Poppy makes… a V-day friendship bracelet / Poppy maakt… een Valentijns vriendschaps armbandje

Poppy makes… a V-day friendship bracelet / Poppy maakt… een Valentijns vriendschaps armbandje

poppy max a heart patterned friendship bracelet what do you need textile yarn in two colors pair of scissors binder clip and a piece of cardboard today I’m going to show you how to make a heart pattern friendship bracelet a little while back I showed you how to make a regular friendship bracelet like this one today I will show you how to make one with a heart pattern like this one for this you will be needing two different colors of textile yard or you could use embroidery thread I find it to be easier to use textile yarn because it usually is a bit thicker than embroidery thread else you will be needing pair of scissors a binder clip and a piece of cardboard make eight small cuts at the bottom of the cardboard for on the left a four on the ride for starters you will need to choose two contrasting colors cut up about two meters about 80 inches of both colors align the pieces of text on yarn and fold them double so we will now have eight strands of yarn making not about 10 centimeters four inches above the end to secure the yarn attach the yarn to the top of the cardboard and use a binder clip to hold in place divide the strands by placing them in a cut each place the colors alternatively of each other and left must be in a mirror image of ride the color you will place in the first cut will be the color of the heart in my case that will be orange don’t forget to check if all the strands are in place once you’ve divided a yarn it’s time to start nodding the pattern is made of two regular rows and two special rose I will show them both start on the left side of the cardboard take the first and the second strand and with the first make a knot in the second strand do this are laying the first strand over the second so it’s kind of shaped like four now pull the strand through the loop and tighten the knot don’t forget to not weiss now put aside the second strand by placing it in the first cut continue knotting the same way now take third strand and make two knots with first do the same with the 4th strand once you’ve reached the middle put aside the first strand by placing it in the fort cut continue knotting on the right right is the opposite of left so nodding will be also opposite take the first the outermost right and the second strand and lay the first over the second so it’s now shaped like an opposite for make two knots and continue knotting this way with the first strand when you have reached the middle makes you more knots with the two strands in the middle now make a second row the same way as you did the first once you’ve completed the two regular rose you can already see a fee shaped pattern now you can start the two special rose take the first and the second strand latest second over the first shape like an opposite form and not twice put aside the second strand I continue nodding with the first de regular way now getting to the right side you will repeat the previous steps in a mirrored way start by taking the first the outermost strand and a second lay the second over the first so it’s now shaped like a 4 not twice put aside the second strand and again continue knotting the regular way don’t forget to always na Weis and don’t forget to knock the middle strands make a second special row once you’ve completed the second special row you should begin to see a heart shaped pattern repeat these four steps until you have about 11 hearts or take a measuring tape measure your wrist and make it about that long night my son is almost finished you can now see the heart shaped pattern really good just two more hearts and I’m done nodding once you finish your last heart make one more regular row to make a nice end to finish the bracelet making not with the strands and break them for a couple of centimeters or inches finish the Bray with a knot cut off the excess yarn your heart patterned friendship bracelet is now ready to give away to your best friend how about your Valentine have fun making your own heart pattern friendship bracelet for Morkel IDs go check out my blog puppy mats and lock bolts pinson AL if you have any ideas or requests or what i should make or bake next please leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel so you don’t miss a thing and also you can follow me on twitter instagram and pinterest all on your name will be max that’s be 0 ppy MAA ke t Hopi max

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