POLISH COPPER WITH LEMON AND SALT – SOOO Easy! How to Clean Copper & Brass:Sprig Barton

POLISH COPPER WITH LEMON AND SALT – SOOO Easy! How to Clean Copper & Brass:Sprig Barton

Remember when we made lemon jelly? Well, all the left over stuff from draining
this is all the lemon that we cooked down. I didn’t throw this out
you can see here I actually have a copper canister set.
This is what it looked like and I cleaned it with the lemon, this one
top. and some salt…
and look how nice! Awesome! This is how it was when I got it.
So I guess I’m going to have to put some varnish or
something on it to keep it from going ugly like this.
That’s nice, Okay. So I’m going to show you how to use
the left-over bits of rind and the insides of the lemon
which is in there to polish copper. You can probably do the bottom of your copper
sauce pans and frying pans . What I did first just smeared it around in
there Ohhh that’s going to be nice. Aww, I got my salt shaker and I salted it. It’s kind
of fun right? Everybody likes chemistry. Especially me. Just kind of I’m using my work gloves,
I have different gloves but, you can see right there already it’s getting shiny. Just the
acid and the salt together. So to do the other one, what I did, I did this one then I washed
it in soap and water… then I did it again. and its beautiful Awesome! and if you want
to, after it’s that shiny you can get some brasso or something and give it a quick after
polish. Because if you try to use brasso on it now, it’s going to take so much scrubbing
that its not worth doing. so… I think I’ll try …
Okay, I’m back from checking the laundry… And now I can see how these are doing. get
some hot water. that’s really pretty good looking! At least now, if I wanted to clean
it with brasso or something, I could because its quite shiny …before it would have just
been a mess. That was kind to try. Awesome! Lemon and then salt… there are still a
couple of dark places… some really shiny
places in fact there are … they’re drying… they look really good compared to what they
did before. don’t they… allright! Here it is! this lemon and some salt, shined those,
they are really shiny, really shiny, they are really shiny, they are so shiny, I have
to touch them! Really shiny! Really shiny! I like it! shiny! Yeah, I know, I know, Everybody
likes shiny stuff, especially me!


  1. Fill a sink or bucket, half up with cold water and spoon in three teaspoons of "Lemishine". Place your brass in the water and agitate with your hands for about 5 to 10 minutes. rinse with distilled water. And make my brass look great.

  2. Hi spring i clean my copper jug with vinegar and salt . But it starts to turn dark in 2 days . Lemon and salt is more good to dont make it dark quickly ?

  3. Hi there… just to let you know i tried it and it works LOL cool.

    Lemon, salt, sponge… just rubbed the crud off hardly any rubbing, awesome thanks

  4. Does the salt melt in the acid of the lemon? or, does it retain it's form and is there as an abrasive? Have you ever had scratches from the salt? Thank you.

  5. Baking soda and lemons work well too, it made a natural chemical reaction that clean it very fast 💨

  6. The backsplash was very distracting. I don't think it's dirty tiles..possibly the style of the tile itself..im gonna have to watch the copper cleaning now

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