POTW: Men’s Silver Bracelet & Cuff

POTW: Men’s Silver Bracelet & Cuff

– Okay. All right. Put this over here. Hello, hello, happy Thursday,
hope you’re doing great. It’s time for pick of the week. If you’ve been loving these videos, be sure to let me know by
giving it a thumbs up right now. So, I’m really excited
for my item this week, because I’ve been doing
a lot of thinking about men’s jewelry and what items look great on a man outside of a
watch and his wedding band or some kind of simple ring, and that men can wear
regardless of their age. Ooo, this is getting hot. I’m doing a little cooking right now, taking advantage of this
beautiful LA weather. My pick of the week is this sterling silver cuff by Maison Margiela. Le Gramme also makes
a very similar version that I really like, too, but the reason why I’m picking this item is because the goal with your accessories is to always have
something that is timeless, well constructed as well
as just minimally designed. You don’t want something that’s
obnoxious or supper flashy because that’s gonna make
you look like an amateur and just someone that’s very tacky. So, I really love this
sterling silver cuff by Maison Margiela because it’s, not only is it made (timer beeping)
out of– Oh, my alarm. I gotta flip the pork chops. Sorry, one sec, let my flip these ’cause I don’t want them
to get all gross and chewy. But, the reason why I chose
this sterling silver cuff is because it’s made
out of sterling silver, and so it’s not brass or coated brass which ends up tarnishing after some time, so, it’s actually just becomes
a complete waste of money. You want sterling silver or gold because it’s gonna last
you your entire life, so it’s a great investment piece. But, also, it’s very elegant, and it’s super minimally designed so it’s very easy to wear
with the rest of your outfits, from something as simple
as T-shirt and jeans, all the way up to your suit. It’s going to add a great
stylish touch to any outfit. And, it’s not too thin, it’s not too wide, it’s perfect for every man out there regardless of his height or his build. I’ve got a companion article
linked in the description below where I’ve included not only (car horn honking)
the Maison Margiela. Ooo (laughing) that’s loud. Not only did I include the Maison Margiela as well as the Le Gramme option, I’ve also included more
budget-friendly options because those other two, they
are buy-it-for-life pieces. They’re great investment opportunities, and you’re gonna get a
lot of value for them, but, if you don’t want
to spend that much money ’cause maybe you just
want to first try it out, see if you like it, I’ve included some budget-friendly options as well. So, be sure to check out
the description below. All right, if you like this
video, give it a thumbs up, subscribe to my channel
for more videos like this, and I’ll see ya next Thursday
for my pick of the week. All right, gotta get these puppies off because they are gonna start to get tough. Ooo, perfect, nice grill mark. This is what you want.


  1. Hi Ashley, thanks for the video! What about rings that have special significance? Do you have any tips for those?

  2. The Only Silver Bracelet
    I'd Wear For You Ashley Are ..

    A Pair Of Handcuffs …Prrrrrrrrrr😘

  3. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't one of your other videos say to avoid wearing anything (on your wrist) other than watch?

  4. Do you know of any budget suede trucker jackets? Didn't find any budget ones on your article for top fall jackets and I've been dying to get a suede trucker.

    Edit: a faux suede would still be good as well

  5. This is similar to the "kada" that we wear in India.It is a full bracelet. If you wear a kada, it means that you are keeping yourself grounded ( due to the weight of the kada, your hands are down ), it symbolises power.

  6. Hey Ashley. Just curious how you acquired all the knowledge about men's style and fashion. Are there any of your sources you would recommend that we can learn a lot from?
    Best regards Ludwig

  7. Hey Ashley! I'm not sure if you've talked about it any of your other videos, but what do you think of Liev Schreiber's style from the series Ray Donovan? Just interested in your thoughts. Thank you!

  8. I didn't watch the whole thing yet but if there are no brand suggestions then I know that the company Grand Frank will release these cuffs within two months in silver, gold, rose gold and maybe matte black

  9. Your picks of the week (all 5) have been great Ashley!

    I'm really enjoying these short vids on your channel. Great looks/ideas.

  10. Nothing else looks good on a man! Only the first classic items! Everything else looks tacky. Only women can get away with many of the options you suggested. Men just need to invest in classic pieces and leave the fast cheaper fashion to women who look better in it!

  11. Ms. Ashley, I just want to ask what kind of fabric a formal dress shirt should be made of?

    And can you make a video about different fabrics? When to use such fabric—formal or casual? And their advantages and disadvantages. Please consider this idea for your future videos. 😁😊

  12. Ashley…well done. I've been following several men's style publications (blogs, vlogs, magazines etc). Yours may be the best out there. Great content, thoughtful, well researched, and very polished. Thank you so much. Downside…I'm binging your stuff this Saturday morning and there are some other things that need my attention. Final note….your finance is a lucky guy. I hope he knows that 😉 Your newest biggest fan – Scott

  13. Best pick yet! Excellent! Your content and taste level for men's style is on point, and it makes some of these other major YouTube men's style channels look basic.

  14. can you do outfits to match the cuffs? I have a watch, so I feel like it'll be too much if I have both on. and if I had to choose the cuff or the watch, I'd choose the watch. but I really like the cuffs too haha

  15. @ question first I see lot of style magizine with men wearing bracelets and watches on same hand, also is there any cool way to wear a fitbit?

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