Pokémon Gold and Silver 3DS Review

Pokémon Gold and Silver 3DS Review

– [JAMES] They’re finally here… again. For the 3rd time. And I’m excited. Pokémon Gold, Silver, and not Crystal, have been released for the 3DS Virtual Console and I’m excited! And is this Pokémon Gold and Silver as you remembered them? Well, yeah, for the most part. And we’re going to be going over whether these are worth buying again definitively in today’s video! Welcome to Stuff We Play, your source for everything weird and retro, and on today’s video we’re talking about something retro that’s being re-released that I’m very excited for. Pokémon Gold and Silver for the 3DS Virtual Console. More specifically Silver Version, because Silver was my first foray into the world of Johto and I felt it was only right for that to be the version that I get. I dunno, I’ll probably get Gold at some point. So this review here is not going to be going over the games themselves, as I already think Pokémon Gold and Silver on their own are definitely worth your time. If you really want to hear my opinions on those, along with those of some friends of mine, we did an entire 46 minute long retrospective on the 2nd Generation of Pokémon. This video is specifically for the recently released of Pokémon Gold and Silver and whether they’re worth it. And some of you are also wondering: didn’t you do a video on that as well? Yes, but that was right after the games were announced. The ports of these games. These games have actually been out for nearly 20 years at this point. What does Pokémon Gold and Silver for the 3DS add? Not really a lot! I mean, first off you just have the added bonus of due to them being on a 3DS, you don’t have to worry about your save battery dying and losing all of your progress. Furthermore, because obviously this is the 3DS and you have no need for a link cable, or rather, there’s no possible way to use a link cable, these games, much like the ports of Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow, have wireless trading and battling enabled which is great and it’s faster and better than ever before. Along with that, these games have compatibility with Pokémon Bank. This means that any Pokémon you catch in Pokémon Gold and Silver for 3DS you can directly transfer them up to the Generation 7 Pokémon games, which are of course Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon. I tried to find some crap that wasn’t game specific. Y’know, only specific to these releases, and I only have 3 main gripes about these released of Pokémon Gold and Silver and we’re going to go over those now. With the release of these games, Nintendo is giving you a free Celebi for use in Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon, which is great! That’s awesome! It’s an homage to the Celebi event from back in Gen 2. My only problem with this event is I wish it was the actual Gen 2 Celebi event. Now if I remember correctly, that event involving the GS Ball and whatnot was never utilized in the Western releases of the games but all the coding and stuff was still there so, I dunno, it’s a minor gripe – a very minor gripe. It’s still cool that you’re actually getting a Celebi. It’s just a shame that to truly complete the PokéDex you need to somehow perform a glitch to get that one specific Pokémon. Speaking of things that have been left out, let’s talk about the most major omission, which is Pokémon Crystal. I know a lot of people said “Well, I would only buy Crystal and I wouldn’t buy Gold and Silver.” Yeah, well a lot of people were the same way with Yellow and they released that. Now, I did make an entire video talking about why I think Nintendo isn’t bringing Crystal out and I got a lot of really good comments on that and one that stuck out to me was one talking about how maybe because the Japanese version had some major differences between the North American and European versions with the main one being that it could go online using a mobile phone adapter, whoever was in charge of these games, Game Freak or I don’t know, just didn’t want to be bothered to, y’know, work something out with that. Do we retranslate the Japanese version and enable online battling and trading or do we translate the Western releases into Japanese and take those features out? Or do we just put a direct ROM on there and just y’know, whenever they try to go and use any of the mobile features in Japan it gives them an error? Who knows. That’s probably why, but, it’s still kind of a crappy reason because I dunno, these are 20 year old games. Nintendo could have figured something out. C’mon, Crystal is by far the best version of the Gen 2 games! And finally, the 3rd and final gripe isn’t so much something with these releases themselves but more a specific version of these releases: the physical release. That’s right! Pokémon Gold and Silver are getting released physically again and don’t get your hopes up. It’s literally a cardboard box with a download code. What a waste of freakin’ money! But besides that, these games are definitely worth your time. They’ve aged remarkably well in my opinion, I mean they definitely have their faults and we go over those in the aforementioned retrospective and as long as you aren’t considering buying the physical release of Pokémon Gold and Silver for 3DS, definitely buy them. Definitely buy the eShop versions. It’s definitely worth it. It’s fun to go through the Johto region again and to just relive those memories or, if you’ve never played them, this is a great place to start. I still think that Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver for the DS are much better versions of the Gen 2 games but those are now $60+ for the cartridge only and honestly for $10 for a version of the original releases that’s directly compatible with the modern games, then if you’ve never played Pokémon Gold or Silver then this is definitely the way to go! I’m excited for these games and I’m really nostalgic for them and I’m sure a lot of y’all are too, so please leave your Johto Memories down in the comment section below and while you’re at it, why don’t you subscribe to Stuff We Play for more great content like this? So with that, thank you very much for watching, stay classy, and I will see you… nex time.


  1. I'm one of the only few to never play crystal :/ however i bought both gold and silver on the eshop and i do own a japanese version of heart gold and an english version of soul silver.

  2. There was actually data for Crystal discovered in the code for Gold & Silver Virtual Console, so Crystal eventually being released isn't out of the realm of possibility. I'm really happy to return to my home region! Also, you can get a free Ho-Oh or Lugia 3DS theme included in your receipt on the eShop, so just letting you know!

  3. Holy crap, i forgot this was releasing thanks. I might get Gold.
    Though i wish they released Pokemon Crystal too, since i never played that version.

  4. My friend has been talking to me about Gold nonstop for the past two days here lol, I just might have to get it. By the way, great video!

  5. Bought both & enjoying the walk down memory lane. HG & SS are great remasters but it’s fun playing the classic versions. Maybe they’ll surprise us with Pokémon Crystal in the near future after they make enough cash off these releases.

  6. Another added bonus is the rare transfer moves. I can finally have a Dynamic Punch Charizard in gen 7 and Zap Cannon Dragonite again. There's other odd things too like Confusion on Blastoise. Thanks to the Time Capsule I'm going to have fun getting tms and uncommon moves from gen 1 and 2.

  7. I went to gamestop before the gen 2 games came out to ask if they were gonna get physical copies they said no i bought sliver digitally and now Im hearing they're releasing it physically fucking Nintendo

  8. It almost doesn't matter which version you get because, like RBY, you could get the same legends and story in each copy or G/S. . . though Crystal was a bit tweaked like Yellow.

  9. Is there any benefit to getting a 3DS Virtual Console for Pokémon over an Emulator version? Nostalgia is nostalgia at the end of the day..

  10. I wanted to play it, but it's way too long and I want to beat xy ( for the 2nd time) and Zelda OT 3d, in time for usum, so I'll maybe play it next year

  11. Question: couldn’t you transfer the sun and moon Celebi to the Pokémon bank and then bring it over to silver or gold?

  12. Jesus Christ! Why should they do a Celebi Event for Gen 2? Where is the logic behind it?
    To clone it a million times? You will probably send it to Sun and Moon anyway!
    No need for a Celebi EVent for Gen 2! You have your for Sun and Moon behappy with that!

  13. How do I transfer Pokemon from my VC Silver into the bank? I've used Pokemon Transporter with my Red VC but I cannot figure out how to get my Silver VC Pokemon into Pokemon Bank. Can anyone help?

  14. GOLD version was the very first Pokemon game I played. I poured thousands of hours playing the gen2 games and it's also the first one I actually completed a Pokedex on. What I love most about the gen2 games is they're semi-sequels to red blue and yellow. It was fun traversing Johto but it was a blast going back to Kanto with all these new Pokemon in tow. I wish they'd do that again with future Pokemon games and not just leave you stranded with one map to complete.

  15. How can I️ directly transfer pokemon? Do I️ have to beat all game first? When I️ go to bank it doesn’t give me up option to transfer

  16. This video is another proof you have no clue what you are talking about. Nintendo did release Crystal after a few months on the eShop.

  17. I’m thinking about getting a new 3ds System, I was wondering if you could tell me what retro Pokémon games are available on the eshop?!?!

  18. Why dose Nintendo have a thing for selling use random bits of over priced card boad
    Wait no the real question is why the fuck are people buying these over priced pices of cardboard from Nintendo

  19. Why no mention of time capsule. Feel like this "review" was more advertising for other videos and complaining about crystal

  20. crystall is the beeesttt pokemon version for GBC, all good when casting move, as far I jump playing pokemon Sun/Moon version in 3DS cuz when pokemon casting move is just same way as in the anime, such as hyper beam and other beam, Emerald version has the worst way on casting move when the hyper beam just like a buble…I just stop playing it when I use hyperbeam, powerful move looks like buble

  21. so….what the hell is the point of these games? 1st and 2nd gen pokemon games aged fucking terribly. I don't think I've ever even completed pokemon blue on my gameboy pocket because of how massively awful it was at the time compared to fire red on the emulator. gold/silver also looked like fucking shit. why not remaster heart gold/soul silver instead? it's just fucking ridiculous.

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