PJ MASKS Romeo Steals the Golden Pineapple The Assistant Mine Hunt

PJ MASKS  Romeo Steals the Golden Pineapple The Assistant Mine Hunt

– Family fun for everyone. Oh no, Romeo captured
PJ Masks in these caves. We have to go find him. – [Announcer] You know what Assistant, he also took the valuable
Golden Pineapple didn’t he. – We gotta go find it. – [Announcer] We sure do. Oh Assistant, it’s going
to be dark in here. What are we going to do? – We’re going to look for PJ
Masks and the Golden Pineapple and I think Romeo. – [Announcer] Okay, let’ use
our special night vision right. – Okay
– For a second, let’s see. – Let’ go. – [Announcer] Yeah, we’ve
got our night vision on. Okay, people at home,
you’ve got to help us look for Gekko, Catboy and Owlette, right Assistant? – And the Golden Pineapple. – [Announcer] And the Golden Pineapple. Where do you think Romeo
took it and put it? – I think in this cave. – [Announcer] Wait but right here? Assistant it’s a dead end,
you can’t go any further. – It’s water. – [Announcer] Oh, is it? Let me see if I can take
the night vision off, if we can see. Wow, so this right here
rock is called a quartz. That’s the rock that they
find the gold in right? – [Assistant] Right, and– – [Announcer] See, see it, look at that. See Assistant how’s there
a line of it right there? – Yeah. – [Announcer] That’s a
line of quartz, super cool. – Whoa.
– Well don’t fall. It’s awfully slick, right?
– Right. – [Announcer] Okay Assistant,
so we found some quartz, but we still have to find Gekko, Owlette, Catboy and that Golden Pineapple.
– And the Golden Pineapple. – [Announcer] Hmm, where could they be? – Which way should we
go, that way or straight? I think we should go straight. – [Announcer] You think
we should to this way? – Yep. – [Announcer] Alright, hmm. Anything in there? Do you think this would
be a good spot for Romeo– – Let’s look over there. – [Announcer] Okay, you show me. Well, I can’t see real well. Let’s turn the special night vision on. – Okay. – [Announcer] Anything,
oh, anything in there? – No.
– Nothing in there. – [Announcer] Okay,
where else could they be. Let me put the camera on. Look right there, it’s Gekko.
– Gekko. – [Announcer] Whoa, Gekko got… Whoa he almost got trapped
inside the mine, didn’t he? – Right. – [Announcer] From a cave in. Gekko you should use your
gekko camouflage like this. Oh, where did he go? Okay, Assistant we need
to find Owlette and Catboy and that Golden Pineapple, right? – Right. – [Announcer] Let’s go. So Assistant, we found
Gekko and he used his gekko camouflage right? – Right, we still can’t find him. – [Announcer] We still
don’t know where Gekko’s at, but he’s safe now right,
that he used his camouflage? – Right, camouflage. We still don’t know where
he is, but he’s safe. Gekko.
(chuckles) – [Announcer] Alright, but you know what we do have to find is who? – Catboy and Owlette. – [Announcer] Catboy and Owlette. Do you think they’re way back here? Let’s zoon in into that cave.
– Zoom. – [Announcer] Mmm, we
definitely can’t go in that. In fact, this is a good
time to tell people, huh. Should you go in a cave
without a parent permission? – No, and also without like proper stuff. – [Announcer] You’ve got
to go into one that’s… This one’s a publicly available. So that means we’re not
trespassing in a cave right. – And also, you have to
make sure it’s like safe because if a rock falls– – [Announcer] Yeah, that’s right. You’ve got to be in a safe cave. So right now we’re using our night vision, but we’re in a safe cave
that offers tours right? – Right. – [Announcer] Alright, so I’m going to take our night vision off because there’s a little bit
more light in here, okay? – Okay. – [Announcer] Let’s see. Oh yeah I can see real– – It’s dripping water right here. – [Announcer] Yeah,
’cause we’re underground. People at home, do you
see the water up there? – Plus on the ground.
– It’s on the ground. – [Assistant] That’s why there’s mud. – [Announcer] Alright, so. – I can’t wait to find the other stuff. – [Announcer] So we’ve
got to find Owlette right? – Right. – [Announcer] Okay Assistant, ooh. – Wet.
– It is wet. – [Announcer] So you can
get muddy in here right? – Definitely. – [Announcer] Alright, let’s keep going. We’ve got to find Owlette and Catboy. Do you think that they’re back here? Oh, it’s getting really dark. Let’s use our night vision to see if we can see anything back here. Hmm, anything? – [Assistant] I can’t see anything, but I don’t think so, or there would be– – [Announcer] Do you see anything, look down there Assistant. Look down there, let’s see
if you can see anything. – I don’t see anything. – [Announcer] Yeah, I don’t
see anything either, hmm. We’ve got to find ’em right? – Right. – [Announcer] Anything in here? Let’s see, wait a minute,
wait a minute, wait a minute. Whoa (chuckles). We found the Assistant,
that’s pretty silly. Hmm, okay.
– Whoop. I don’t see anything here. – [Announcer] Oh, let’s look up that way. Gekko.
– Cobwebs. – [Announcer] Owlette. Assistant.
– Aaahhh. – [Announcer] Alright. – Let’s turn. Wait, yeah, let’s turn. – [Announcer] Let’s go this way. Oh we’ve got more light,
so I can turn off– Oh wait a minute, let’s look in here. I see a stool. – Me too, that’s weird. – [Announcer] Sure is, okay,
I think we’ve turned the… – Nothing over here. – [Announcer] Look,
this is the mine shaft. Whoa.
– Whoa. – Way up, that’s how far we–
– Not water. – [Announcer] How far underground we are. – [Assistant] Wow. – [Announcer] Hmm, do you know how… Assistant look. – It’s Owlette. Got her. – [Announcer] It is Owlette. Romeo put her back– look he put her in front of that mine car. – [Assistant] So it would run over her. – [Announcer] So that wasn’t
good for Romeo was it. – No, that wasn’t nice. – [Announcer] Bad Romeo. Okay Assistant, so we
found Owlette and Gekko. Who do we have to find now? – Um, Catboy.
– Catboy. – I can’t wait to find him. – [Announcer] That’s find. You know what, I think
Owlette, she can use her wings and fly up the shaft. Go Owlette, fly up. – Fly up. – [Announcer] Whoa, there she goes. Alright Assistant, let’s
keep looking for Catboy. – Okay. – [Announcer] Let’s go. Hmm, where could he be? – I think he could be over here. Over here.
– Catboy. – Let’s go straight.
– Okay. – Wait, what’s this? – [Announcer] I don’t know, let’s go. Hmm, oh look, steps. We got to go and find ’em right? – [Assistant] Right, come on. – [Announcer] Let’s go. Okay Assistant, I see you. Eew, we got to go down these steps right? We had to go up and now we’re coming down. – Whoa. – [Announcer] Okay, let’s
keep going Assistant. – Okay, whoa. – [Announcer] Oh be careful. Oh, this looks like a spot
that Romeo would hide ’em. – Yeah.
– But he’s. – [Assistant] I don’t see anything. – [Announcer] I don’t
see anything in there. People at home, do you see Catboy. Let’s take it off the special
night vision, and see. Hmm, do you see?
– I don’t see anything. – [Announcer] I don’t see anything either. – Let’s go down the stairs. – [Announcer] Let’s keep going right? – Whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. It’s steep. – [Announcer] It sure is, look. It looks like another jail
that Romeo built right? – Right. – [Announcer] Assistant look! – It’s Catboy. – [Announcer] It’s Catboy. You found him. – [Assistant] If I can reach him. – [Announcer] So way back in that… Ew, he must have escaped. He must have put him way
back in that mine right? – Right. – [Announcer] Whoa, so you found Catboy. – [Assistant] Catboy. – [Announcer] So we found
Owlette, Catboy, Gekko. But we still have to find
that Golden Pineapple. – Yeah, let’s go. – [Announcer] Hmm, okay, let’s go. I don’t know if it’s in the mine or not. – Let’s go out of the mine. If we can find it. – [Announcer] Yeah, people at home, you keep an eye out for
that Golden Pineapple, because we’ve looked
everywhere, haven’t we. – Yeah, we’ve even
looked in the tiny spots. – [Announcer] We’ve looked
in the tiniest of spots. – Whoa. – [Announcer] So if we go this way, we’ve got to find our way
out of this mine first right? – Hey, I see light. – [Announcer] Me too, I see daylight. And it’s getting warmer. So that must mean that we’re
almost to the end of the mine. – Yeah, whoa, it’s steep. – [Announcer] Alright, so we’ll look for the Golden Pineapple outside of the mine, right? – [Assistant] Right. – [Announcer] Alright, let’s
look for that Golden Pineapple. – I’m out of the mine. – [Announcer] Yeah. Hey Assistant, now that
we’ve found Catboy, Owlette and Romeo. – Romeo. – [Announcer] We didn’t find Romeo. We’ve got to find, we found
Owlette, we’ve got to find what they did with that
Golden Pineapple, right? – Right. – [Announcer] Where could it be? Let’s keep going. We’ve got to find that Golden Pineapple. Because it could be anywhere. – Right, let’s look up these stairs. – [Announcer] Have you ever
seen a Golden Pineapple before? – No, but I hope we can find it. – [Announcer] Me too. – It belongs in a museum. – [Announcer] It does
belong in a museum right? – [Assistant] Right. – [Announcer] So here we go. Where could it be? – This way. – [Announcer] Oh this
is the old laboratory, that Romeo built way
back in the day, right? – Right. – [Announcer] Hmm, we need
to be careful around it. – Yeah, he could have set
up some old booby traps. – [Announcer] He sure could have. Let’s keep looking for it. – I think it’s down here. – [Announcer] You think
he hid it down here, in the basement of the old laboratory? – [Assistant] Yeah. – [Announcer] Whoa, I don’t
know about this Assistant. Let me see if I can get down. Oh, you did a good job of getting down. Wait a minute, where could it be? Let’s see. – [Assistant] Hmm. – [Announcer] Let’s look over there. – [Assistant] I don’t see it. – [Announcer] Maybe inside
the walls, what do you think? – [Assistant] Yeah. – [Announcer] Hey look, here’s
another piece of that quartz. – [Assistant] Cool. – [Announcer] He must have
used that from the mine to build it, the laboratory. – Yeah, hmm. – [Announcer] So if you were Romeo, where would you hide a Golden Pineapple? – I would hide it in like
a little small (mumbles) – [Announcer] Yeah, let’
see, where could it be? So, it wasn’t… We found Catboy, Owlette
and Gekko in the caves. Assistant. – Look.
– Right there. – It’s a Golden Pineapple. – [Announcer] You found it. You found the Golden Pineapple Assistant. – I’ve never seen one before. – [Announcer] Yeah, isn’t it so cool? – Yeah. – [Announcer] People at
home, it’s a Golden– – Golden Pineapple. – [Announcer] Hey, should I eat it? – No, I should.
(chuckles) – [Announcer] Oh pretty cool stuff right? – Right. – [Announcer] So we found
the Golden Pineapple. We found Gekko. We found, we found Catboy and all the cool things. Right Assistant? – Right. – [Announcer] Now if you
want to watch another fun adventure video with
us, what should they do? – In ten, nine, eight,
seven, six, five, four, – Make sure you subscribe.
– Subscribe. Three, two, one. Here’s our next video, bye. – [Announcer] Bye everyone. – Boom. (laser sound) – Okay everyone, now we need
to find Paw Patrol right away. – [Announcer] Yeah, where did they go? – Maybe they’re up here. – [Announcer] Maybe they,
you think they’re up there? – Yeah. – [Announcer] Let’s look. I don’t see ’em, do you? – Nope. – [Announcer] We’ve got to keep looking. – Keep looking. – [Announcer] Do you
think they’re up there? – [Assistant] No. – [Announcer] Now the
Assistant’s going to go all the way up to the
very top of the structure to see if she can go down the water slide and find Paw Patrol. Okay, Assistant, you got
to look for Paw Patrol. Let’s see if you can find them. Ready, set, and let’s
go down the water slide. Whoa, have fun Assistant. Hey, did you find Paw Patrol? You need to keep looking if you didn’t. – I didn’t. – [Announcer] Where could they be? – I don’t know. This way. – [Announcer] Let’s go this
way, see if we can find them. So we’re on the lookout
to try to find Paw Patrol. We’ve got to find Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Everest, Sky, we got to find ’em all. Oh there they are. You think they’re there? Think they’re in this door? Paw Patrol, you in there? Nope, they’re not in there either, hmmm. We gotta keep looking. Hey look, there’s a
statue right there though. Do you see ’em? I don’t see ’em either. Looks like that statue’s asleep. It looks like the statue’s
asleep, Assistant. Right, there’s the statue. – [Assistant] Oh, I see it. – [Announcer] Hmm, no Paw Patrol though. You gotta keep looking. Let’s see if we can find ’em. How about behind there? Oh look it’s a… You think they’re in that pipe? – [Assistant] Isn’t it
a secret Paw Patrol map. – [Announcer] You found
a secret Paw Patrol map? – And it’s written (mumbles) – [Announcer] I think it’s in a cave. Is that what it says? – Yeah. – [Announcer] We gotta
find that cave don’t we. – To the cave. – [Announcer] But they’re not in there. Whoa, Assistant, watch out. I think you’re getting close. Hey wait a minute. You think we’re getting close. Is Paw Patrol in here? – No, I don’t see ’em. – [Announcer] Let’s keep looking right. Maybe under the water. Whoa, here it comes, watch out, whoa. Let’s keep going in closer. Let’ see if we can see Paw Patrol in here. I don’t see them. Wait, maybe you there, what do you think? Or under the water, are they here? No. Oh, where are they at? – [Assistant] This way. – [Announcer] Assistant are they in there? – No, I don’t see ’em. – [Announcer] I don’t see ’em either. – Let’s keep looking. – [Announcer] They’re not in there. We’ve got to find ’em don’t we. Let’s keep looking in this cave. – We have this (mumbles) – [Announcer] Now that the
Assistant has her special map, she can lead us right to the cave. Assistant, okay, it’s so wet under here. So much water. Assistant do you see the cave? I think she see’s it, look. She sees it, finally. – Okay, the map says to
look inside this cave. Just in time, this map
is about to fall apart. – [Announcer] The map’s falling apart. So you think they’re inside this cave? – Yep, yes. – [Announcer] Whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, which way do we got to go? Which way to we got to go Assistant? Assistant which way is the map? – [Assistant] Look! – [Announcer] Where you at Assistant? – Right here. – [Announcer] There you are. Oh there you are, look. Wait a minute, you’re
right, you found them. There is Sky and Rocky. They’re inside the cave aren’t they? – [Assistant] Yeah. – [Announcer] And there’s Rubble. Hey Rubble on the Double, good job. We found Rubble, Marshall, – [Assistant] Zuma and Chase. – [Announcer] Look they’re
the all star versions aren’t they?
– Yeah. – [Announcer] Wow, look, there’s Chase, he’s out of the (mumbles), Zuma. Whoa, we’re way deep in this cave. – Uh huh, we better collect ’em before the hot water sprays. – [Announcer] Well wait
a minute Assistant, first we need to… Good job in finding Paw Patrol. – Thanks. – [Announcer] So we got
to go across the bridge, down the slide and all
kinds of cool things right? – I wonder if there’s
one more thing you need. They say that you get (mumbles) and look, brand new goggles. – [Announcer] Wow, and
the Paw Patrol left you these goggles to go
snorkeling didn’t they? – Yeah they did. – [Announcer] Wow, that’s great. Hey Assistant what does
it say right there? – Subscribe here to the Engineering Family and I hope you like this video
just like the other ones. – [Announcer] That’s right. We really hope that you like this video and that you like doing our
Paw Patrol search, right? – Uh huh. – [Announcer] It was a lot of fun. Give us a thumbs up, follow
us on Facebook and Twitter and our secret slogan is. – Word’s gotta be cave. – [Announcer] Cave, C, A, V, E spells – Cave. – [Announcer] Cave. Wait, so what’s way up here? What’s way up here? – [Assistant] What is it? – [Announcer] I don’t know. I think we needed to keep going. Alright people at home,
we’ve got to go, bye. – [Assistant] Bye, see you next time on the Engineering Family, bye. (spooky sounds) – [Announcer] Hey there everyone. Thanks for watching our video. Now make sure that you subscribe
to the Engineering Family so you can see lots of cool videos. In fact there’s another
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