Pot o’ Gold (1941) old comedy movie

Pot o’ Gold (1941) old comedy movie

[Music] Oh miss Evans all right Richardson I turn the cutter Oh little enough for letting Marik I’m here in practice every day ah that’s alright how’s she doing I just don’t you discourage her she keeps up those practices you’ll be able to play real good I’ll be back in an hour okay I’ll take good care of her [Music] [Music] hey Jimmy when you’re going to get some new records why you kids haven’t quite worn off the old yeah won’t be long now by coming here to make sure that lesson Jimmy tomorrow off in the day okay here’s your horn I think you left your music over there [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] well not that chair uncle Charlie had these little fiction I took it in on a trade for a secondhand clarinet Jimmy I’m not gonna beat around the bush as you know you and I have not been very close after all we are the last of the hassles was that very serious it is to me I want to keep the name of a school in the health food business yeah I understand how you feel like Oh Charlie I want to keep the name of house go in the music business I’m talking about big business can’t you understand I need you Jimmy someday you’re going to get everything I’ve got but you’re not going to get it if you persist in frittering your life away in this town this whistle stop I like it here my dad was happy here oh I could never understand my brother and I told him when he opened this place he’d never make a go of it well he kept it fairly successful for 25 years that’s not bad if he’d listened to me he’d been a rich man but no so what did he have when he died the biggest funeral this town ever saw everybody was there why not everybody owed him money maybe so dad just had a wonderful time living he liked things he liked to heart and face like music music I talked great ale about you you did always seem to feel so sorry for it sorry for me didn’t get anything out of life just making money is that so since when is making money been a crime since men oh I’m not going to argue with you oh can I talk to you for a man oh yeah well outside here can we excuse me a minute uncle Charlie great I got some bad news for you Jimmy what’s the trouble what suppose I got this attachment Mitch you can dig up some money Oh unless you think eggs are gonna go up to $500 a dozen all of a sudden let’s see what you can do I’ll hold this off as long as I can okay oh uh uh I you’re just telling me about some people that want some musical instruments he’s the sheriff isn’t it how’d you know I knew his father he was serving a paper on your father the first time I came up here well Jimmy what’s it gonna be you can stay here chasing rainbows or you can come with me I can show you a real pot of gold that’s yours for the taking ah wait a minute that’s a good idea for my radio program tomorrow night you’ve heard my happiness hour of course oh yes everybody’s heard that once listen to this the clouds that make the days so gray MA sooner or later pass away there’s always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow good ol homespun philosophy oh boy well I’ve got to be going what are you going to do well I’ll tell you uncle Charlie unless a miracle happens in the next few days looks like I’ll slide down that rainbow tight round right in the plot what was I saying and furthermore and furthermore I see no reason for changing what was I saying furthermore and furthermore I see no reason for changing the air guns we are now using to puff our rice and other cereals our present air guns are exceptionally quiet in operation I therefore would suggest the air goes that band [Music] [Music] how can a man transect any business with that going on day after day TomTom’s jungle screeches don’t know but that’s what I mean double cork mistook that band in their house just to annoy me that’s why they’ve ignored all of my protests optional ban that have organized in the cave somewhere [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] what’s the matter I have that in jail for disturbing the peace [Music] [Music] well I need you [Music] [Music] hi [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I don’t know I guess life in the big city just one big surprise after the other well for instance band music coming down out of the sky and broad daylight that stuff on our roof on your is it the band is 60 on the house until we get a job or you know what the bad my sister Donna and I sing with it my brother plays in it but mother feeds it oh well it certainly has a swell bath quite difference of opinion around here about that oh you mean the neighbors objection no the neighbor drew oh here comes trouble well certainly not we’re here to give you the last warning once and for all neighborhood you’ve heard about the feud between the Hatfields and McCoys well this is the one between the wrong man oh no you did you hit the right man [Laughter] you sure do know your backyards and fence this hole I have made better time yes I hadn’t had to wait for you well I didn’t want to ask you to carry my suitcase never done that hero I can always write Hiromi you certainly are you know I wouldn’t be surprised if they put up a statue with you throwing that tomato you know like the discus fella oh well that was an accident accident that was a stroke of genius he only knew how everybody hates old Manhattan mm-hm why I could give you a reason for every dollar he’s got in the bank do you know that he trying to drive us out of our home because he doesn’t like music I’m sure of a steady and how believe me the name of Haskell’s pure poison around here would you Harry well I have to find a place to live I sort of expected to live with a relative mama doesn’t seem like a very good idea now well if you’d like a place where there’s never a dull moment what’s the matter with it what’s going on here what do you know what do you want mommy’s looking for place to live oh are you a new member of the band or would you believe in here at a cash basis mom this is the fellow that hit old man Haskell with the tomato now listen young man you’re not cooking any further you’re gonna live right here with us well that’s very nice but me no buts no like the best room in the house is nothing too good for you you can pay for it or not come on Changez well slide over Frankie all right boys let’s go hey when he starts to play the kids begin to train and they all say [Music] when he plays the song all the kids never fails they sing a song and all my people care the round friend the year the dancing [Music] [Music] I’m sorry I didn’t mean to butt in get them boy sorry I didn’t mean to bust things I please can’t you read you think sure wait like this me stand over there okay thank you pick it up [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Grady’s been pounding a beat out by the garbage dump a little argument nobody knows who did it I hope nobody with me but I’m big hearted boys meet the Sharpshooter [Applause] malee McCorkle will you never learn to keep your big mouth shut too much my boy your shirt half a metal yes sir I’m sorry I can’t be giving you one instead of this oh thanks very much what is it it’s a warrant for assault and battery old man Haskell swore it out come on son Grady who wouldn’t you like to give me a good swift kick before you go oh this has been fun hair and I enjoyed jumping over those fences with you I ever get this thing straightened on it hope you let me come back sometime and well come on listen Mike don’t you to get no your high horse with me sit down now what’s this case all about young man what’s your name my name I’d refer your real name my name is James Hamilton James imogen put that down and where do you live James Hamilton he lives with us at my house 419 63rd stranger don’t kill me James how did you get in meshed in the coils of the law I threw a tomato still modest night where will they I just thrown the tomato your honor Oh I’ll kill me Jameer my boy did you with premeditation and intent deliberately aim the force that hostile space had the defendant there refuses to answer on the grounds that he might incriminate himself having weighed the evidence the court rules that the case be postponed and the defendant released on being provided anybody has any money we have two hundred dollars if ever enough and that was the exact sum that the court had in mind who has it and the care and will accept me into next days thank you Mike and aside please will you move over here comes W morning I still Tomatoes I only wish it had been you that through that tomorrow proceed with the case judge I’m here where’s the man that assaulted me if you don’t mind I’ll conduct this case without any advice from you I bring the legitimate charges against the hoodlum and before I can give my evidence the thug is permitted to walk upright under you know in the first place he wasn’t under my nose and in the second place the defendant was released on bail and the third place you’re in contempt of court and I sentence you to 25 days or $25 this is an outrage it’s it’s a travesty on justice $2 of today it’s worth 50 to tell you what I think if it worth a hundred all right but you wait until the next election you wait until I’m waiting thank you your honor it appears that that happened in your money with me take him away Bailey you can’t do this to me [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Johnny blows the beautiful nose the calls from A to Z but he’s always at his best [Music] [Music] your eyes are open [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Charlie well fancy meeting you here it’s a gross miscarriage of justice they can’t do this to me on the other hand what are you doing here oh well just another country boy got mixed up with a lot of evil companion we have more prisoners in here and we have commitments someone stinking to our Jail what yeah defrauding the taxpayers that’s what it is all right anyway boys come on come on line up over there Lena yo what’s your name Haskell okay we got a hat all right stand over there what’s your name Haskell yep oh wise guy huh I suppose you’re all named hassle yeah what’s your initials uh James H I got no James thanks nothing so you’re the stowaway come on get out of here you ought to be locked up for pulling a stunt like this change my wallet is on my desk in the office you didn’t pay my fine oh hey can you see no I hate you we gotta do something about this boys hey Jimmy where have you been oh hey I have to what’s the matter well we we’ve been looking all over town for you yeah what for oh boy oh ma hey here’s Jim Molly Jimmy’s here what what did I tell you I knew he’d come back what happened and where to be well I got locked up again by mistake you certainly had the boys worried they’ve been sitting here chewing their fingernails thinking he’d run out on them well why am I so popular all of a sudden they want their instruments to bail you out Molly’s idea oh thanks very nice to know that I’m worth $200 on the hook you took from the table what’s the matter mom you forgotten you’ve a new membership to the class [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] is [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] that is all right you cannot consider yourself a full-fledged member of the McArthur clan that’s why make a speech Hey look at this Irish stew debate oh thank you well help yourself no tomatoes would you excuse me I don’t feel very well oh it’s probably too much expect maybe you’re right the jail I never tell you well I think I’ll be alright if I can get some fresh air well you better go with him sure Oh another I’d be better off I just went up to my room for a while really sure nice room come on well he does everything around here except you want anything your power home sweet home Oh [Music] getting better I don’t want to be better than I still hate music you’re so unreasonable right alright now try it again and put in some gestures [Music] [Applause] where have you been my boss how am I going to broadcaster Haskell happiness power tonight well would there be any complaints if you just call the whole thing off tell him you lost your voice singing in a jail go ladies and gentlemen due to circumstances beyond our control you can bring you the hasta la Rose happiness with CJ Haskell makers of Haskell patty-cakes the health food supreme tonight I want to share a little hey we all should be grateful and happy as can’t the world is so full of such wonderful things the oceans the pansies the pansies and lilies the Primrose so fickle they’re ours to enjoy without spending a nickel the brain good evening sir good evening box box is the guest room in order certainly sir this is my nephew mr. James ask them how old you do saved you not me luggage oh I just had one suitcase and I left what are you whispering about I don’t know he was tossing it I lost my voice singing singing loser yes I think I’d better go and get my suitcase you all dated we have everything here come on well here you are my boy this is all yours from now on I’m so happy to have you with me at last oh thank you sir in case you need anything it’s right there oh that’s mine we laugh breakfast at 7:30 then I’ll take you over to the factory and introduce you around first of all I’m going to put you on the payroll I don’t imagine you’ve got much money well your cash here cash to check for me your personal check well it was certified by $214 that’s what was left when I closed up shop Oh so dis behind you forever my boy tomorrow is another day with more music vitamins probably Jimmy that old lady is deliberately trying to wreck my health why just because I want her property oh that’s very unreasonable yeah it’s getting on my nerves I can’t stand it any longer well Charlie why don’t you go on a vacation and let them a caucus think that they’re chasing me out of town that’s just what they want nothing is going to stand in the way of my getting the man who hit me with that this is my room if you want me I’m going to take a hot bath I’ve taught him what a bad good night [Music] you believe in fairy tales I know place where fairytale [Music] thank you bye [Music] [Music] [Applause] in this beautiful land of laughter you live – here [Music] [Music] we’ll be leaving married man I know Eric [Music] – drowsy eyes my dear and a genie will appear he’ll take you mine [Music] star embroidered sky [Music] and you away in Harry [Music] and Mary [Music] okay [Music] [Music] what a dream I was having well you just keep right on dreaming anything wrong we heard you on the radio you’re dead wasn’t I terrible yeah Molly here no no she doesn’t that’s good look just what goes on between you and CJ has oh well I might as well tell you he’s my uncle oh yeah yeah yeah well here I’ll prove it here’s a letter something that James Hamilton Haskell that’s me yeah no I read enough hey what is this what are you doing here the first place there’s $200 now you can get your instruments out of hock to get that from here uncle you don’t know my uncle thank you that’s all right that’s all right I like the people in this house especially well I like everybody I so like to live here all the time but soon as Molly finds out who I am she’ll kick me out in the alleys what she doesn’t find out well that’d be very nice but no look you’ve been regular you didn’t have to come across with that door I’m for you Jimmy I’ll let you all right sure thing I’m for you well thanks very much Sonny no I I still got troubles don’t you see sooner or later Molly’s gonna find out who I am just like sooner or later old man Haskell’s gonna find out who threw that timaya and then it just work either way I’m a dead duck because you’re we’re gonna find her well they see me at the trial woody what would happen if uncle Charlie didn’t show up for the child they throw the case out of court well there’s your answer we get rid of uncle Charlie ah well well let me read right over him with the ice wagon you couldn’t do that what do you mean we couldn’t do that read I’d love it I’ll go get him oh wait about a hold on here couldn’t you do something not quite so drastic any ideas yeah I think I’d better go back to point service uncle Charlie’s pretty tough guy to deal with and from the way he talked tonight you better find someplace else to rehearse your band Willie thanks for ever so long Jimmy Jim wait a minute what that’s it the band he doesn’t like it no he certainly does not what come on [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] jimmy chickey do you think it’ll work uh yes uncle Charlie what are you doing down here who is this man well I’ll tell you Charlie I got worried about you I couldn’t sleep so I called in a specialist ah there’s a professor Hyde that’s my uncle Charlie I don’t need a doctor I eat my own health food it’s my nerves in the crack that’s why I’m here mr. let’s go to work on your nerves [Music] [Music] [Applause] later in the library [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you’ve nothing to worry about until you start seeing [Music] these paper dolls dancing on paper your nerves good get out of town while you’re up there resting he’ll be well taken care of don’t worry about that and I’m the guy that can do it good I take the first train out in the morning the music stopped I’ll put the bull fiddle you see you’re proving already [Music] hi mr. Haskell what can I do for home salon oven well I just dropped in to see if we couldn’t make the Haskell happiness hour a little bit happier welcome stranger sit right down what do you have to drink well hello mr. Backus what’s the purpose of this meeting well we were about to discuss the program you know very well done I have charge of the happiness hour during mr. Haskell absence he trusts me implicitly well a lot of hundred percent I beg your pardon look I have a note from my uncle giving me complete charge of the program mmm Wow it doesn’t take you long to undermine me with your uncle did it how do I know you didn’t write that yourself I’ll listen mr. Adelman there’ll be no change would you excuse us I’d like to talk to you yeah well I can make some other improvements to go right ahead well I’d like to use a bath no no no please no we’re overloaded with bath no but this is ideal because my uncle hates it what yeah drove them clear up to Canada well then what do you want to put down his program for well it’s pretty hard to explain but you see it’ll give the band a break and then they’ll have to thank my uncle for it and that’d make him feel pretty good up in Canada up in Canada there’s sort of a feud going on a feud uh-huh and then there’s a girl oh girl yeah hmm sounds pretty confusing don’t it well no it sounds pretty good okay well that’s it you play Thursday night over a coast-to-coast hookup at the opening of the East Chester Country Club that’s great Jim how did you ever do it well I don’t know I just started to talk the follow listen I’m just as surprised about it as you are how much do we get for it ah nothing nothing no you don’t well what outfit is it any difference in playing for the neighbors an old man half so what do we get out of that at least this way there’s a chance I’m soul what can we lose that’s alright for me sois Mystere What did he say baba what plan you made me drag this pack through the woods for four hours to get to a place where nobody can talk English what kind of a guide are you anyway hey ya hey boo machine pocket donkey no I don’t think so I’ve got a good one right there I am NOT a peddler this one is busted I want to hear a program in America that goes on at 8 o’clock Oh help yourself here [Music] thank you ladies and gentlemen that’s all right now we’re about to start our broadcast oh boy there we go good luck are you scared I’ll just take a deep breath good evening ladies and gentlemen the Haskell happiness hour comes to you tonight from the dining patio of the exclusive East Chester Country Club sorry Club what this marks the first appearance on the air of a new band oh thank you and good evening ladies and gentlemen this is Horace Heidt in the first number on our program is Broadway Cavallaro featuring Miss Molly McCorkle Milagros and here she is that charming Molly [Music] he’s disarming alarming charming and he tears your heart and he throws it away and he will tell you a tropical night and make you dream of a thousand a night first you fold your hands say you’re tipsy grandma jr. taking his word [Music] I know you’d never hear from God way [Music] he’s been parading on the Avenue you’ll always find me with a girl or two men diversion to make every laugh he’ll give you such a thrill and then he’ll hand you the bill this charming Madame Liu gong to learn the con I swear I gave her the nest and then I gave her the air it seemed to be love in bloom suddenly boom another girl took over from bang I know if you meet him you’re likely to fall his method a sense because it catches them all [Music] you bring up the subject [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] you know but a lot of them said a lot of instead the battles worth $1,500 a week right now 1,500 a week I’ve been double-crossed well it certainly took you long it’s been around do it okay no this is there’s something that’s been worrying about Who I am if that made any difference you’re you and I’m me when I tell you about it believe me CJ won’t pay pay off philandering your uncle yes now that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you if you’ll just let me explain any explanation it’s all perfectly obvious sneaking into our home pretending that you wanted to please let me explain take you out here hello everybody I have some good news for you every week beginning next Thursday mr. Haskell the sponsor of our program it’s going to give away a thousand dollars in cash to somebody $1,000 a week tonight isn’t that generous folks now mr. Haskell trick your way out of that home how long is it gonna take me to get out of here first fourteen stick through day long take you to get here oh good luck you can make it back in a week Jimmy Jimmy give me my boy congratulations that was a marvelous idea how did you come to think of it came out of a clear sky the Haskell happiness our create a nationwide interest in this program last night by announcing that a thousand dollars a week would be given away in cash I know I read all the papers here’s a mr. Haskell boy oh this is your uncle’s attorney mr. Chalmers good morning Roger sir I won’t take much of your time just sign this paper pleased what is it a statement that you did not authorize mr. corkle to make that announcement last night that she did it out of spite with intent to damage your uncle no sign here please wait a minute there’s nothing to worry about I’ll guarantee you we can get judgment against the mccorkle’s they won’t be able to pay so we take their property and that’s what y’all has been trying to do for years no sign here please that’s a funny thing I don’t like to get pushed around I also don’t sign anything until I read it first now how’d you like to get out of here both off don’t you hit me again I have my list you’re okay sir good day beautiful parks thank you sir why don’t you answer the phone hello oh boy how are you oh you want to talk to mommy well I I don’t think it’s a very good time just a moment well look I hate to annoy you but this is important now that thousand-dollar offer you made last night it was my idea do you understand not just don’t argue anybody asked you anything about it just follow Grady’s advice don’t you tell me to keep my mouth shut why should I well if you’re dope they’ll take your home away from you what is this another one of your tricks I don’t need any help from you what I said don’t be stupid I’m not doing it for you that’s it for mom and the boys oh excuse me sir mr. loud a minute mr. Samson I come oh yes oh hello Jimmy congratulations your program was a knockout telegrams phone calls from all over the country people oh I beg your pardon this is mr. Samson how’d I do mr. Sam yes thank you mr. Samson is an investigator for the federal government are they well what’s the government got to do with it we were on a concern with one detail the method by which you will give away the money oh I say well that ought to be very hard I never heard of anybody having any trouble giving away a thousand dollars oh let’s see if you understand that it cannot be a lottery the government wouldn’t permit raffles are drawings of any description Oh oh yes I understand that no that would bid well uh how about a quiz contest no no I’m afraid not it was announced that the money would be given away over the air not to a studio audience oh well that’s sort of complicated don’t let’s say well well how about taking a city directory and sticking a pin in it and then give the thousand dollars the full of it gets stuck oh no city directories local this has become a national affair oh well let’s call the whole thing off and not give away my uncle’s money at all no no the one who was promised and must be given away yes if it isn’t buy my company loses its franchise and your uncle’s business is ruined and you will be liable to a fine and imprisonment wow that’s great I have quite a choice don’t I either I give the money away and go to jail or I don’t give the money away and go to jail time me the salt telemundo about Jimmy huh well believe me you’ve seen the last of him Andy’s probably glad he found out just what came to forget it earlier right but it’s not alright I find loudly Jimmy deserves a girl who really loves him whether he’s named Dee Hamilton a hostel or Hasenpfeffer well I hope you’re satisfied what’s the matter no well nobody can figure out how to give away that thousand dollars it looks like Jimmy’s going to jail on account of it oh this is awful but Jimmy isn’t responsible he didn’t make the offer I did well he says it’s his program and he’s gonna take the rap point then are you going to stand by and see that boy go to jail tippy-toe my nobody told you and wife to keep a roof over our heads well I’d rather we’d lose our house and losers right oh I’ve been feeling the same way all week yes no not yet well gentlemen someone’s got to think of something somehow and soon it’s tonight you know the program goes on the air not next month and we’re no closer to the answer than we were a week ago yes boy you came to me just like that what is it hello well get that bowl you know that great big glass bowl they used for the draft numbers great that’s it yeah my boy I’m proud of you that’ll do it no no gentlemen not all what’s the matter would be a lottery in the government forbids lotteries no no not yet okay out the back sit again dream up something else you’re not sleeping up there I am sleeping I am slept for days I’m eating aspirin tablets like peanuts you know what I’ve got it right the first time I’ve ever been able to beat this game yes look why don’t you all go down to the broadcasting station maybe if I was alone I could think of something okay Jimmy we’ll get out tamson come on yes No yeah would you put that thing off a walk and leave it off thank you sir ah are you all right Jimmy oh yes yeah I just begin to get my second wind oh you better think of something seven-thirty hurt and Jimmy yet no nobody answers the phone how are we to go in the air another well the times indicate 8 o’clock you’re on the air from coast to coast yes it’s me now come on I suppose you want to know how I’m gonna give away that thousand dollars well I haven’t the slightest idea and alcohol on your feet Big Boy if you think the mccorkle’s are gonna let any Haskell fight their battles for them you’re cuckoo hospitals took them around or coo coo coo now go on go away still burn asleep huh oh now just a second don’t you dance madam you can’t do that what do you think your door I’m exactly what happened [Music] my hands spinning around millions of telephones regions of telephone books parks [Applause] the Haskell happiness our presents the radio sensation of the nation the pot of gold featuring Horace Heidt and his musical life and don’t forget ladies and gentlemen before this program is over we will give away $1000 in cash the method of giving it will be announced later [Music] to begin with come on we have to go [Applause] we’re gonna borrow you know one uses this phone do they give away that thousand dollars [Music] [Music] [Music] the wheels already already for the okay but I’ve got the biggest in this country [Applause] now we’re all ready for the second spin to spin to determine the page number Larry let her go I’ve ever seen you want to sell it it’s good I’ll give you 20,000 for it right now is your dad cool I’m trying to find energy and now the third and last spin to determine the name with the person on that page who will receive the actual golden telephone call Larry take it away here we go [Applause] [Music] number 38 hmm 23 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Oh name is mr. Olaf Swenson 3rj ring 7 ring 7 Plunkett Plunkett Minnesota plan to pocket Minnesota operator kindly give me mr. Olaf Swenson 3rj ring 7 Minnesota [Music] hello is this mr. Olaf Swenson speaking yeah that’s been or apart the brought a towel you give me ain’t got no time for monkey business huh you give me a thousand [Applause] hello hello hello folks they’re speechless it’s all mine saw the brought you back to life today what are you doing here I’m enjoying our program your program what are you trying to put over on me now it belongs to me you understand that does does it why the whole thing was Molly’s idea [Music] all right we got you out of a whole mess you’re not liable for anything connected with the program we fixed it so miss McCorkle is responsible for the whole thing [Applause] [Laughter] Horace got the call through on the telephone so it is everything’s fine yep everything’s fine yeah I guess it’s just one of those things mccorkle’s are allergic to the husband thank you yeah well Jimmy oh you come with me come on you ladies and gentlemen I want to introduce the two young people who originated this program and which will be a permanent feature of the Haskell half in this hour Miss Molly McCorkle and my nephew mr. James Haskell say something tell them how heavy you are hello everybody I just want to tell you how happy I am that uptick turned up so well for everybody uh ladies and gentlemen the reason she’s so happy that we’re gonna be married any second all right miss McCardle trick your way out of that [Music] [Music] my god [Music] [Applause] [Music]


  1. One of the odder early Jimmy Stewart vehicles. Putting "Jimmy/James Stewart" and "Paulette Goddard" in your title should increase your numbers.

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