Plenty of Gold in London Vaults says Adrian Ash of Bullion Vault

Plenty of Gold in London Vaults says Adrian Ash of Bullion Vault

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Monday 21st March 2016 and we are
analysing an article published by Bullion Vault suggesting that there is plenty of gold
in London despite what the pumpers claim. A little over a week ago Bullion Vault published
an article by Adrian Ash (who runs their research desk) entitled “China & India’s Hotel
California for Gold”, in which he highlights that although gold imports can go into these
countries, they generally cannot get back out.
To those of us who follow the gold market, this suggests of course that this can only
be bullish for gold prices. However, within India for example, this can mean something
very different, especially as large discounts are currently hitting India’s gold retailing
Industry. According to Ash “Whereas, with India’s
wholesalers currently glutted with gold – but unable to ship it out to the world’s wholesale
bullion market – discounts have yawned to $50 below the global benchmark of London prices.
A similar but less dramatic discount hit China in 2014, thanks first to the huge flows sucked
in during the previous year’s gold price crash, but also to the explicit ban on re-exporting
excess stockpiles.” He adds “it is India’s inability to re-export
bullion which really distorts and damages its domestic gold industry……. Contrast
London – heart of the world’s wholesale bullion trade. Metal comes in, metal goes
out. So much of the stuff, in fact, that gold bullion regularly features in the UK’s top
5 imports and exports, despite the UK having zero mine production, no wholesale-market
approved refineries, and next-to-no consumer demand…… But that still leaves 1,000 tonnes
accrued by bullion banks, their clients, and other private owners of wholesale gold in
London vaults since 2005. And if prices continue to rise, one can only expect the pattern of
net inflows — led of course by those same money managers and wealthier families whose
investment pushes up prices — to return as well…….. Either way, there is plenty of
gold traded globally outside the big Asian centres – and there is currently plenty
of metal available in London’s wholesale market, too.”
Now Adrian also has a comment concerning the shortly to be introduced Shanghai Gold Fixing
arrangement, this is what he says: “Meantime, “sources” say that April 19 will
bring the first-ever Shanghai Gold Fixing – a new benchmarking auction to ape and
then overtake the century-old process now refreshed in London as the LBMA Gold Price.
Good luck with that. Ten banks classed as market makers will bid and offer metal to
help find that single price which does the most business. But lacking the ability to
ship out bullion to the wider world, China’s new fixing will remain a wholly Chinese affair.
It’s the ability to ship it out which entices it in. Maybe someone should tell Beijing,
never mind New Delhi.” So there you have it. Plenty of gold in London,
and if prices rise, even more may appear and a limited threat to be encountered by the
New envisaged Shanghai system. Interestingly in a note to us, Adrian pointed out quote:
“I do find it signal that, since we first reported strong selling by private Western
investors to match the upturn in interest, several major US and UK coin outlets are now
advertising “special” deals on popular items — suggesting that they too have seen a rise
in customers selling.” So to us this simply means, whilst indeed
precious metals have firmed and may continue to do so short term, be under no illusion
that the shortages the pumpers are attempting to frighten you with do not exist and also
it is very unlikely indeed that any activity carried out by China or any of these proposed
Banks will have a limited impact on price, again contradicting what the pumpers would
have you believe. We hope you have found this video interesting
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  1. You beat me to the twitter share again!

    That said, I saw an interview the other day (forgot who it was…I'll have to hunt it down again) where it was predicted that over the next few months to a year, gold would crash to $250/oz and silver to $7.00/oz.

    If that were the case, that would definitely be a good time to snag some gold…and probably a chunk of silver as well.

  2. Good, it will be better if the sheeple run into dollars first, the moment they realise that gold is the only safe heaven, then the game is truly over and it will be impossible to get any.

  3. I have a theory that the people interested in bullion before the recent rise are holding off from buying at these higher prices, and the new people to the market are not buying bullion. They want precious metal ETF's and stocks as proven by the earlier Blackrock ETF suspension and the large miners being up 70%, where as the gold price is only up 21%. There is plenty of physical – I have never seen so much stock in at the UK bullion dealers.

  4. Does the government allow audits of the vaults and an accounting of who owns any gold residing there? Encumbrances would need to be considered to get the entire picture also.

  5. I have now come to the conclusion that Illuminati Silver is anti-precious metals, masquerading as "truth tellers". Remember, these individuals are retired "money-changers". This is their system/kingdom, and unfortunately they rule the entire Earth. These money-changers loan out paper money with interest. This is "legalized usury". Usury in Hebrew means to sting, or to oppress. I have a quote from Lloyd Blankfein hanging in my office. It says, "we are doing God's work". Of course they are. Just do a little research on this term "God". God is the modern way to write the Hebrew name of a pagan deity, GAAD, pronounced Gawd (God). It literally means "God of Forces", or troops. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "support the troops", LOL. The term Gawd, or God, also means "Fortune". So, when you invade and conquer your enemies, you make a "fortune". Thus, this word means "Money & Power". Now you know the double-meaning of the inscription on your dollar bill, "In God we Trust". Wake up people! Become called out of the "false" light, and into the true light of Torah!

  6. Gold is propping up the Federal Reserve.  It has a hidden in plain sight paper asset — 8000 tons of gold on its balance sheet.  The Federal Reserve used to own the gold but the Treasury took it and gave the Federal Reserve a gold certificate  (paper gold) for the gold.

    So are we on a gold standard even if it's a shadow gold standard?  As Mr. Rickards points out, why is the IMF, Germany, Russia and China stockpiling gold if it has no role?  The answer is it does have a role and if it's good enough for the Fed, the IMF, China, Russia, etc., it's good enough for me.
    Watch "Jim Rickards – Cyber financial warfare, Fed balance sheet, gold price, windfall tax on gold" on YouTube

  7. You can't value gold in dollars, no one knows what the value of is, but the value of gold has never changed since 5000years ago. Please people stop measuring gold in dollars in your mind. If you have extra cash get some gold if you don't get some silver.

  8. This is plenty of gold in London to purchase a ps4! This London gold fairy tale is more like the lock ness monster tale. No one has ever seen or audited this gold before, yet everyone speaks about it. The only gold left in London is probably the one stolen from Gaddafi.

  9. wow from the comments below you struck a cord. Judging from just the comments below gold diffently has not bottomed. Gold is a shorting opportunity for sure.

  10. pumpers and dumpers
    somewhere there us truth
    why this man felt the need to discuss and reveal this information at this stage in the GAME
    All I know is that we don't know how much gold there is
    and anyone claiming to know well …on what evidence
    + how many claims are there for the said gold?
    we live in the greatest ponzi paper scheme in history …
    and we all know what has happened to paper money it gets diluted to 0
    place your bets
    the only real question is whether or not to buy now or later …so the senses would say look at mining costs and make your own judgment call …and do it not profit but for preservation

  11. Meh, 1k tons in 11 years. Compared to about 25k tons of mine production for that period is not very impressive. Meaning 96 % of said mine production has been "accrued" outside of london.

  12. Canada just sold all of its gold, and Venezuela just shipped their gold to europe. So that might be an answer to this sudden feeling of overflow. Silver will probably still be in oversupply thanks for lower industrial demand.

    Perhaps this is enough to take the sting out of the sudden urge to buy for many. And perhaps people that need to get cash in hard times will sell back also, relieving the markets for a while.

    If this means that i can continue to buy as today in the times ahead, then i will be a happy mf in a few years. Give me 2-3+ good years, then "pull the plug" if you will! 🙂

  13. Illuminatisilver; have you ever considered giving your opinion on US savings bonds and compare to precious metals or anything else?

  14. Not surprised they have all of
    Canada's America's Australia's New Zealand's among others
    The Royal British Empire will never have the sun set on it's shores.

  15. However, the fiat currency with nothing to back it up is a better value than PM's???? If you take all the gold ever mined, it would fill up an olympic sized swimming pool. Currently there is only 1.2 billion ounces of above ground silver. In 1880 there was 50 billion ounces available. Silver is consumes in consumer products in such small quantities, that it is not economically practical to recycle the silver.

  16. This vidio is typical Illuminti BS, I wouldn't be suprized Me if London sells off all of it's gold just as Canada has. You may have noticed that they left out the reason why China is not allowing export of gold at this time.

  17. Plenty of gold in England my foot. Gordon Brown sold off UK gold years ago for pennies on the pound. What proof do you have that there is plenty of gold in England, you sound almost stupid to say that including your ridiculous spoken manner. The Chinese are using the gold they have, inc Russia, to create a currency whereby, they no longer need to trade using the US$. It is finished, the square mile in London is almost finished, the populous of the UK are awake and will exit the EU. Pound down………Now you understand I hope. Good luck with your theories.

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