Platinum Peek YouTube Launch

Platinum Peek YouTube Launch

What’s up? I’m Soren Dickens … … And I’m Eriksen Dickens. And we’re Platinum Peek. We’re here to tell
you a little bit about what we’ve been up to since founding our media agency and also
to kick off our YouTube channel. That’s right, you heard it. We’re going to
be giving you guys an inside look on our past projects, our current businesses, huge successes,
huge failures, and a peak into our lives. Peak. Get it. Soren … What’s up? We’re out here in a white out with
Peter. Take a quick second to subscribe because we’re going
to be releasing content frequently and we’re also going to be having some pretty cool guests
on our channel. We’re actually here right now filming this
video in Maui, taking a little breather from our very hectic summer schedule. In the past four years, we haven’t taken many
breaks between being students and running a developing business. Over those four years,
we’ve shot hundreds of videos including full length documentaries, commercials, corporate
promotional content, music videos, social media content, YouTube videos for other YouTubers
and weddings. We actually did so many weddings two summers
ago, we decided to start another brand called Peek Wedding Films that specializes strictly
in wedding videos. We’ve traveled all over the Western United States doing videos for
clients. We’ve worked with seven figure earners developing their personal brands, eight and
nine figure businesses with their digital and online presence. Oh, and he wrote a book that sold out on Amazon
within three days of being launched. We partnered with an app called Kick-it Points founded
by Brett Foreman. My name’s Brett Foreman and I’m the founder
of Kick-it Points. And collectively we’ve serviced clients such
as Cal Poly Corporation, Cal Poly ASI, over a hundred businesses in the San Luis Obispo
area. Anyways, we’re super excited to start this channel and see where it goes and we
hope we can deliver as much value to you guys as possible. If you guys have any ideas for
content, have any questions about any of the things we have previously talked about, drop
a comment below and we’ll be sure to answer that as soon as we can. We’re for sure going
to be doing a give away in the next video, so be sure to like, comment, subscribe, share,
and we’ll see you in the next video.


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