Poisoned By The Gold Rush

Poisoned By The Gold Rush

to see potential for demente es tuyo cintamani Serafina pero Trista meant a persona que tiene tiempo es persona back in a sec Willis in the Phineas a rival series we’re here in Romero’s a typical mining town in the rich gold producing region of unfilled Kent in northern Columbia gold mining has always been big here but in recent years it’s skyrocketed a recent boom in the price of gold and the country’s crackdown on coca cultivation have driven an unprecedented demand for the precious mineral making gold the new cocaine the boom has brought a flush of cash along with the inevitable sex booze and partying but the miners reliance on mercury to cheaply and quickly extract the gold has had damaging impacts one in particular has left the miners feeling inadequate the line potentia un problema que man DJ seasoned pro lemma said system whereby God is Elizabeth Allah Allah Allah Allah contamination Del McCoury bata Soto has worked in the mayor’s office for twenty years and he has seen the many ways the town has changed he told us that remedies for impotence have been flying off the shelves of local pharmacies may know much Mayo much much too much Saotome tanto que lo and then okay it’s automatically upon a la gente ok ok machista say I feel the pain as you look for potential you can lo que las pastillas Amazon bastante symbol oh hey summer Sunday a explicit Elizabeth in response to the growing demand for gold the number of illegal mines has exploded and mercury pollution has become an increasingly dire problem in this region of Colombia the mining destroys the jungle drying up rivers and discharging harmful pollutants in the process today almost 80% of gold produced in Colombia comes from these mines and many fund guerrilla paramilitary or criminal groups we wanted to see one of these informal mining operations firsthand so here we are finally it took us many days of trying to get permission to film here this area has been in dispute for many years and illegal armed groups are trying to control the territory because of the richness of course illegal mining brings in an estimated 2.5 billion dollars every year and has become more profitable than cocaine trafficking for armed boots in Colombia why the run or tax mining operations per kilo gold is worth more than cocaine and it’s easier to trade since it’s illegal commodity it’s why young men like to these mines in the hopes of hitting it I mean I mean but these miners are working on borrowed time this type of small-scale mining uses mercury to separate the gold from other materials which means constant contact with an elements so toxic that even low levels of exposure can do damage to the nervous system and chronic mercury poisoning can cause organ failure and even death the method has been banned in the United States for more than a century right here is the first step of introducing mercury into the whole gold-mining process so it’s really here where the contamination of starts well the men have bearing thoughts on what the mercury is doing to them the effects are clear Rafael Francisco Torrez who have been mining with mercury for years suffers from tremors and says he’s begun to lose his vision today he took rescue vxs tenido la protección and also we’re at the Pelican blooded Ferro since RSK I think I’m in testosterone yo porque los cielos in and turns this look at the carry everyone tad is Kevin Tito they seem to my cinema momentum I think maybe he challenged a forum Club ellos los novios nunca tang activity of material see a player per se honest 12 some irrelevant de cuatro it was a commercial material a bag open to all of us Chevrolet Mac am opening no double jeopardy I evaluate women Estes come on look at to look at tu sientes Crees que otra gente que está siendo me know who stays comment on the parent o que tenemos la template a memorial ends and it’s not just this community that’s suffering from the pollution an estimated 100 tons of mercury runoff from sites like this enantiopure into the rivers every year poisoning the water of more than 1 million people even those who don’t come directly into contact with the water from these polluted rivers aren’t safe the most dangerous form of mercury pollution comes from the final stage of gold production when the mercury is burned off releasing its vapors into the atmosphere the Hidalgo brothers are no strangers to the danger of mercury vapors the brothers run a smelting shop where miners take their gold to be refined both have levels of mercury in their blood dozens of times higher than the levels deemed safe by the World Health Organization Vanessa came out vamos a ver para El Mercurio de la mal gamma el Toro it took one dose and they stay and go campus oh come on thermal I might when the homicides in ten DoCoMo toxic outlaws into my wearin temblor mosquito with Tim Laurium soul a per diem amore from the design phase end up in Raqqa funniest reveal I wonder – in a universe piano my poor mother this see – Kyra see you draw on the rest I suppose there’ll be so local confirm on the 22nd de otros EMTs the algo micro grammars in Zangla Australia pero us a moment to play me prefer nominee persona he won in this moment so they carry the same touch she fell for pero pero como te antes de regalos para más que piensa que mientras oh no no Jake when Jackie sent removals in Burma you throw on a sake square because mercury poisoning often manifests as a chronic illness slowly evolving over time many people believe that as long as they exhibit no symptoms there’s nothing to worry about we visited the only medical facility in primary OHS to see what doctors are up against cuenta que mas inter partes I can sense you they say they say they say all mental and when you disappear a circus entiendo dr. jose luis albariño has seen many cases like Janette Santa who used to work at a gold smelting shop but he told us that more often than not patients come too late for effective treatment for the cintamani Sierra apena pero Trista meant a persona que tiene tiempo es a persona back in a sec Willis in the phoniness a Tigers unison is growl lat assonance me repartee no idea Ellis or adonde no intervention Dell dos hermanos Las Tunas Salvati Kapoor employ del Sol de Colombian Amazonas yes a son Andre Delambre loan even a mercury into some prácticamente me a sink on NaNoWriMo for literally just some prácticamente guinea mush and so I come over Tamara g-load arrested en esta su chi o NT in swears como Remedios is Segovia J Gaston over cientos Cuarenta nano Alito nos Paseos abierto y hasta a toasty most Angus a cuatro cinco mil nibble nanoram pollitos el espacio sensor ADO’s sir esta muy Antonio ASEAN bastante alta yes Thomas in ilandia Tomas Serbian the mercury Permanente minty although authorities have cracked down on illegal mines and their use of mercury many believe it’s too little too late we wanted to see for ourselves what exactly the government was doing operation is police and military this is the front line against illegal gold mining activity the aim of the operation is to shut down these unauthorized mines many of which fund leftist guerrillas right-wing paramilitary groups and drug cartels the military and police sweep through the jungle destroying any equipment they find but they often face resistance it’s really bizarre to see all this riot police in full gear in the middle of nowhere this is not an urban area but their telling is that sometimes the community comes out to protest obviously many people from here live off the gold mines and the diggers so they’re not happy with them being here and nor are the armed groups treating they find a digger and a generator abandoned by the owner and rig them with explosives oh yeah gennosuke-sama community talking country masseuse Trantino : toes the process holiday physica Sokka are con esto SI retro pour etre sdcc s difficile pour que su problema Santa complejo sin problem association problem ambient I’ll I just wonder how the cultivar the pronto planted the coke I toaster Rajjo nettle manera que un actia destice mucho mas facil para ellos y mucho melancholic a for the parent total re general cootie was elicited so we were expecting to see twenty diggers and they were gonna start blowing them up they brought enough explosives but there’s only one for now apparently the operators got word and then just move the diggers out in any case right now there’s 20 diggers somewhere obviously digging for gold the cat-and-mouse game between the government and these illegal operations will persist as long as there’s an easy buck to be made in the meantime the mercury pollution continues to grow exponentially pushing the country towards an impending environmental health crisis


  1. There are some major side-effects of Colombia's new gold rush that locals are curiously quiet about: erectile dysfunction and brain damage.
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  2. Check out purewater.org actively fighting open pit cyanide mining since 1988! 50% of all profits donated. Found them at a local fire, awesome stuff!!!

  3. Well there's no PPE or any other safety or environmental procedures in place, so they're getting what they're asking for; mercury poisoning.

  4. Ok. the shit that military is doing seems just plain stupid. Confiscate the equipment then sell of for charity. Dont blow it up and leave it in middle of nowhere ffs.

  5. i feel sorry for their choice to work in this area of expertise, though taking such risks as working with poisons metals has it's consequences.

  6. first using borax to extract the gold would get the 30 to 40% more gold second a retort used to recapture the mercury would both reduce the exposure and recover the mercury as a saleable asset and well designed retorts would reduce the gas cost used to separate the gold.

  7. Blow there stuff up and what do they do…. The same thing again and again because that's where the money is even if it poisons them. Give them a better option to make a living and be healthy doing it and what would they do, they would take the better option make a good living and be healthier because of it. Here is an idea for there government to use. Create super structure farms intelligently designed that can be stacked like super skyscrapers and utilize all sorts of Hydroponic/Aquaponic/Airoponic bays in these structures to grow mass quantities of food and become the worlds bread basket for all natural healthy food, effectively turning mass quantities of your populace into professional plant farmers on a scale that has never before been seen in the entire world. Then once your water ways are all cleaned naturally and their is no more toxins floating around and everyone is eating like kings have lots of sex 😀 and rejoice in the abundance.

  8. arrrr….too good.

  9. So rather than just blowing up the equipment, why doesn't the Colombian Gov't provide proper refining equipment such as a Retort for burning off the Mercury which prevents people from having to breath the fumes while also collecting the Mercury for reuse ? Anything to set them up to do what they are going to do anyway while providing a safe and environmentally friendly means of processing.

  10. Here's an idea, instead of mining gold to sell for food just grow food and eliminate the gold bullshit. If everyone in the community chips in working, they could create a self-sustaining living situation for everyone.

  11. Manny things I don't understand.. It's not a problem collecting fine gold without merkery and for cleaning use flus or if you use merkury for the collection of fine gold use a destilater so the mercury can be reused.. This is only bad education and economic madness

  12. If mercury is that big of a problem why do they not use mercury reclamation you can make a reclaimer for like $10 saves the mercury and the gold !!!!!!!!

  13. Maybe the erectile dysfunction could be blamed on the sausage-fest. Just saying, is there one single Colombian woman in this whole video?

  14. Why are you talking about opportunities in a black and Indian society (With a few Spaniards mixed in)??? Those people DO NOT create normal opportunities. Why are you blind to this fact?

  15. I live in an area that was mined and panned during the gold rush of 1849. Panning for gold is a fun hobby for the family and tourists. Quite often we will find small nuggets still covered in mercury. The stuff never goes away. Luckily the stuff wasn't used that often here.

  16. Anyone think it's kinda funny how governments have such a hard time finding these illegal operations yet these reporters and there company find it not only that but talk to em and convince them to get on camera? If I ever need a private investigator im just gonna hire a damned reporter lmao

  17. Talk about not doing their homework. A simple mercury distiller can be made with scrap metal and will re-condense the mercury out so you can re-use it, and so that you dont breathe it in. Theyre in a rush, and its killing them. No to mention mercurys not insignificant price tag, over 100$ a pound, they should be using a distiller.

  18. Hey Vice…. You should probably put another 10 ads in your 15 min. Segment I know you have to pay your employees..but…not to worry ..there shouldn't be too many left after seeing what Vice turned into.

  19. the sad thing is, even if gloves were too expensive, they could use turkey basters, syringes, and literally anything other than touch the shit they know is making their dicks not work

  20. HELP Get this man 2 Big Glasses of Milk Stat! He touches mercury all day then eats lunch everyday, I think the one guys lunch is finger lickin' good

  21. Just what I needed to see in the middle of this. An advert for two lipstick dykes getting married on a whim in Las Vegas….. All I saw was two attractive female wastes making bad decisions for themselves all around… Eventually their marriage will fail, most likely involving domestic violence and possibly a failed adoption making even more problems for the point after they split up… THE SHIT IS NOT NORMAL

  22. That trebling was so fake he stopped soon as he put his hands down not only that he wasn't even shaking till she asked the question lmao

  23. Subtle thing mentioned… they were going to blow up 20 diggers but only found 1. The illegal camps got word. So somebody in the police is being paid off. Say hello to the real reason why the gold operations can't be shut down: corrupt local government.

  24. How stupid can you be? Poisoning them selves for what a little gold. The government is not doing enough. They need to educate these people at the same time they are shutting down their operations. Or there want be a Columbia left.

  25. I wonder why they don't just stop the mercury. This is why I have never owned any gold or diamonds.The torturous way it is extracted and the harm gold had done to people for thousands of years. It is actually worthless just like diamonds.

  26. being able to feed your children and then cannot satisfy your wife or girlfriend means she won't be with you long. so which is more important gold or health?

  27. Eye dropper / turkey baster / syringes/
    Respirator all as cheap as a six pack of beer I have no sympathy whatsoever

  28. The government should air lift the diggers out and use or sell them to other countries rather than blowing them up. Good piece of equipment right there! Use it to make roads or whatever to improve your own country. Instead… let’s blow this shit up and leave a mini contamination area with hydraulic fluid/gasoline etc… wtf?

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