kind of welding machine So I cut the cord away of that But as well in there. It was like another cord for this wielding handle like this So I didn’t think too much, I just cut it away. It’s not very long but It’s full of copper and just few tiny wires I Get this one Nice copper thick and heavy And this time I prepared my measuring tool And it is like Yeah, what’s standing here? Like seven millimeters, and it squeezed so could be like eight millimeters Self copper inside and it’s like I don’t know Five ten meters something like that around ten meters and as well I get this tool Extruded a low profiles just great stuff not much, but always something and There was one more thing on this pile What I want to take but Yeah, I just pass on it because I still didn’t finish with my stripping machine Terms of cables in here and there’s this other wire No, this is slightly smaller as you can see Comparing to this one Yeah, I was a little bit scared and it will not fit into my Stripper cable stripper, but outside it has like 35 millimeters And My biggest gauge It is like That just look Thirty-eight, so that’s the bottom line I Was lucky, otherwise I will spend a few hours with the knife to get into this smaller wires Anyway, there was some other nice stuff lagging in this pile where I pick all those stuff But I will not tell you now what it was because put pictures on the video So you will see it But as I think and consider I have no place in my workshop as you can see again And not so much time and those things will be time-consuming so Anyway, you will see and we all can discuss about that so See you guys at the next time first look what is this??? ok its an motorcycle! it has an engine! not a bad shape a lot of parts for resell

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