Portugal launches new investment fund path to golden visa | World Finance

Portugal launches new investment fund path to golden visa | World Finance

World Finance: For high net worth individuals,
a golden visa is a gateway to freedom. It’s not about relocating – but about
creating future opportunities for their families. They may want a better quality of life,
a safe haven from political instability, or access to better education. Since 2012, Portugal has been offering just
this portal to independence. Tiago Camara: The Portuguese Golden Visa programme
allows investors to freely live, work, and study in the whole Schenghen area; and after six years
they can even apply for a Portuguese passport. It’s a straightforward programme with no grey
areas; if one invests a minimum of €350,000 in a Portuguese investment fund or in a real
estate product, they will get their residence permit card in Portugal. Investors can also add family members
to their applications as dependents, and there’s no need for relocation. Just a minimum stay of seven days – they
are already complying with the rules of the programme. One of the main routes for applicants has
been investing in real estate. Investors can expect return on their investments,
in the main cities, of around 10-12 percent every year. Tourism is increasing 50 percent on the last
three years, allowing investors to place their properties on the short rental market, renting
these properties to tourists, and generating per year around five to 10 percent rental
income. The launch of programmes like Golden Visa
and Non-Habitual residents generated a huge demand for real estate products in our country. The Portuguese are also investing in real
estate instead of having their money in the banks. At the moment, supply cannot keep up with
demand, which provides a great capital appreciation on properties. World Finance: With demand outstripping supply,
there’s an urgent need for more real estate products in Portugal. To address this, the Portuguese government
created the new investment fund path to the golden visa this year. David Machado: From 2018, you are able to
invest €350,000 in a Golden Visa qualified investment fund, which is fully regulated
by the Portuguese Stock Exchange, and audited by third party companies. This option comes free of taxes and is focused
on the bottom line investment, creating a very fast and interesting solution with high
returns. PTGoldenVisa is working on a basis of a close
collaboration to implement the first fund in Portugal qualified for Golden Visa. It’s sustained in two major criteria,
which we fully share 100 percent of the strategy vision: first, invest in real estate easy to resell;
and second, invest in real estate easy to rent out. This investment fund is managed with a safe
approach to market, without leverage. The goal here is to invest in real estate
opportunities already identified; such as developing private villas with swimming pools
close to tourism spots, refurbish buildings in the major city centre avenues, or convert
hotels into tourism apartments to be able to be sold on a piece-by-piece basis. The term of the investment is planned for
seven years, custom designed to optimise the Golden Visa requirements, and is expected
to generate over six percent return per year. This uses a very conservative approach, considering
that the market has been growing double digits per year. As an exit strategy, it’s an investor right, granted by the regulator, to exit the fund any time you want. Additionally you can always resell the fund
units to other investors, or simply convert the units into real estate assets supported
by the fund. Tiago Camara: PT Golden Visa offers a long-term
relationship solution which fulfils all the needs of our clients during the investment
period. We will continue to enlarge the scope of our
integrated services, since that’s what differentiates our company from most of the service providers,
and makes it special. Golden Visa residence permit programme has
a huge impact on the Portuguese economy. This is the reason why all political parties
and the government are constantly supporting this programme. So far, €3.5bn were injected in Portugal
through the Golden Visa programme; and 95 percent of this amount was investment
in real estate. Forty percent of all real estate transactions last year
were made by foreign investors. The majority of them with the objective of
getting the residence permit card. The Golden Visa residence permit is our golden
egg, and our politicians know it. We are very confident that the programme will
keep on being supported by our government; and we are here to support all investors. Thanks for watching. Find out more at ptgoldenvisa.com, and please
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