POLISH BRASS WITH VINEGAR AND SALT: How to Clean Copper & Brass: Sprig Barton: Rubber Gloves

POLISH BRASS WITH VINEGAR AND SALT: How to Clean Copper & Brass: Sprig Barton: Rubber Gloves

This is what our light looks like
with the brass bits on it! Turn on the light…
I don’t know Can you even see that its got brass…
Hey! I’m going to clean this! You can see its…
I’ve got all that to clean! Here we are in the kitchen!
I can bend down if you can’t see me. But, maybe you don’t want to see me!
Vinegar! Yeah! That’s what it is, vinegar.
I put vinegar all over the brass. Oh and it just loves it doesn’t it
Look, sitting there smiling at me! Ooh, I love vinegar!
Salt! Yep! I use salt too!
and that’s my salt shaker its really big and it
looks really good with salt and vinegar! so, ummm.
Doesn’t that piece of brass look happy today! It does.
Yeah, that’s looking good already, too. Ok, let’s put a bit more salt on it
and let it set while I go and, huh go and relax…
Hey, let’s rinse that off and see how it looks. I showed you my lamp and this is a dirty,
a dirty brass piece of it and this is a clean one!
One I’ve cleaned with vinegar and salt. You can really tell the difference
especially if you look at this knob on the top.
and the knob on the cleaned one. It’s such a difference isn’t it!
But, look at that, just from salt and vinegar! It’s fantastic! Thanks for watching me clean.
Clean the shiny knob… Thanks for watching me clean with
Vinegar and Salt! Yeah
this is good for most things it’s good for lamps and crowns, glasses, masks
and moustaches So if you have a brass moustache or crown
or eye goggles this is how you can clean them!
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  1. For less waste put the vinegar and salt in a bowl and soak the pieces you want to clean.  3-4 parts water to 1 part vinegar some salt and some dish soap, makes a nice brass bath.  Warm water speeds up the process.

  2. Y've got such a lovely smile and your teeth are so beautiful. I hope my brass knitting needles would come back to life. They went blackish and I chucked my knitting away. Too discouraged. Thanks for this great tutorial Fortunately my hubby forgot to purchase the brass cleaning liquid. I am gonna dump my needles in this magic potion! Thanks for sharing and caring.

  3. Awesome video. Giving this a shot now. I have a lot of brass and copper vape gear. Since I put my mouth near the metal, I was hoping to find a solution that was non chemical. Great job. thank you

  4. I fond some old brass pot coasters at my grandmother's. they've been shoved in a cabinet for 40 years so she said I could keep them. I'm almost positive it's brass and been looking for a save way to clean them.

  5. I had to watch the video twice. The first time i was hypnotized by your eyes, lips and wonderful personality.
    Thanks for the lesson!

  6. so I put vinager and salt on my brass but i turn too white?? not sure why? like it went from golden to almost white, is that supost to be normal? btw i brush it with a soft metal brush. plz help

  7. This may look like it works well, but the vinegar is damaging the brass – it is essentially dissolving a thin layer of it and can structurally weaken it.
    I don't care if you damage your brass trinkets, but I'm putting this here in case someone tries to use this technique to clean cartridges for reloading. Don't do it, it will weaken the brass and make it unsafe to fire.

  8. This is brilliant!. I have a very old, very tarnished copper amphasand shaped automobile horn, and after brasso cleaning part of the 3 inch end where the rubber bulb attaches, it was fairly clean, but needed more work. I soaked the same part in a vinegar/salt solution for 15 minutes, thoroughly rinsed with clean water, dried it, and brasso'd it for 2 minutes. The result is outstanding!. Thanks!!.

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