POLISH COPPER WITH VINEGAR & SALT: How to Clean Copper & Brass:Pots Pans Sprig Barton: Rubber Gloves

POLISH COPPER WITH VINEGAR & SALT: How to Clean Copper & Brass:Pots Pans Sprig Barton: Rubber Gloves

Hi, Sprig Barton here!
I’m going to show you how I clean this copper radiator.
I can clean it with plain vinegar and salt. I probably cannot clean the bottom …this thing because its painted.
The first thing I’m going to do is to take the copper off of the radiator So what I’m going to do is put some vinegar on it. this is the same way I clean my copper
pots and pans Spread the vinegar all over it. I’m going to salt it. You can see where the salt isn’t sticking,
there’s no vinegar. Right away, you can see that it’s clean
where the salt hit it. …and stuck to the vinegar. awesome! I’m going to get some over here on the
other side. awesome! awesome! It’s already got salt on it too, so… a bit more vinegar, a bit more salt… awesome! awesome! you see the spots that didn’t shine… … … use paper towels… awesome! so I’m going to wash it. vinegar do it all over again… and salt. If there’s a hard spot like that, work it up into a paste with the vinegar and salt together. awesome! you can see this parts getting cleaner
than this part because I worked it into a paste right there. let’s do this side… … a little bit more. vinegar… and salt. on the worst parts. Looking really good isn’t it… that’s got a bit of paint on it, the same paint as the back. kind of yellow paint. it’s really nice and shiny! That’s pretty good isn’t it… woooo! sooo shiny, I love it! shiny, shiny, shiny,
so I got carried away with the glare. I especially like shiny things and here it is on a space heater so shiny!


  1. thank you soooo much. Been trying to find a non-chemical way to clean my copper earrings. 🙂 Thanx for making this video, I have this stuff in my kitchen!!!

  2. Tip: at our restaurant we use salt/vinegar to quickly shine copper but then use an SOS pads to finish. Doesn't have that deep gleam like 'real' copper polish, but this is fast and inexpensive. Thanks for the video Sprig.

  3. I use a large plastic container to work in. I dissolve the salt in the vinegar first, about a tablespoon per cup. Then I pour the vinegar salt solution into the container and clean the tarnish off all my pans and lids with a scrubber/sponge. You need to rinse the pans and get the solution off, then dry them well before you store them.

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