1. Merry Christmas white flame!!! 🔥🔥 nice review man 👍🏼👍🏼, I really like the fact that now you can actually set the temp at 275° not like mine that goes from 250° to 300° ☹.. happy day brotha!!

  2. Oh heck yeah… Can't wait to see you work your magic on that bad boy… Merry Christmas to all the weekend warriors….👍👍👍

  3. Merry Christmas! This thing looks awesome. I know it was your first cook on the smoker but do you prefer the grill/smoker combo or just the straight vertical smoker?

  4. Wow, looks awesome. Wonder what the price tag will be on it. It’s a little more grill then what I want. It would be great if I didn’t already have a blackstone and a has grill😊, but still cool to hav an all in one. Love the controller. FINALLY you can get those 75 temps. Hope they eventually put that controller in all models.

  5. Nice unpacking, review, and cook all wrapped up in one vid. Great job Mike. The wings looked great. Side by Side by Side. Total package.

  6. Hubby is pretty jazzed about this new Pit Boss. Was wondering if you could cover how messy and clean up after cooking burgers on it to broiler plates under it. Great video, thank you 🔥

  7. How do you feel about the propane attachment??? Most of the brands I've been looking at have added some type of propane section for versatility

  8. HEY MIKE, that was a awesome video my friend, you explained everything in great detail, and I just love your new toy, and I can wait to see what you smoke and cook on it. You can do all your cooking and smoking using just one unit and that is the way to go. AWESOME JOB MIKE. GOD BLESS YOU BROTHER.!!!

  9. I bought the Pitboss vertical a couple months back, wish I knew this was coming down the line , I would have ditched my Bar B Q. Oh well some day maybe.

  10. Score… Glad you got it. I am looking forward to seeing the whole line up. I'm looking forward to getting my Blackstone going… Proud for you Mike, Know your going to enjoy it…

  11. Thanks for the video. Like to see how many racks of ribs you can get on there. Like the versatility. Not sure I like the 25 degree temp increments or battery igniter. Other than that, it looks pretty nice. Thanks

  12. Of course! Something else I have to consider buying! As if there isn't enough out there to choose from…Looks another great product from PitBoss.

  13. As of today (12/26) the 3 unlikers must be:
    1. Traeger
    2. Weber
    3. Someone who prematurely just bought a Pit Boss pellet smoker and now wants to have this beauty.

  14. Very nice! Curious to see how it smokes compared to the vertical smoker. I have a smaller Pit Boss pellet grill which does ok smoking but have also been looking at the vertical smokers. This new one looks to have it all and has a very nice controller. Everything looks high tech on it. I bet it retails out of my price range! Looking forward to seeing some more cooks on this monster of a Pit Boss!

  15. I like the controls. Would rather have wifi rather than bluetooth. I love pitboss as I own 2 of them but the cooking surface on the smoker looks minimal. I already have a gas grill so no need for this. They should have sent you the platinum! Im interested to see if a small whole hog will fit. Cheers!

  16. I know a lot of folks have been jumping on the new Weber pellet grill bandwagon as of late, but this goes to show that Pit Boss has also been watching and learning from their competition (which is what Weber also claims they're doing as well). There are a TON of improvements on the new Pit Boss here over past models. Thanks for another great video!

  17. Ok Buckeye I lost you off Instagram and my email addresses. This video upset me. I had my budget all planned out to go to Wally World on the 11th and get me a PB Classic. Now I have to hold on till I see this one and what the price point is. Measuring right to left, or left to right what is the overall width? And what is the weight empty. I would think that would be on the box, maybe? I did in a write up it has a 30 pound hopper. I hope the price point is affordable.

  18. Interested to see how sealed the hopper really is. Love my classic but I have had to completely disassemble it twice due to auger jams from moister in this Alabama weather getting in the hopper and swelling up the pellets.

  19. I like some of the features
    Too large of a footprint
    WiFi is cool

    I have a pit boss 820 which I’d keep over this thing
    Just got a Traeger pro 780…which I’d take over this thing as well
    In my opinion as a pit boss owner they missed the mark on this.
    Make a platinum 820 without the propane side stove.
    Less is more.

  20. Looks to be an excellent combo. I am a pellet grill owner and egg but this combination has many great features. Especially the griddle side or the straight gas for a solid reverse seer. Great step by step details of what the grill offers. Keep up the great work.

  21. More money then most of us can afford. And if it isn't any better at temp swings then there other pits it's a waste of money. 60+ degree swings are crazy. Looks nice though

  22. To small a cooking area for my liking, but we'll see what the future holds, waiting on the Lockhart. The controller is "water resistant " how about keeping the pellets dry?

  23. Thumbs up! Nice video and exciting new grill.
    Questions: At 14:40 it looked like you had a temp probe setup. How accurate was the PB RTD/controller versus your thermometer? Temp swings?

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