Pokemon Gold/Silver: Yet another Celebi glitch, using Coin Case arbitrary code execution

Pokemon Gold/Silver: Yet another Celebi glitch, using Coin Case arbitrary code execution

Requirements: 1. Specific items in the box; see the description for details 2a) Any low level Pokemon, preferably a recently caught one
2b) A Quagsire, with item HP Up, and Sleep Talk as the first move
2c) Any Pokemon you want – it will change into Celebi after completing the glitch Step 1: Put the low level Pokemon in your third slot. Put the Quagsire in your 4th slot. Put the chosen Pokemon in your 1st slot. Step 2: Go to Elm’s lab, save the game and reset. Step 3: Exit the lab, take four steps right. Then open your Pokedex and listen to Machoke’s cry. Step 4: Switch to your Key Items Pocket and use Coin Case. Step 5: Go to the Daycare, deposit the Pokemon in the first slot. Step 6: Withdraw the Pokemon you just deposited. Done. You now have a completely normal Celebi. Rename it, get rid of any moves it can’t legitimately learn, and show it to your friends.


  1. What a load of crap….. are you serious? You load up a game with gameshark ..in your vid shows when you push continue it says pokedex 0 yet you have more than 200…. thats not a glitch dumbass.

  2. What should I do if after walking the four steps outside the laboratory, hearing the machoke cry and using my coin case, immediately after using the coin case, the game just stops and I have to reset it to play again? Thanks!

  3. Damn! Doesn't work in the German Version. And I tried everything: Looking up or down in Elm's Lab at the beginning, using different Pokemon to give away, using Machoke's and Machope's cry (whyever they are different in the text description and this Video…)
    But nothing works! So: @ all: Stop waisting your time to try if you own the German Version!

  4. Hi. I'm using Pokemon Gold. Everything was fine up until I used the Coin Case. My game keeps on freezing when I use it. Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm following all the procedures correctly.

  5. Does the number of items have to be correct? Or merely the order? Seem to need to be rich just to attempt it, or really patient with cloning items.

  6. How the hell do I set Sleep talk to sanqui as first move! Move Delter doesnt let me delete the last move and it's set as the first one!… Any Advice please!!!!!!!!

  7. when I opened the coin case it reset my game and had inverted colors and I did everything exactly the same why did it not work?

  8. Ok, I did a bit of experimentation, and here's what I found (I'm correcting what I originally posted): First off, I did get this Celebi glitch to work with the exact set up as in this video. In other words, have every item match perfectly in the box and use a hoothoot and a togepi. I had my hoothoot in the lead slot, and togepi in #3. (I tried it with a rattata instead of a togepi in slot #3 and it crashed at the coincase step).
    Secondly, I guess it is possible to do this glitch while not exactly following Taylor's PC box (i.e., have different items wherever the list says any item allowed). If your game crashes at the coincase step, it's probably because tour slot 3 pokemon doesn't work, I guess. Togepi works, though. At least for me it did. I hope this helps out. Ps, you get do the glitch multiple times and get more Celebi's!

  9. this really works, copy everything exactly and my game did not freeze 

    pc item list 
    Super Potion x3 
    repel x38 
    TM27 x2 
    fresh water x42 
    x1 lovely mail 
    pokeball x65 
    great ball x4 
    Everstone x1 
    tm14 x1 
    Surf Mail x51 
    full heal x18 
    Flowermail x46 
    xspeed x1 
    x1 TM06 
    x1 TM22 
    x1 TM41 

    I'm Mexican and I run fine on my silver U.S. version 
    I use game boy advance
      my togepi turned into celebi 
    thank you very much .. TheZZAZZGlitch.

  10. In case anyone is wondering, using a shiny Pokemon in your first slot DOES get you a shiny Celebi; just tried it myself successfully 😀

  11. it works, make sure yr 3rd pokemon is a low level/hatched one, use those weak pokemon. (pidgey,spearow,cleffa,magby,rattata etc, preferably lvl 5 and below).
    items in the box does not need to follow exactly the same in the video, those that say any item just use any items will do.
    and before press coin case, just switch to other pockets a few times.( switch to balls bag then items bag then tm bag, just switch left and right a few times)

    that should be it. it really works. and if yr 1st party pokemon is a shiny one, the celebi will be a shiny one as well!

    make sure your pokemon does not have a nickname, must be it's orginal name!

  12. What I want to know is what part of the PC box code actually controls getting the Celebi, as opposed to getting another pkm. It's kinda hard to find info on the exact details, and I'm no programmer lol. It'd be cool to have it spit out other pkm too lol.

  13. Hey I tried this but can't seem to get it to work it always crashes. I use a freshly caught level 3 hoot hoot a level 15 quagsire with sleep talk and HP up and the togepi in that order along with the items being in the PC box in that exact order. I always crash when I use the coin case, any suggestions?

  14. After copying this exactly down to the pokemon and item and giving it numerous tries, hatching new togepis, and spent time getting all the items and trying different items according to others "success" I can clearly say this glitch does NOT work. Waste of time

  15. Also another note:
    Sanqui's method will jump to address DA98, before it made it to address DABA (Forth Pokemon's species – Quagsire is 195 which means JP instruction) it has to pass through:
    DA97–DA9E — EVs
    DA9F–DAA0 — IVs
    DAA1–DAA4 — Current PP of each moves
    DAA5 — Happiness
    DAA6 — Pokérus status
    DAA9 — Level
    DAAA — Status
    DAAC–DAB9 — Stats
    (referenced from http://hax.iimarck.us/topic/179/)

    Since fresh-caught low-leveled Pokemon mostly have all values lower than 32 (which is a first occurrence of JP instruction) but not for IVs and happiness which is likely to make the code jump to the another address or returns. So that's why this method is widely depends on third Pokemon.

  16. does this glitch give you the celebi entry on the pokedex? and, seeing as some people say that they obtained a shiny celebi by using a shiny gyarados, does the obtained celebi have the exact same DV's of the pokemon it originally was?

  17. if you use the red gyarados as the day care pokemon do you end up with a shiny celebi? i imagine since it didn't change the name, attacks level or anything about the pokemon except the identifier for registry and sprite that it wouldn't change the shiny value either.

  18. I'd really like to try this since it seems much easier than the bad clone method, but can this potentially ruin your game or save file?

  19. "Are we geniuses or what?"
    You transformed a Pokemon into a powerful Legendary Pokemon. You're not just geniuses, you're fucking magical.

  20. Its really cool that all the items needed are easy to obtain, and for the TMs you don't need a ridiculous number of them, imagine if you needed 65 TM 27s, that would be terrible.

  21. Listen to Machop's cry instead if you're having trouble. I had a lot of trouble with the Coin Case after listening to Machoke's cry, but after I made the switch to Machop it worked first time (although it didn't grow 255 levels, in the daycare – just stayed the same).

  22. I just realized something…. you can get a celebi with ANY moveset ever that you want. And control if it is shiny or not, and control the level. This is like the hacking devices that allow you to create pokemon from scratch!

  23. Hi Thanks for the vid, worked for me, but I got some questions.
    1. What do I have to change if I want to get a mew, mewtwo, old starters, gengar,machamp,  ( so those who need to be traded to evolve ) and pretty much everyone who is not in silver instead of celebi.

    2. HM07 determines that I get celebi? Where can I learn what to put there to get for example mewtwo? ( Or I'm completely wrong about this? )

  24. How alter the glitch to get any pokemon in the game:
    lots of text, bear with me…
    The glitch is basically a manipulation of the items in your pc.  If you replace HM07 with other items the 65 pokeballs and 4 great balls will add 2 to the index number of the new item.  In this example HM07 (index number 249) is in the pc and 4 great balls are present causing the index number of the first pokemon in your party to become 251 (249 + 2).  Some other legendaries you might want are:
    Mew: Leftovers (index 146) followed by the 65 pokeballs followed by 2 stacks of 4 great balls each and 1 stack of 2 great balls.
    Mewtwo: Leftovers, 65 pokeballs, and 2 stacks of 4 great balls
    Moltres: Metal Coat (index 143), 65 pokeballs, 1 stack of 4 great balls and 1 stack of 2 great balls
    Zapdos: Metal Coat, 65 pokeballs, and 1 stack of 4 great balls
    Articuno: Metal Coat, 65 pokeballs, and 1 stack of 2 great balls
    Suicune: TM 42 (index 234), 65 pokeballs, and 2 stacks of 4 great balls
    Entei: TM 42, 65 pokeballs, 1 stack of 4 great balls and 1 stack of 2 great balls
    Raikou: TM 42, 65 pokeballs, and 1 stack of 4 great balls
    Ho-Oh: HM05 (index 247), 65 pokeballs, 1 stack of 4 great balls and 1 stack of 2 great balls
    Lugia: HM05, 65 pokeballs, and 1 stack of 4 great balls

    Other combinations can be fount at:

    If you have any other requests or get the wrong pokemon email me at [email protected]

    The items listed are meant to replace HM07, pokeball x65 and great ball x4.  All other items are still needed in their original order

    Final note: if you use an egg first in your party it will hatch into the desired pokemon adding it to your pokedex.  This also prevents the daycare people from charging $25600 or some such number shown as glitch symbol 600

  25. i cant get it to work!
    1. I have the items in my PC correct (i even exactly mimicked yours)
    2. i've switched around my (untrained, low-level) 3rd slot pokemon
    3. im using silver
    4. it's english
    5. my quagsire is holding an HP Up with sleep talk as its first move

    if it helps at all, after i check the coin case the game automatically restarts and turns everything Blue
    HELP ME!!!!!

  26. It worked for me. I love you! Haha. About two years ago I tried to get a celebi through the bad clone method and it corrupted my data and I lost a ton of time played and a nearly completed pokedex. But now I have a legit Celebi that registers in Pokedex, and now I can start a crystal file again and trade over the Celebi and finally complete the pokedex.

  27. Btw I've done this twice now to test some things, I first used the method of turning the first pokemon in your party into Celebi – then using the method of hatching Celebi from a egg – and with both methods – Celebi didn't learn it's start moves of: Leech Seed, Confusion, Heal Bell and Recover. But I raised one of them to level 10 and Celebi learnt Safeguard, so I assume it will learn the rest of it's moves but it's misses out on the start moves, which is unfortunate and the only downside of this method. But it doesn't matter to me as I won't be using Celebi. Other than that, a legit and relatively easy way to get Celebi that does no damage to your saved file (took me a few attempts to get it right but no damage to the save) and it registers in the Pokedex!

  28. If I wanted a safe Celebi in CRYSTAL version, with no risk of corrupting my data with bad clones, I would have to glitch it in G/S and trade it, then?

  29. Hello! I used the original glitch to multiply my itens, and now i'll try this!
    But I have a question, can I use this glitch to obtain any other pokemon than celebi?

    for example, a Skarmory, a Phanpy, a Scizor and a Ledian? (as you can see, I have the gold version, and I wanna fill my pokedex!)

    Thank you very much man! you rocks!
    (ps: in the comment below, only scizor is mentioned)

  30. Will it be in the Pokedex? Cause I did the starter glitch and it didn't put them in the Pokedex, I guess I need to hatch them.

  31. Does this work on silver cartridge too without affecting or corrupting data/gameplay? I have all my old pkmn from red on there and dont want to risk losing them

  32. I Tried it on the German Silver Edition and i did everything like he did (Items pokemons) but it didnt work :/

  33. How does this work? I tried the same thing but the game just resets in a different coloration…am I missing something.

  34. Hallelujah! Had to try three times with different low-level Hoothoots but I guess third time's the charm if that's the expression. Thanks a lot!

  35. what does "stacks" of great balls mean? if i put in two sets of 4 great balls, it just comes out to 8

  36. are there certain qualities i should look for in the low-leveled pokémon needed for slot 3? i thought it be as easy as grabbing the first pidgey or hoot-hoot i ran into on route 29, but the element of chance is seemingly evading me

  37. Is it possible to Manipulate the game in such a way that you can get a GS Ball on a Pokemon as a Hold Item? My reason for asking is because I want to Soft Reset hunt for a Shiny Celebi, and the reason for it being a held item is because I can clone it and trade it to my other games.

  38. I have an interesting thing to report.
    Trying this glitch on Pokemon Stadium 2, then at use of the Coin Case following all required steps given will result in a reset of the game, plus the palette will switch to Ho-Oh of my Gold Version being visible on the title screen. Game works slightly glitchy on the menus, palettes remain odd.

    The Pokemon did not change to Celebi there, oddly, after everything was said and done, but worked on the Game Boy Color fine after doing the full exploit there.

  39. By "a hope for everyone who does not want to sit for 30 hours trying to get a bad clone," do you mean that it's absolutely safe on cartridge?

  40. woot it works, my fresh caught mon was the bellsprout I needed for the dex cry xD
    Anyway is it possible to get mew with this as well?

  41. If I do that with a Pokemon from a different game, which ID would it take – say the Pokemon is from ID 57090 and I execute the glitch on ID 05286 – and can I use it to 'create' any other Pokemon?

  42. Does this work on Crystal? and if not, is there a reasonably easy celebi glitch I can do on Crystal? (I have other games like stadium, stadium 2, etc. if they would also be needed in the glitch)

  43. Yio man, if you do this with a shiny pokemon in the front, does it work as a shiny celebi? If it works, this is awesome :O

  44. HELP! If I listen to a Machop/Machoke/Bellsprout's cry and then open my coin case, a glitch occurs where my game restarts and all the colors are distorted (though the game is still fully functional). It's apparently a known glitch: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Coin_Case_glitches
    How come it doesn't happen with you? (I'm trying to get a bad clone so I can get a Mew!)

  45. Welcome to ZZaZz channel.
    In the last episode, we learned how to do a pong game with the button of the 8th Floor elevator
    In today's episode, we will show you how to get one of the legendary pokemon with a coin case…

  46. If you do the glitch with a shiny Pokémon at the front of your party, will it become a shiny Celebi? I want to get one and clone it for a friend so if it is true, that would be complete GOD SEND!

  47. I'm not sure if anyone else discovered this, but I found it interesting anyway. I was wondering if you could get a shiny Celebi using this method, so I decided to test it today. For the Celebi to be shiny, the game has to keep the DVs of he Pokémon that's getting turned into Celebi. So, I got the shiny Gyarados you get in-game and used it as the test subject and, when taking it back from the day care, the Celebi WAS shiny! So, yes, the game does keep the DVs of the original Pokémon, just changing it's species into Celebi, so this can be used as a method for shiny hunting.

  48. I would think that depending on what cry you listen to in the pokedex will determine what pokemon your togepi becomes

  49. That's amazing! You're a great one! Now I got two Celebis on my EN Silver, one shiny and one normal, and I'm going to transfer them on my italian Silver :')

  50. Is ACE possible on Nintendo's virtual console? Because you can send pokemons from there to Pokebank and from there to any modern edition like Sun/Moon.

  51. a mi no me sale el glitch y dicen que lo mas probable es x que en el solt 3 me falte un pokemon de nivel bajo de diapositivas pero que es un pokemon de diapositivas ??????

  52. So I decided the other day to break out my old gameboy, I’ve finished the plot 10 times in the last two weeks now and I’m now looking to make the game a bit more interesting/fun. I think I understood this glitch, but before I go and do a bunch of things trying to replicate this, do you have this written out somewhere? Thanks 🙂

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