Platinum vs. White Gold, Top 5 Differences

Platinum vs. White Gold, Top 5 Differences

– A lot of customers ask
me what is the difference between platinum and white gold. (smooth jazz music) My name is Sarel du Plessis. I’m a goldsmith here
at Burrells Jewellers. I have been working for the
company for the last 16 years, and I get to deal with
all of the bespoke designs and remodelings for the
company and customers. (smooth jazz music) Platinum is a natural silver-coloured metal and will never change colour. Where 18-carat white
gold actually originates being a really rich yellow colour. We have to then add
alloys to the yellow gold to be able to make it white. (smooth jazz music) Platinum is actually 33% denser
and heavier than white gold. Due to that reason, due to
the difference in densities, platinum wears slower
than 18-carat white gold. (smooth jazz music) I’ve got two pieces of metal here. One is 18-carat white gold
and the other one is platinum. And when I hold it in my hand, even though they are cut exactly the
same size and length, I can feel the difference
between the two metals. The platinum in my right is
definitely a lot heavier. If you are making a pair of earrings, we always advise that you
go with the white gold as it’ll be lighter when
you wear it in your ears rather than a heavy platinum earring. If you wear a ring, for example,
it is actually quite nice to have a little bit of
extra weight in the ring, because you can feel the difference in the quality of the metals. (smooth jazz music) Platinum is 30 times more
rare and less mined than gold, so that’s the first main reason
for the price difference. There’s also a difference
in the cost of manufacturing platinum due to the
higher melting point of it will occur more manufacturing costs and therefore it’s another
reason of the higher price. (smooth jazz music) All white gold jewelry
gets a coating of rhodium. This coating is
electroplated and therefore wears off over the years. So if you go to our website and you look at all our white gold and platinum jewelry you will not be able to see the difference between platinum and white gold. They look exactly the same due to the fact that white gold is rhodium-plated. (smooth jazz music) So I hope this brief explanation between the difference
between 18-carat white gold and platinum has answered
some of your questions about the two metals. We will have some more videos that explain in more detail what the actual differences are between the different metals. If you have any more questions, you’re very welcome to book an appointment or even email us at the
address on the screen.


  1. Very educational, thanks. It would have been nice to know the sales ratio between the two. I imagine it isn't very close do to cost.

  2. How about a gold/palladium alloy I know it doesn't wear like the rhodium coated rings do. But is it the same bright white color

  3. Good video, precise and informative. I have some questions. For a platinum chain, which one is best in terms of durability, 850, 900 or 950? Are there some ways to spot fake platinum?

  4. Actually the video is no longer accurate… Because based on current price of precious metals in 2019 platinum is 25percent CHEAPER then gold… The price of platinum has plummeted…. So now jewelers are promoting gold… They will promote everything that's expensive at the exact moment.

  5. I like white gold over gold. I just ordered a 18k white gold chain. But…I found a place in South Korea that specializes in platinum, ByEnzo. I shot them an email to see if they can make a chain as small as 1.2mm and make it a Franco chain. So, we'll see. Platinum is a good investment for me as a chain, since I prefer white gold over gold. I want to keep my chain white as long as possible. Hence why I went with a 18k white gold chain vs a 14k white gold chain. I also have a small pendant in 18k white gold. I can also turn around and sell my platinum chain if I want.

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