Pizza Chains That Are Completely Taking Over America

Pizza Chains That Are Completely Taking Over America

If you consider yourself a pizza loyalist,
then you may want to check out some of these chains to see what all the fuss is about. Take a look to see if your favorite made the
list —and if they didn’t give one of these a try. These are the pizza chains that are taking
over America. Mod Pizza was founded in Seattle in 2008 by
a married couple. Fast forward a decade, and according to Nation’s
Restaurant News, Mod Pizza has become the fastest-growing restaurant chain in America
for the second year in a row. And they show no signs of slowing down: according
to a Mod press release, the chain aims to hit 1,000 locations within the next five years. Mod Pizza prides itself on selling the superfast
pizza experience without sacrificing quality. You can get artisan style individual sized
pizzas with over 30 types of unlimited toppings all for the same price. They even launched their own app with a rewards
program to keep up with the mobile demand, which has doubled. Not only is Mod Pizza taking over the pizza
chain business, but they are doing it with style. Superstar NBA living legend LeBron James isn’t
just one of the best basketball players of all time, he’s also one of the most famous
athletes in the world. Now, we know what you’re thinking: “What the f— does that have to do with
pizza?” “…I don’t know.” Well, in 2017, James made headlines thanks
to his lucrative investment in Blaze Pizzas. And he’s not alone. Started by Elise and Rick Wetzel of Wetzel’s
Pretzels in 2012, the company reached $279 million in sales in 2018, up a whopping 50
percent from the previous year. How have they succeeded? Blaze Pizza offers customers a fast-casual
approach that they believe will beat out fast food chains. Elise told Business Insider, “There are too many fast food restaurants. People are not going to be satisfied with
that. They want convenience, health, and taste.” Rick added that the secret of their success
is simple: “Blaze Pizza is much better than competitors. What we do is what people want.” And if you don’t believe him, just take it
from LeBron James! With more than 40 locations across eight states
and two countries, PizzaRev wants to welcome you to the “PizzaRev-olution.” Their philosophy is that the customer calls
the shots in all aspects of pizza creation, and that it’s something fast enough you can
eat on your lunch break. Customers can pick from four options of dough,
five different sauces, and over 30 types of cheeses and fresh ingredients. There are also plenty of vegan, gluten-free,
and veggie options in addition to their “caulipower” crust. Renae Scott, chief marketing officer at PizzaRev,
says, “We pride ourselves on continually innovating
our menu, and delivering the absolute highest quality product to guests.” In New Haven, Connecticut, they don’t call
it pizza, they call it apizza. And perhaps the most famous apizza place is
Frank Pepe’s. Founded way back in 1925, Frank Pepe’s has
expanded to include 10 locations across Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. But the chain’s influence stretches across
the country, with their signature White Clam Pie named the number one pizza in America
by The Daily Meal in both 2017 and 2018. So if you want a pizza experience so unique
they had to make up a new word in order to describe it, head up to the Northeast and
try some apizza at Frank Pepe’s. Your stomach — and your vocabulary — will
thank you for it. Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza began in 2002 when
Anthony Bruno, a New York native, moved to Florida and could not find any, quote, “good,
authentic pizza.” He started a Fort Lauderdale restaurant that
focused on Italian food, which includes a menu full of “coal-fired” delights. From their signature crispy pizza crust to
their never-frozen chicken wings, and meatballs, Anthony’s delivers a distinctive smoky taste
in every bite. In 2004, former Miami Dolphins quarterback
Dan Marino partnered with Anthony, and by June 2019, the brand had expanded into over
60 locations spread out among eight states. In fact, they’ve even brought their Florida-based,
New York-style pizza back to New York! Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza has embraced the
concept that new wave toppings drive pizza sales. Customers can customize their own pizza, as
well as order specialties like the roasted cauliflower pizza, broccoli rabe and sausage
pizza, and Philly cheesesteak pizza, just to name a few. With flavors like that, you’ll be racing for
your next slice. “Oh God, he made eye contact with the slice. I gotta throw this one down and grab it.” Pieology opened in 2011 in California with
a build your own pizza concept. Guests can choose from six different crust
options, seven sauces, and around 40 toppings to create their favorite individual pizza. Is this trend starting to sound familiar to
anyone? Pieology’s founder, Carl Chang, started the
company because he realized there was a problem with the pizza industry. He told Business Insider, “Pizza for us was somewhat broken. Pizza used to be a celebration when you were
with family and friends… now it has become a bit more [of a] convenience food or a coupon
food if you will.” Like Blaze Pizza, Pieology also has the backing
of an NBA superstar, in this case Kevin Durant According to ESPN, the Durant Company joined
the Pieology team in 2017 after he was impressed with the quality and the fast turn around
time for his pizza. Pieology has also expanded its domestic and
international growth rapidly with locations across the country, as well as Guam, Mexico,
and Spain. Despite some store closures in 2018, the company
assures guests that it is a strategic move to switch to more franchised locations, with
new locations planned for the future. &pizza started in Washington D.C. in 2012,
but according to CEO Michael Lastoria it’s much more than a pizza chain. In fact, he told Forbes that the pizza chain
is nothing short of a, quote, “cultural movement.” “We have this big, lofty idea of changing
the world by doing right by our employees. We want to be a case study for others in the
foodservice space by leading with unity and connectiveness and purpose. We’re about all of that and pizza.” In addition to being focused on employee development,
&pizza is company driven and does not franchise. According to Lastoria, the goal is for the
company to emerge as part of a collective effort of its employees, and shares that some
of the best ideas have come from people who have joined the company and put their time
and effort into the collective whole. As of December 2018, the company boasted 35
locations, and had plans to double that number in just a year and half. So far, though, &pizza is best known for its
weirdly shaped oblong pizzas, and their strong social media game. The revolution may not be televised, but it
will be Instagrammed! One thing Chicago is synonymous for is their
deep dish pizza, and Giordano’s is at the top of that game. Opened in 1974 by Italian immigrants, Giordano’s
continues to be a leader in the Chicago pizza scene as well as in the eyes of many Americans. The brand earns frequent media coverage and
has been acclaimed, quote, “Chicago’s best pizza” by NBC, The New York Times, Chicago
Tribune, and many more. And in the continuing basketball wars, Giordano’s
is backed by former Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose. The brand continues to add locations around
the country in addition to shipping frozen pizzas around the United States. They are currently in nine states and have
70 locations, with more opening in 2019. Their souffle-like pizzas have developed a
cult following and many claim that the “upside down way” is the way to go. Okay… maybe just for pizza! Marco’s is not new to the pizza game. The Ohio-based company has been dishing out
authentic Italian quality pizza for over 40 years. What has changed though is their franchising
approach, as the chain is working hard to stake their claim in the pizza world. In 2004, Marco’s Pizza had 126 locations across
three states. But since hiring some new executives to oversee
expansion, the chain has experienced an expansion explosion. In 2017, Nation’s Restaurant News named Marco’s
Pizza the third fastest growing pizza chain, and by 2018 it had become the seventh largest
pizza chain in America. How big? The chain plans to open location number one-thousand
in 2019. Marco’s Pizza prides themselves in delivering
pizza the Italian way, with freshly made premium dough daily, house-made tomato sauce with
imported herbs and spices, and a signature three-cheese blend. It’s enough to satisfy even the pickiest pizza
connoisseur. “Ah, pizza! Again.” “Please, please! A moment to reflect!” “Ahh!” Pizza Studio focuses on the art of pizza making. They want to set a new standard for pizza
using high-quality ingredients in record speed. Pizza Studio’s conveyor belt cooking method
can dish out a beautifully cooked pizza in just two minutes. To take advantage of this quick turnaround,
this speedy pizza company has sought out locations in college campuses, airports, and hospitals. Pizza Studio opened in 2012. By 2015, they were named to Forbes’ list of
the most promising companies in America, and landed on Restaurant Business’ list of the
fastest growing pizza chains in America. According to Pizza Studio’s website, the crust,
sauce, cheese, and toppings all deserve equal importance. Their crusts are offered six styles, their
cheese is grated every morning, there are a wide variety of freshly made sauces, and
their vegetables are roasted daily. They want customers to, quote, “build the
best, with the best.” With locations in 12 states as well as Canada,
Brazil, and the Philippines, Pizza Studio is turning pie making into a worldwide artform. Jet’s is a favorite Detroit-style pizzeria
in the Michigan and surrounding area. Opened by brothers Eugene and John Jetts in
1978, Jet’s pizza is famous for their square cut pan pizzas, and their focus on quality
ingredients. They use fresh vine-ripened tomatoes, Italian
herbs and spices, freshly grated mozzarella cheese, and dough prepared by hand each day. Eugene Jetts told, “There are a lot of ways out there to make
cheaper pizza. Jet’s is about better pizza. That’s why we have never skimped on the product
or ingredients, and never will.” Jet’s is also rapidly growing as a major pizza
delivery franchise around the country. By mid-2019, the chain had expanded to over
400 locations in 20 states. And while their claim to fame is their deep
dish pizza, they also serve thin-crust, hand-tossed, New York style, and gluten-free options. They even have flavored crust options that
include Cajun, butter, and garlic varieties. Heck, the smell alone is enough to drive you
crazy! This Colorado-based pizza place actually began
as a full-service Italian restaurant under classically-trained chef Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson
and sommelier Bobby Stuckey. Both men received awards for best in their
category, multiple James Beard awards and Outstanding Wine Service in 2013. It was in that year that Chipotle partnered
with the duo and their first fast-casual location opened in Denver with a simplified menu of
the original. Pizzeria Locale has created a buzz due to
this partnership and the culinary background of its two founders. The company has expanded quickly into the
Southwest region, and although they had to close five locations in 2018, they are looking
towards a new way forward under new Chipotle CEO Brian Niccol. He told 5280, “I think Pizzeria Locale has a pizza with
a point of difference… In its food, in the way [the food is] created,
the ingredients we’re choosing to source, and ultimately, in the experience when you
eat it. I don’t see a lot of pizza places that exist
that way.” One way things have started to look up is
that Pizzeria Locale has invested in streamlining their online delivery orders. Since their pizzas take just a few minutes
to bake, guests living within a mile or two of one of their locations can often get their
pizza delivered in under 15 minutes. Patterson told 5280, “Things have never been better in every aspect:
team, sales, and momentum.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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  1. Giordano’s is the only pizzeria that started out as local and expanded while maintaining a resemblance of quality. My go to for pizza during golfing trips to Orlando

  2. Iron Brick Pizza in Birmingham AL had the sane concept where you dress your own pizza. They closed just a couple of months ago

  3. Are you kidding me? Jets pizza and not Lou Malnati's from Chicago and now in other states? The basis for these pizza places on this video is obviously numbers, not authenticity and quality!

  4. I'm from North Carolina and I have never heard of most of these pizza places. The only ones that I have seen is Pizza Hut, Papa John's, Dominoes, Marcos, Cici's and Mellow Mushroom.

  5. These are just the “subway” of pizza restaurants. Fast food disguised as fast casual. Just look at the amount of salt and preservatives in those fake fresh ingredients.

    Go out of your way to find a local owned mom and pop place and spend your money there.

  6. mod pizza has quickly become my favorate pizza place, think about it, you pay nothing for the toppings, just for the pizza itself.

  7. Jets is solid Detroit Style thick crust better than their NY style but they have real quality toppings u can tell. probly my fave "chain"

  8. We dont have that much pizza chains in Germany, its basically just Dominos since recently. Here most pizza shops are owned and run by arab families, and some Italiens.

  9. I like a thin crust pizza, and a lot of the pizzas I saw looked very thin and crispy. Yummm, just watching this video made me hungry.

  10. Mod pizza is just OK. Their large pizza is about the size of a small/medium and pricey. To be fair, it did fill us up. But another downside, they don't even sell liter bottles of soda. How the hell can you sell pizzas and not sell. 2 liter bottles too?

  11. chains are bull shit, making crap pizza, i dont care what they say, mom and pop pizzerias are the best ! What ever happened to Round Table, the LAST HONEST PIZZA !

  12. A Mod pizza opened up near me, I was pretty skeptical I was going to like it. But I was surprised how good it was. I like being able to direct the construction of my pizza, with the amount of sauce, variety of meats and cheeses, all you want for the same price which I think is pretty reasonable. I like the thin fire-baked crust, pretty good stuff for a chain.

  13. As a pizza enthusiast never order pizza from chains. Go to those local family pizza establishments. They taste much better and the experience is even better than a chain.

  14. I like make own your pizza places, but I also like making pizza myself. Normal chains don’t really appeal to me that much anymore..

  15. another one of your videos said that blaze pizza was on the road to closing most of their stores.. now it’s one of the most popular pizza companies? i’m confused now

  16. I detest the wood-fired pizza experience. To me, pizza is made in a super hot (1500°) electric pizza oven. The crust is thin and floppy enough to fold, and it's hot enough to burn the skin off the roof of your mouth. At least a third of the slices should have giant dough blisters. As for toppings? Cheese and sauce ONLY. Oh, and Xtra large means the size of a manhole cover. Anything less is a large.

    Oh, and I eat pizza 2-3 nights a week.

  17. ANY and I repeat ANY corporation pizza can't beat your mom and pop parlors, espically here in Brooklyn N.Y. Let them come but I will bet that they won't last very long.

  18. mashed: BLAZE is a dying franchise!!!!
    also mashed: BLAZE is a rising competitor in pizza industry!!!!
    me: fudging democrats lying a$$ bastados!!!!!

  19. Pieolligy was pure garbage when i ate, i got a $12 for a pizza that was soooo thin that it could feed a 1st grader and they still would be hungry, like shit was garbage and that store closed.

  20. Given how I just watched the Pizza Chains that are Sadly Disappearing Across the Country right before this, knowing that these two videos are literally only two months apart, and that Blaze Pizza is featured in both videos, I don't even know what to think about your videos anymore. All the pizza in this video are basically Blaze pizza anyways.

  21. I used to order Marcos Pizza here in Atlanta until the day I called and tried to order and I got the MANAGER and he said right away "It's going to be at least an hour!" He could have cared less about customers!

  22. In my town we have locally owned pizza place named Barnaby's that has been around since 1970. Never had a better pizza anywhere else in the world that comes close to Barnaby's. It is not as good as it used to be since the original owner died, but it is better than any pizza chain.

  23. Somebody needs to make a proper thin crust. So far dominos is better than any others I’ve had. Truthfully after dominos revamped their menu and got new CEO they now make better pizza than half these fancy trendy Chad and Karen pizza joints.

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