PILLOWS ON MY HEAD // Dekoni Platinum Leather Ear Pads Review (DT990)

PILLOWS ON MY HEAD // Dekoni Platinum Leather Ear Pads Review (DT990)

These days, I try to avoid agreeing to review
the smaller things in tech. There’s a never-ending list of little things that could be reviewed,
and finding something unique to say about each of them can actually take longer than
some of my bigger product reviews. But when I do review the small stuff, it happens
when I actually pay for it. Today I’ll be reviewing the Dekoni Premium
Leather and memory foam ear pads for my Beyerdynamic DT990s. Let’s see how this goes. [Pre-Roll] For those who didn’t know, my current headphones
have been the Beyerdynamic DT990s (the 900 ohm version), which is a pseudo-closed-back,
solid band headset. It sounds great and the velour pads it comes with are fairly comfortable,
but the pads are thin and I’ve been looking for some thicker ones for a while. Unlike
most headphones, these are actually circular, so the normal oval-shaped pads won’t fit
properly, and even when they do, they seem to absorb a lot of the high-end detail, thus
defeating the purpose. That is… until I was browsing Massdrop and
came across the Premium leather memory foam pads from Dekoni. These
come in a really attractive box – which wouldn’t
matter on the whole, but that gave me something to store the pads that came with my DT990s
in – so it was actually quite handy. Installation was easy – they’re drastically
easier and quicker to remove and install than the pads that came with the headphones, oddly
enough, which makes me really happy, as getting the normal velour ones back on are a royal
pain in the ass. These are much thicker than the original pads,
they feel almost like little pillows on my head and give me more room for my ears to
fit in than the original pads do. I’ve been using them for about 2 months
now and I love them. I don’t usually like the pleather pads on things, but these are
great. I build up a little heat under them, but nothing major. Plus, they’re easier
clean off than velour is, anyway. They DO affect the sound profile, however.
The sound stage does not feel quite as open as it did before – more of the low end stays
in and hits you harder, whereas a tad bit of the high-end goes away, but they sound
much better than the big M50x BrainWavz pads I tried before, so that’s okay. Since I
run my headphones through a mixer, I was able to just turn up the high end for my PC input
a bit and it sounds just fine. A potential source of problem is the fabric
in the middle of the O of the pads. Only the “Premium” version of Dekoni’s pads have
these for my headphones – their standard and velour series pads don’t seem to have this.
This is odd, as the fabric can cause a little extra muffling of the sound since these headphones
come with the fabric layer on the cans themselves. I haven’t noticed this to be an issue, but
it is strange. Overall, I love these pads – they’re allowing
me to wear my DT990s for much longer periods of time without fatigue. My only wish is that
they made these for my AKG K7xxs – I would kill for some comfier pads on those bad boys.


  1. I wanted to try different ear pads for my Beyerdynamic DT-990 600 Ohm headphones, so I grabbed the Platinum Leather Series earpads from Dekoni via Massdrop.
    These add quite the amount of comfortable fluff to my headphones, while not altering the sound profile too much. They are also infinitely easier to install and remove than the original ear pads that came with my headphones.

  2. Disclaimer: I paid for this product myself. This video is not sponsored, and no one is seeing the video before I post it online.

  3. Product Links:
    Dekoni: http://dekoniaudio.com/product/beyerdynamic-dt770880990-pl/
    Massdrop: https://www.massdrop.com/r/XVGLD5
    Note: These are compatible with Beyerdynamic's DT770 and DT880 headphones, as well!

  4. I really like the dt 880s, but the covers of the drivers touch my ears slightly and the standard pads are just a bit too small in diameter. Are these pads higher in diameter and height, than the original ones? Cheers

  5. I ask it here, too:
    So if you were to upgrade to different pads that came with the integrated cloth/foam, do you keep the original cloth in the DT? It has the potential to muffle sound. But i'm not sure whether removing the original DT cloth under the ring is a good approach?

  6. I decided to try out the HM5 Angled Velour pads from Brainwavez for my K7XX and I dont want to turn back. In my opinion at the moment the only concerns i have is:
    -They do get warmer than stock it feels but can be mitigated with venting
    -Due to the extra pad thickness bottoming out the headband will happen slightly sooner (main concern for folk with larger heads).

  7. got a pair of AKG K550 headphones and im yet to find a better alternative to the stock cushions if you managed to find some nice thick pleather ones for your k7xx then info would be much appreciated

  8. I have 990/600s, I can't imagine wanting to increase the treble! I tried the brainwavz sheepskin XL but did not like the way it changed the sound

  9. I returned my Dekoni Fenestrated Elite Sheepkin pads for the DT990's. It changed the sound signature too much for me. I could EQ the sound too where they were before, but i'm not a fan of relying on software to make my headphones sound good.

  10. You're a reader! I listen to creepy pastas and know your voice! You put me to sleep with your voice!! Thank you!!! Zzzzzz

  11. I got the Dekoni Sheepskin earpads. for my Fostex and Brainwavz HM5. I would never go back to anything other than either Sheepskin or high-end velour.

  12. very urgent please had my dt 990 pro for about 2 years now and I love it but the velour pads became flat and they get dirty easily so Now I'm looking into the best leather option that's easy to install easy to clean and comfy since I also wear glasses any suggestions? also one of the black foams came out while tried cleaning which didn't do much does that come with other pads or you can put them back?

  13. just got mine for my dt 1770 pros. and damn i love them. feels way more comfortable to wear and the driver isnt directly on my ear anymore. they just feel insane. i got mine with sheepskin leather

  14. Are the AKG K7XX more comfy than the DT990's at stock? Im considering replacing my dt990 pro with AKG K712 pro because im looking for more comfort and larger earcups.

  15. but are they softer than the dt 990? – i just got my dt 990, and they are pretty tight on my head, and i use glasses, and i had hoped they wouldn't hurt so much as they do cuz people said "they are so soft" but my g35 gaming headset were more softer than this :/ oddly. So are they softer? or just alitte? i need them to be super soft like a real pillow

  16. Loved your review on the dakoni ear pads for your beyerdynamic headphones! Been looking at purchasing the meze 99 classic headphones ! Out of most?????( of the you tube reviews their was only one major drawback, that being that the? headphone pads tend to get a little warm after long listening periods! I tried reaching but no reply! I am curious if Dekoni has a porous sheepskin ear pad for greater comfort! Meze replied that the brainwaves work on the 99 classics! Look forward to your reply! Sincerely, Dave. Melnick

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