POWER RANGER vs VOLTRON | | Minute Match-Ups – Episode 4

POWER RANGER vs VOLTRON |  | Minute Match-Ups – Episode 4

Ismahawk and Crunchy Roll present Minute Match-Ups Is somebody going to say something? It’s Morphin’ Time! Mastodon Pterodactyl Triceratops Sabertooth Tiger Tyrannosaurus What the hell did I just see? Ready? Ready! Form Voltron! Activating interlock! Dynotherms connected! Infracells up! Megathrusters are go! Let’s go Voltron Force! Don’t these guys know we’re supposed to fight
a little bit before we do the whole robot thing? We need Megazord power now! Well that looks familiar. Let’s knock the copyright infringement out
of these posers! Wait a second… they’re all cats? Yeah, that’s lame. Yo…Bulk? What the [email protected]#$ Guys these buildings are making it impossible
for us to maneuver. We need to get off the planet, now! according to my calculations… Billy’s right! We need to chase after them! Wait actually… No time Billy! They’re getting away! Let’s slay these losers! Let’s go Voltron force! Now form Blazing Sword! Well that doesn’t seem good. We need the Power Sword, now! We got them! Wait.Guys something isn’t right. Look! Phew, nice save Zack. Yeah! An elephant shield? Actually Hunk. It’s a mastodon, you can tell because of the.. Pidge. Nobody cares. Whoa! Guys, I really think… Billy, Shut up for a second, look! Kinky! They’ve got a whip. Pidge! Hold on! Woo! That’s that hip-hop-kido baby! Zack. shut up. Guys, look! Gotcha! Woo! Yeah! Yes! Great job guys. We did it. Looks like these dinosaurs are extinct. Dammit Hunk.


  1. Let’s see the Defender of the Universe vs the Defender of Earth the tiny little planet us humans live in yeah it’s pretty obvious that the “Defender of the Universe” easily no doubt XD

  2. This was a no brainer, Voltron will always win this fight, the animators forgot the shield and the leg rockets and a whole lotta other features and besides power rangers megazord had laughable technology compared to Voltron

  3. quede mas que sorprendido, el trabajo en la animacion de los robots esta detallada, se nota que pasaron semanas haciendola, y los movimientos de por si eran muy fluidos , excelente trabajo

  4. If it was just the power rangers vs the voltron force and they had all of their megazords at their disposal it’d be different I know it in my heart

  5. RW:its DEATH BATTLE all over again,and the Power Rangers never won a single Death Battle ever ,dont get me wrong i love this clip but sadly it was just a waste of my time.😓

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