Portable Jewelers LCD Digi-Microscope

Portable Jewelers LCD Digi-Microscope

Inspect, share, and sell using the new LCD
Digital Microscope from Esslinger-dot-com. This easy to use and easy to set-up, Digital
Microscope is perfect for those times when looking down a microscope lens is becoming
a real pain in the neck. Inspecting small objects like stones, watch
parts, and electronics is made easier with the three point five inch color LCD screen. No more trying to press your face, or your
customers face for that matter, against a hard-to-focus conventional style microscope.
Instead, easily let customers view a high definition image or video on the built in
screen, or on a full size TV or computer monitor. E-mail the high definition pictures to anyone
with questions that cannot be answered without seeing a visual aid. These features create the best buying experience
possible, bar none. This Digital Microscope comes with a USB cord
and video component cord to transfer images or video for these convenient sharing abilities. Zoom in up to five hundred times to get the
full picture and detail needed for your next project. Ideal for laser inscription on the girdle
of diamonds, jewelers outlets, wholesalers, retailers, gemological student and medical
tests. The lightweight design and the color LCD screen
will also aid anyone instructing in the details of fine jewelry anywhere in a showroom, convention,
or sales outing. Examine precious stones in high quality images,
save them onto an SD card or computer, or even create a video for future uses! Included are the microscope base & table,
CMOS image sensor, rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, AC adapter, computer and TV cables,
computer software and quick start-up guide. Features include
an easily adjustable gear to get the optimum position for inspection.
LED illuminator with flexible gooseneck which helps to provide the best illumination.
Optional gem clip and wire stoneholder for loose diamond inspection
three point five inch TFT-LCD Color Screen CMOS Image Sensor with five Mega Pixel Resolution
Still Image Resolution up to twelve mega pixels Video Capture
Magnification 10x-500x High Quality microscopic lens
And it all weighs less than two pounds with battery and cables. Inspecting and sharing small, or microscopic,
elements has never been easier. Simply push the capture button and a high definition picture
will be saved to the storage device card, ready to be shared on social media, e-mailed,
used for appraisals or used in print or web design. Use the video capture button to instruct,
explain, or to just get some cool video footage. The possibilities are endless. This all-in-one portable digital microscope
is sure to mobilize and streamline your watch or jewelry needs.


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