POLISH COPPER with LEMON & SALT: How to Clean Copper & Brass:Pots Pans Sprig Barton: Rubber Gloves

POLISH COPPER with LEMON & SALT: How to Clean Copper & Brass:Pots Pans Sprig Barton: Rubber Gloves

Hi, It’s Sprig Barton. I’m going to show you how to polish this beautiful, dull, horribly not shiny copper milk container with lemon and salt I got five years ago I’ve never polished it but someone else may have polished it. I can tell for sure its copper because the inside looks pretty shiny well not very, but a little bit
a little bit shiny. yeah let’s go! You can see I’ve got where am I? you can see I’ve got a couple of lemons…I’m gonna cut them up
into usable pieces, just try one area here right here… some salt…. I can already see Its getting lighter. last time I polished something I had to do it twice… this could be a good job couldn’t
it! Let’s just do the whole thing once And come back and do it again, because we’re bound to miss some the first time. what I want to do, that I think is a good idea Put a plate under to catch the salt so I don’t have to keep using more and more salt awesome! mmm right now I’m doing the same thing over
and over for just about the rest to this video I will rub lemon on the copper, salt it and then rub it a bit with the gloves or rub it with a sponge. I do this over and over it gets a bit
tedious that’s why I’ve sped it up ten times the
speed otherwise we would have 45-minute video here I’m gonna let it set for a while with
the lemon and salt on it… come back rub it with a sponge try to
remove more of the tarnish also applying more lemon and salt attempting to clean all the places that didn’t get clean the first time there’s
a lot of little pits all over this, this vessel so I can see it’s going to be really hard
to shine compared to something that’s flat or really smooth OK, it’s been sitting for a while. It looks a lot better but you can see its still got dark spots. awesome! going to rub it down and do it one more time really good. Yes! speeding up again don’t want to be such a drag wash it off, wash off all the salt and vinegar see what it looks like
ok, yeah, look at that! that is pretty good but not quite good enough finish rinsing, no it’s not quite
good enough I’m gonna have to do it again more lemon… more salt keep it going there also built up your
arm muscles get rid of some of that unsightly flab …oh
it’s starting to be a bit shinier again. You notice I’m not showing you
polishing the top of the canister because … that would make it an even longer
video and that part is not as fun okay another time more salt…I think I did
three or four times in the end I kept going away any leaving
it sit doing other stuff come back wipe it
up cleaning off and there it is that’s I think that’s the
last time I did it I could probably go with another one or two times to get super shiny okay this is that look like quite shiny it’s not a shiny new I
wanted I think that’s because its got all these pits in it awesome! but its much shinier than it was isn’t it. this bit. is quite shiny and nice the part that you can keep rubbing on the more you rub it. the shinier it gets yet looks really nice doesn’t it. could be better if you get maybe
electric buffer on there too.. it does take a lot of rubbing if its got a lot of pits in it. I still dont know why some of these dont come off but, yeah Good Job! Hi, its Sprig Barton, please click to watch another video or to subscribe and if you’re interested in watching any of my other how to polish copper or brass videos feel free to
click on a link to those as well thanks for watching


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