PIRO | Automate every part of your jewelry business

Transparency, maximized efficiency,
increased productivity: just some of the benefits you’ll get by managing your
jewellery business from start to finish with PIRO – a multi-faceted easy to use
jewelry management system we tailored to fit the real needs and existing
practices of your company. PIRO provides a fully integrated platform for all
operational processes. When orders come in, PIRO helps you quickly retrieve
repeat customers from your database or add new ones. Set up a job for the first
time or find and edit one that’s been done before Product specifications are entered and
CAD designs uploaded with ease. PIRO uses information provided by the customer or
already in the system to generate price quotes and email them automatically for
approval. It prices out material and labor costs, factors in markups,
proposes finish dates and generates a new barcoded job order envelope,
containing notes, memos, images and assigned work flows for each job. PIRO workflows are designed to fit each
company’s existing procedures. No re-tooling or special training of
production staff is required. Job details and instructions or easily accessible to
anybody who needs them at any point in production. Users quickly see what’s
already been done and what they need to do next. Once their part is finished, scanning a
job envelope will route the job to the next service along the workflow pipeline.
Want to find out if you have enough inventory for an upcoming job or
recent re-order? PIRO can tell you. The inventory management feature tracks
every item a company uses from precious gems to spools of soldering
wire, allowing for strategic management of your inventory needs. Need a real-time
overview of how your business is doing? With PIRO, dashboard puts all the data at
your fingertips. You can generate real-time reports on everything from
jobs in production to delivery orders, or receive alerts when your workflows are
delayed or supplies are getting low. PIRO’s casting feature manages every
aspect of the process, including casting trees, flask burnout and metal losses. No
more manual calculating, PIRO provides all the information a caster needs and
reduces delays, errors or do-overs. The PIRO Customer Portal with online catalogue and
shopping cart features can serve as an important bridge to your customers. Companies like Best-Cast Inc., a
full-service casting company specializing in CAD design
and rapid prototyping cut costly mistakes by a third when they started
using PIRO. The time and money saved allowed them to hire more staff and
increase production. PIRO provides seamless connections between production,
inventory, customer service, billing, shipping, reporting and timekeeping. If
you run into any difficulties along the way our experienced support team is here
to help you. To find out how PIRO can benefit your business or to schedule a
free online demonstration, please contact us by phone or email or visit our website – www.gopiro.com

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